Friday, April 20, 2007

Will Spring...SPRING Already???

This is my new Desktop. It was Hubby's idea of a "card" for our anniversary yesterday. I love pale pink! So Spring-y. Speaking of which--it was mid sixties yesterday, and gorgeous. Will it stick around? Is there still hope for the Tulips? (Which happily, survived the Frost, by the way!)

We're supposed to get back into the 70's for Sunday, and then back into the chilly 50's for the rest of the week. Just as long as we don't get snow. Or Frost. Spring had better SPRING already!!!

I actually wore short sleeves yesterday. A Pale Pink Maternity shirt. Big Mistake. Let's just say... if anyone wanted to go deep-sea diving at NIGHT, they'd just have to lower me in and I'd glow the whole damn ocean up. I am WHITER than white! My poor arms havn't seen the sun in...well, I can't even remember, it's been that long.

I think my stark-white bedsheets might have more of a tan than me at this point...

I am currently reading Philippa Gregory's "The Virgin's Lover"--about the relationship of Elizabeth I and Lord Dudley. You know--I'm not "loving it" like I did "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "The Queen's Fool." It hasn't "drawn me in" yet, in fact, it reads more like historical non-fiction that Alison Weir might write. (She is amazing, but she's factual, you don't "get inside" the character's heads). So I'm slightly disappointed in this book. It's not Philippa's best writing--because Amy Dudley, in my opinion, isn't a very likeable or sympathetic character. Unless you've had your husband leave you alone for months on end at a time to be at the side of the Queen of England. :-)

Maybe it's early on in the book. I am going to tromp through it, and see if maybe it's just a slow starter.

--Went to the Dr. yesterday. No change from last time. I think I might be having this baby in MAY, if things don't hurry up. Hubby say's it's all the Bed Rest I was on. Well, DUH. So what do I have to do now? Go for a five-mile walk to get things going? Hmmmmm....

The maid service is coming in an hour--I need to go make sure the kids' rooms are ready to vacuum. I'm not going to lie--it has been a LOAD off, having someone else clean this house. And they are FAST. It only takes two people three hours, and voila--the house is sparkling. I've probably gushed over this before, so you'll have to forgive me. It's just so NICE!!!

I am going to venture out to Half Price Books today, and then Hobby Lobby. I need to find some wall art for the Baby's room. Unfortunately the wall art set that came with his crib bedding has been discontinued, and NO, you CAN'T get it on Ebay. Not even Ebay.UK or Ebay.Canada! So I get to improvise. But that's the fun part.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

I bet it is a load off having someone else clean. How nice! Enjoy your shopping. I get to do that this weekend, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the maid service! I hope you keep them after the baby comes! Cleaning your own house is such a waste of your time especially with writing and the new baby.

I remember that beached whale look just fine. I recall crying when I grew out of my maternity clothes. It's awful. Just hang in there!

Anonymous said...

pretty flowers, Lara! Happy anniversary.