Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Revelation.

I know all of you are sick of hearing how much in love I am with my Mac, but I realized something yesterday, as I was in the dentist office, watching my little Thing Four playing around with my iPod Touch. He maneuvers it quite deftly, and the receptionist and I were talking about the lack of technology we had as kids when we were growing up.

And then I realized/remembered my first experience with a computer. I was in 5th grade, and there was a little room off of the main classroom, and twice a week, I got half an hour to go into that little room, where a little white box with a screen sat, with a keyboard, and I could play a great little game called Apple Logo.
There was this little triangle (we called it a turtle) and you could type in commands and make it draw a line. I could make it go forwards and backwards and draw a shape with it and it was the COOLEST thing ever. I was in love with this little computer! In fact, I always got upset when my (too short!) time was up.

So, my first computer experience ever, was with a Mac! How fitting it is, that now I've come full circle. Because my last computer will be a Mac. I'm still just as much in love as I was that first time. Of course, my Mac Attack (so I've named it) looks a little different:
I can only imagine what the computers my kids will use, will look like. Frankly, I think they'll all have computers in their heads someday, a la "Chuck" and THAT scares me, but it could happen.

Anything is possible. I can see it now: In twenty years, Apple will come out with "iBrain," the little chip that you can surgically insert into your cerebral cortex that will let you be a super computer who can speak 13 languages and deconstruct a string of DNA with a pencil and a piece of paper, or something.

Like I said, Anything is possible. And Scary.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Need to Stop Going To Barnes & Noble.

Seriously, I have wayyy too many books. My bookshelves are full.

(I know, buy another bookshelf!) Well, the books I buy aren't that light. My wood shelves are sagging. Because the books I usually buy are research books. You know--the big heavy ones with glossy pictures that could grace any coffee table.

I went to B&N (aka my Home Base) yesterday to get a simple gift card for my SIL who is graduating with her Masters this Friday. In and out, right? WRONG. I shouldn't have put Thing Four in a stroller. Because that meant I wanted to browse. Nope, I should have let him run free, because it would have motivated me to have a brief visit.

Granted, I only spent $37 above and beyond the giftcard amount (three research books) but I really didn't need them. Well, ONE of them, and the rest I got because they were...pretty. They pretty much contained information I already had in about ten other books on my shelf, but I'm always on the lookout for a "different take" or "spin," or new portraits, etc.

Barnes & Noble knows just how to get me, with all those pretty, glossy books. They know I'm a sucker for them. And my moving guys will hate me for it. Do you know how heavy boxes of books can get? Especially the really big books. Bad Lara.

I can't sleep. I'm currently reading The Botticelli Secret, and enjoying it immensely. Sure, the heroine is as irreverent as all get out (um, she IS a 15th-century whore on the streets of Florence) but so far I'm intrigued. And I'm a sucker for historical fiction. Especially Davinci-codelike fiction. :-) Because, you know, all famous artists had double meanings and secrets hidden in their works of art. Ha ha.
Thing Four (who will be three next month) has his first dentist visit today. He's had all his teeth since about age 1 1/2, so it's time. I brush them every day with Thomas The Train toothpaste, so I bet he's ok. I don't floss, though. Because A) He's so young he wouldn't let me and B) he has HUGE gaps between his teeth. I doubt anything could get stuck between them.

I suddenly have the urge to floss. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Tuesday Toast Day/Taco Night!

Quick post today--Thing Three and I are off to the doctor to check on his leg.

I awoke to craziness outside my window today. The birds, who normally just "chirp" were going berserk. I've never heard birds so loud. Like they were freaking out about something. Weird.

I got Hubby addicted to Plants vs Zombies over the weekend, now he's trying to get everyone he knows into it. Its just so...FUN! (Devon, I recommend it for your iPod!) I am on a mission to get everyone into it. My kids are even ignoring the Wii and their DSi's for once. I've already beaten the game, but it's super fun to go back and redo it. And I've heard they're coming out with a 2. COOL!

I went ahead and ordered the Beatles Box set. I am SO stoked! I grew up listening to them and I just love most of their stuff. Happy early birthday to me! I just love it when I buy myself presents. Probably because I always get something I truly want, every time! ;-)
Have a happy day, everyone!

Monday, April 26, 2010

iPhone Thumb?

I am a dork. My left thumb (the part that attaches to my wrist) has been KILLING me lately, and I was concerned that it was the beginning of early arthritis for me. I was complaining about it yesterday, and Hubby looked at me and laughed. I didn't get what he found to be particularly funny, so he explained that his thumb hurt in the same place a couple weeks ago.

He calls it "iPhone Thumb." That, and I have been playing Plants vs Zombies a lot on it. So, I basically need to give my thumb a rest. Because once you get an iPhone/iPod Touch, you play with it so much it hurts your hands.

Yeah, I feel kind of dumb now. Because that makes perfect sense. I'm just happy it's not arthritis. I mean, I'm not even in my forties yet.

Busy but good weekend. It rained the whole time and was chilly and miserable, but we had fun with the kids and got stuff done. I installed the Windows 7 upgrade on the Kid's computer and my Mini, and I like it so far. But it takes FOREVER to install! I just wish Apple made a mini. Oh, wait, they DID. Called an iPad. But I think an iPad is a waste. It's just a big old iPod Touch (unless you buy the 3G version but you have to pay monthly for the wireless) and frankly, my iPhone has everything I need. But yes, the iPad is pretty and fun. But why would I pay $800 for pretty and fun? Yeah, I don't think so.

Time for breakfast. Thing Four and I have watched KUNG FU PANDA so many times, I am craving noodles. I guess toast and OJ will have to do! ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't you just love it when your kids stay right where they are in the house and yell your name over and over? Like they expect you to come running?

Um. No. You can come and find ME, sweetie. Perching on the upstairs bannister and yelling down the stairs isn't going to work. God gave you legs. Use them. ;-)

They're mowing my lawn! Hooray!!! Gotta love it. And Hubby is flying home for the weekend tonight, so I will have escaped any "wow, the lawn is looking shabby" comments. (He's a MAN for Pete's sake, his lawn is a reflection of him or something). But I like a neat, manicured lawn as much as the next person.

Yesterday was busy, I had church visits in the morning but one person forgot to meet with us and so I got to get home earlier. I picked up Thing Three from school (his leg was really hurting him) and we had the preview in the morning and we ran around, shopping. Later Thing One had more volleyball matches at North Lake, and they lost some and won some. Thing One still can't serve overhand. She's great at underhand serving, but when she tries overhand she hits it with the tips of her fingers, and it falls flat ten feet in front of her. I tell her to hit it with the heel of her hand, but even when she does that, she can't get the power through to it. I'm baffled. She's a strong girl. It doesn't make sense. I'm going to sign her up for "serving lessons" if there is such a thing in N.C. I would imagine they would have volleyball skills camps. She went this summer, but they mostly just batted the ball back and forth.

Then we went to Applebees for dinner (don't smirk, the one we have here is actually okay--and it was my KIDS' choice to go there!) and mom and I watched THE DUCHESS after the kids went to bed. After it was over we looked at each other and said "That was a depressing movie." Great acting, depressing storyline. Then we sat and talked until late, so I'm dead.

Today is a light day. Thing Three can't go to soccer practice because of his leg, and Thing One doesn't have Volleyball, so I only have to pick up Thing Two today, and Hubby is flying in. Woo!

And of course we have to run to Target and pick up AVATAR. :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Heart Spring!

Can I first say THANK HEAVEN for Tony's Mowing and Plowing? (They're online, they rock!) They mowed my yard last year and the price was spectacular and now, I have to mow my grass again, but the mulch dump isn't open yet, so I will have them mow it until it opens. And maybe then I'll let them keep on mowing it! ;-) I called them today and they will be here tomorrow morning. LUCKY ME.

We had a showing yesterday, and a preview today, and the realtor liked what she saw, so she's bringing her clients in on Sunday to see the house. I have to brag a little here, my house has personality. It was a former model, and you know what they do to those homes. They put all sorts of eclectic stuff in them so people walking through can see/get ideas for what they'd like the builder to put in their house. So, my house has some "different" looks in it, but it works out very nicely. Also the builder was way ahead of his time and all the stuff I have in my five-year old house is what all the brand new houses have in them now. So, my house isn't dated. And it's fun. At least I think so! It's what the realtors like to call "arts and crafts" style. All I know is I'm sad we're selling it. I would have stayed in this house until I was dead. Morbid but true.

Maybe that's why we're having such a hard time finding THE house in Charlotte. Although some friends are helping us with our search, and she found a house I really like today, so I'm going to ask our realtor there to preview it for us. Fingers crossed someone doesn't snag it up before we can see it! Hubby is in New York and he's flying straight here for the weekend, so the earliest he could see it would be Monday night. Of course.

Funny how things work sometimes.
My kids are coming home soon, and it's off to the volleyball game races. Thing One's team won their matches on Monday, so they have a taste of victory and hopefully that will help them tonight! Go Thing One!!

I love Springtime. I love pastel and bright colors. I love sunshine and green growing things. And I ADORE the fact that my tulips are up!! WOO!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yuck. Double Yuck.

First off, everyone please send good thoughts in Devon's direction today, she found out her beloved cat, Elsa, has cancer. Praying for you both, Dev.

Note to self:
When you take your son to the surgery center to have a cyst removed, and they are toting it around in a liquid-filled cup, DON'T ask to see it...

Thing Three's leg surgery went well, the cyst is gone and the procedure was quick! The downside, he can't play soccer for two weeks, because the surgery site is in his right shin. DUH. I should have thought of that. Two weeks of practices and games, NIL. Yikes. He's upset, but dealing. He's a very active kid, and he's bummed. But he gets it.

Just got a "casual" email from our realtor that someone wants to see our house today at 1:30. EGADS. She could have called! I am going to be RUNNING the next few hours! Because I have family staying here and I let the house go...a little. Okay, a lot. I'm so in trouble. I must run!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

(I'd say "us" but he's currently in Charlotte, and I'm here. *sniff*) But Wow! Fourteen years!!! Wow. We look really young in this picture. (slightly cheesey with the statue couple in the foreground, I know) but we ARE young. We're babies! Actually, I was twenty three, and he was twenty four, but still! And yes, my dress had puff sleeves!!! At the time, I felt like a princess. But I married a wonderful man who treats me like a Queen, and life is good! Love you, Honey!!!

Thus begins a busy week. But at least I have my mom, here! She had the week off, and I decided to just fly her here. She hasn't seen the kiddos in a while, and frankly, sometimes you just need your mom. ;-)

We came super close to finding a house this weekend, only to discover it was just out of the ward boundaries for the church ward we want. The ward we've chosen has a ZILLION kids in it (we are thinking of our kids!) and the other ward for that house has about...TEN. Which is not enough, in my opinion. So, the house is a no. Poor Thing Two is the only ten-year old in our ward, here, and he's suffered for it. That's why I am adamant we pick a ward with lots of kids for our kids. It just makes sense. And if it means we don't get our dream house, so be it. My kids' happiness is way more important. Besides, who needs a house on the 7th Fairway pond anyhow? We could get golf balls in our windows! We could have mosquito problems from the water!

(Okay, probably not but I'm rationalizing, here! Humor me. The house was pretty awesome.)

ANYWAYWE'LLNEVERFINDAHOUSEATTHISRATE, the weekend was good. We stuck pretty close to home, because I'm still not over this crazy cold. Either that or I have finally developed allergies. Niiiice.

I am amazed at the number of people grounded because of this crazy volcano! (Aimee, here's hoping you can get out to close on your house!) It reminds me of when Mt. St. Helens blew, the day after my birthday. We lived in Spokane, WA. That was a crazy time. Ash everywhere. It looked like snow. We wore masks outside for weeks. Hopefully the skies will clear soon, and all the stranded people can get...unstranded.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I didn't get on the computer today! Not until around 5pm. WHEW.

It was a great day--we had Thing Two's D.A.R.E. graduation today, and out of his entire class, he was one of the four students picked to read his essay in front of everyone. He did great! And of course, when his name was called during the presenting of the diplomas (they had asked us to hold all applause until the end, so you could hear a pin drop in the gym) when Thing Two's name was announced, his two-year old brother sitting next to me jumped up and screamed his name happily a few times. It brought down the house. Everyone was laughing. I was about a zillion shades of red, but it was pretty funny.

Right now we're eating pizza and doing assorted things, Thing One has a couple of friends over and it looks like it's going to be a slow weekend. I'm finally going to get to watch my DVR'd episodes of GLEE and VAMPIRE DIARIES. Woot!!!

I'm all for that.

Enjoy, everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Laundry Day From (insert where here)...

I was very proud of Thing One last night--she was AWESOME! She's never played volleyball before (only casually for church) and she was returning some of the hardest serves and they got VERY few balls past her! The coach kept her in for a long time, and didn't rotate her out until the end. She needs to work on her overhand serving, but that will come in time. Or I could find someone awesome at volleyball to TEACH her, because awesome at volleyball I am NOT. ;-)

She stopped being nervous after a while, she was scared she wouldn't know where to go. The coach is teaching them the high school-level rotations, and the other teams just stand there. The girls are confused a little sometimes, not knowing where to go, but I say teach them the hard stuff out of the gate, and then it will become second nature to them later!!

One of the soccer moms on Thing Three's team graciously helped out and picked him up and brought him home after the game, so I could enjoy watching Thing One. Of course, I had to balance Thing Four on my lap for the entire two+ hours we were there because the gym was so small they couldn't have the bleachers pulled out in order to have two courts going at once, but we survived. And luckily the iPod didn't run out of juice, and he stayed quiet most of the time.

But we did eat dinner at 7:45, and that was way too late. What can you do when volleyball runs from 5 to 7pm? You can't eat before, except something small. I heated up some leftover chicken for the kids because if I cooked they wouldn't have eaten until well after 8--and their bedtime is 8:30!

Yeah, I need to plan that one a little better next time--volleyball game nights just might be "crockpot dinner" days...going forward.

Today is laundry day. And it should be, since I haven't done laundry in two weeks. I know. I KNOW! Don't roll your eyes like that. My kids have a LOT of underwear. ;-) So when it's out, I know it's time. I am not...fond...of doing laundry. Bet you couldn't tell. And yes, I know it's best to pick one day a week and just DO IT, because otherwise it gets overwhelming and I have to do fourteen loads in one day, yadda yadda yadda. I'm just lazy about laundry.

I am feeling much better. Thing One played with a horrible sore throat, but she's better today. It looks like Thing Three escaped the cold--THANK HEAVEN. Maybe it's all the extra vitamin D I'm giving him. He's so much healthier now. He's running around the soccer fields and getting his lungs back, and I really think he's making progress. I just want him healthy and strong. That's all a mom can ask for. ;-)

Better go tackle Mount Vesuvius and Mount McKinley in the laundry room!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Head Colds Make Me Crazy.

Or maybe not. I kinda like not being able to breathe through my nose. And that lovely scratchy throat that feels like someone rammed an old corn cob in and out of it...oh, OH! and of course there's the body aches and chills...yeah. I'm very fond of colds.

And I'm feeling snarky today. I guess because I'm at the end-ish part of my cold, and it's just more annoying than anything. Colds suck.

Poor Thing One has the "throat" part, and she has six games of volleyball today. She doesn't have a fever, and she can breathe, so I Motrined her up and she's at school. Thing Four woke up holding his throat and told me it hurt. Poor thing. I know how it feels. At least we're all getting it at once.

Tricky maneuvering tonight. Thing One has Volleyball at 5:20, and Thing Three has one of his last indoor soccer games at the complex ACROSS town, at 6 pm. Throw an out-of-town husband in the mix, and a cranky two-year old, and you've got an interesting evening. I asked one of the other soccer moms if she could give Thing Three a ride. I hate doing that, but unless I clone myself, he won't get to the game, or I'll miss the Volleyball game/have to drive back and fourth three times.

I filled my gas tank on Monday and I'm already down to a quarter tank. *sigh*

I found my prescription sunglasses!!! They weren't stolen/lost/transmogrified after all!!! I suddenly remembered (after I prayed, ha ha) that I'd stuck them in the package of lil' Swimmers diapers to keep them safe!!! So, I went and found the diapers, and voila! There they were! I am so excited to have my lovely sunglasses back. I had gone to the vision place and it would have cost over $200 to replace them. SO glad I have them again!

Okay, my house is a mess. I need to get off the computer!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should I Tweet that Dinner is Ready??? I Won't Have to Yell...

So, could you tell I was a little sad yesterday?? Yeah. I know what you're thinking. Pathetic. Well, I was.

But I'm fine now, and I'm focused on all the driving around I have to do now that my kids are in the thick of Spring Sports. Soccer and Volleyball, to be exact. And WHY is it that Thing One's volleyball games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Thing Three's soccer games are on...drumroll please...Tuesdays and Thursdays? Are the Fates trying to kill me???

Speaking of killing me, my little prodigy of a two-year old has become OBSESSED with my iPod Touch. Now that I have an iPhone, he's basically claimed my iPod as "his." Problem is, he wants to play with it every moment of the day. I literally have to hide it from him. This morning, at 6:30, I woke up to a little voice growling in my ear:

"Mommy, the zombies are eating my brains! Arrrggghh!!!"

Yes, he had snuck down to my room, unplugged the iPod and was playing Plants vs. Zombies. (Which by the way EVERYONE must buy because it is the FUNNEST app I've ever played with, it even tops Ragdoll Blaster 2!!!)
The kid is insatiable. He has to have the thing in his hands all the time, doodle-jumping, making cupcakes, launching monkeys, and tossing crumpled-up paper into a virtual trash can.

Although I will say, now that he's basically outgrown the stroller, the iPod will keep him at my side and off the volleyball court at games, if I only whip it out as soon as we get there. So, maybe it's a good thing. What gets me, is he maneuvers the thing like a pro, his pudgy little hands fly and he knows how to play my songs, go online and watch YouTube videos (I disabled the WiFi after I discovered that!) and play every single game app I have. It's a little freaky. He's like this iPod Touch Genius, at the tender age of two. Okay, he'll be three next month, but STILL...

I am starting to feel like a fossil. I see my kids play video games and work a computer like no one's business. Their fingers fly and they are fast fast fast. And they figure out how to work contraptions on their own, and half the time they have to explain to ME how things work. I can only imagine how MY parents feel. They didn't even have computers growing up. Every generation is going to be more and more tech-savvy. The only thing that scares me? Machines will replace Human Contact. Think about it. Would you rather pick up the phone and talk to someone, and risk running out of conversation, or would you rather text, because if you're texting, you can avoid awkwardness? Yep. Texting wins every time. And yes, I draw the line at texting with my daughter while we're under the same roof. I'm a "crazy" mom!

And why does texting win? You know people don't answer phones. And they have their mobile phones with them ALL the time. In fact, the other day, I had a lady in my church ward tell me to just email her, because she's always online and can't be bothered to answer her phone. I raised my eyebrows a little at that one, but what could I say? Devices have officially become the "middle man" of communication between Humans. Officially.

This is why I have started insisting we all have dinner together every night, at the table. No cell phones, no Blackberries, no iPods, nothing. Just food and people, talking about their day.

I'm so old-fashioned.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break is Over.

And I'm a little sad. Who am I kidding? I'm a LOT sad. Hubby flew back to Charlotte today, and we won't see him for a month. THAT is sad.
We had a lovely time together, he had the whole week with us and we did all sorts of fun things with the kids every day, and had a few "just us" date nights. But now he's far away again and we are all "back to the grind."

I am a little emotional. Probably because I'm fighting a head cold, but it didn't help much when he texted me last night and told me to listen to "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City. Talk about a major SOB FEST. I was crying my eyes out.

I'm okay this morning, but I have a lot of stuff to do. I know we can get through being apart, in fact, I have to say it's made us all stronger as a family, and MUCH more appreciative of each other.

Doesn't change the fact that it sucks.

Saw a few movies over break. CLASH OF THE TITANS was awesome, but if you haven't seen it yet, skip the 3D version. More than a few times during the movie I wondered why I even had the glasses on. We also saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and you MUST see that one in 3D. Because it was made for 3D, which is all the difference. Way cute movie, too.

We stuffed ourselves with great food, had two good showings (sadly, one of them had a house to sell, funny how that is usually the case) and I lost my prescription sunglasses at the hotel we stayed in. But of course they've vanished. I even tried calling Lost and Found. Nada. I've been so GOOD about not losing those glasses! Now I have to wear stinkin' contacts and sunglasses when I drive, which is a new pain because have you ever tried to remove contacts with brisa gel nails? Especially nails that are due for a rebalance. I think I scratched my eye out trying to remove one. UGH.

Okay, enough whining from me. Wallowing is over. Time to toughen up, focus on what I have to do, and DO IT. It's MONDAY, people!!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Early Birthday to Me.

Okay, my birthday isn't until May, but yesterday we went to get Hubby an iPhone for HIS birthday. And he turns to me and says "Well, your birthday is next month, so I'm not getting one unless you get one too."

Yeah, he really had to twist my arm on that one.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Hubby! Man, we are getting OLD. Seriously.

And it SNOWED last night. What is up with that?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I Blogged!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the miners who died in Virginia, what a horrible accident. I'm hoping they can save the survivors.

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday weekend! We spent it in our swimsuits, so it was great. ;-)

Of course Easter SUNDAY was a different story--Thing Four, who is two, decided to "belly flop" on the bed and hit his face on the bed frame and his tooth went clean through his upper lip. He's okay, we took him to the urgent care anyway to make sure his jaw/teeth were ok, and let's say he got lucky. He's a lip-licker, though, and it's been hard to keep him from licking the wound. FUN.

Hubby is home this week, and we've been running around having fun. His birthday is Thursday. Woo!

Saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON in 3D yesterday, WOW. Cute movie, but 3D is SOOOO much better than it used to be! I'm looking forward to CLASH OF THE TITANS (yes I saw the original movie in the theatre as a kid and I also own it) in 3D on Friday Date Night!

It's raining. But everything is turning green! Spring is here! Now if it would just warm up a little...

I have decided that someday...SOMEDAY, I will own a Macbook Air, and an iPhone. Don't know when, don't know how, but SOMEHOW, I will! *sigh* For now, I will just fondle them at the Apple Store.

I am such a lemming.