Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It's Alive!!!

FINALLY! My laptop has been revived. It's only been a week and a half. The longest ten days of my life. I've been reinstalling everything the ENTIRE day, neglecting kids, dog, house, and just about everything else.
I am just glad I saved my writing files and I will be able to resume work on my sequel. I've decided I'm going to throw myself into it until I either get rejected, or get an offer, it can't hurt at this point. Besides, I wrote it pretty hastily--it needs some major EDITING.
It is getting COLD lately! It's only been in the low 60's here today, and I can't wait to start putting the Halloween/Harvest decorations up. I might actually get them up tomorrow! I love the holidays!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good News does a body good...

Yesterday had the perfect ending! It was a whirwind day of running around here and there--and I didn't have time to check my email. I finally checked it at 6pm, and there was an email from my agent! Long story short, the editor at the Big Publisher liked my story revision, and will be passing it to the Senior Editor in a few weeks! I was VERY excited! Now I need to get my @#$%&*!! laptop fixed so I can work on the sequel again! I was really making some progress on it before the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Incident.
Of course on my kids computer this morning, it's prompting me to download service pack 2 onto THIS computer.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Ahh, Mondays

What is it about weekends? I seem to get nothing done during Saturday and Sunday, except run around and let my house clutter up. I guess it's because I am cleaning during the week, so Saturday and Sunday are my "rest" days. But I pay for it on Monday. Today I have about eight things to contend with, but at least I have all three kids in school for 2.5 hours and I'll be able to get a chunk of it done.
Hagan (our pup) has a vet appt. this morning. We are going to find out why he pees so much. The poor dog pees every 10 minutes, and has several accidents a day. I am hoping it's an infection that can be cleared up with pills or medicine, because otherwise we'd have to give him back. I can't be mopping up pee for 10-14 years...

But I have a suspiscion that it's something else. He's done this since we got him, a few weeks ago. Maybe it's Puppy Incontinence or some such defect. Hopefully he's ok. I'll write more tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Shotgun Day

Interesting title, I know, but that's how my day has gone. Since my laptop is setting dormant for now until I get a much needed cd, (which by the way a lovely woman from my writer's site is sending to me, thanks Purl!) I decided to attack my house today, and de-junk it. (Little did I know what a Behemoth task that would be...) When we lived in Texas, there were no basements. When we moved here, our new house had a HUGE basement in it, and I promptly began to fill the storage room up with boxes, decorations, etc. In fact, over time, the basement storage room has become a catch-all for everything but the kitchen sink.
So, out of guilt, I started the odious task of dejunking it. I knew I was in trouble when the stack of half-filled boxes began to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa, (and was about as tall) and my "sorted piles" of junk became nondescript blobs of "ugh I can't remember what that pile is supposed to be!"
So, I gave up and went to another room, determined to fish all the old clothes out of a closet for the Goodwill. I promptly became overwhelmed by all the clothes I had to sort and went to the kids rooms to organize their toys. Then I gave up on that and went on to the laundry. Or rather, I peeked in the laundry room at Mount Vesuvius, which has been steadily growing since Monday, half-heartedly put in one load and left.

ERGO, shotgun day. I can't stick to one task, but I have to go here and there and leave a bunch of bigger messes in my wake. I think it's Adult ADD. I feel all out of sorts, and I want my laptop back, so I can write. I really WAS on a roll with my story! *sniff*
To heck with this. I'm taking the kids to McDonalds...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I need a 48 hour day!!!

I have no time. My laptop is still in a state of coma, I spent ALL DAY (grrr) on the phone with Microsoft, they are very nice technicians but they keep asking me to do the same thing, that doesn't work every time I do it. But I can't sit and talk for hours to them because I have SO much I have to run around for. Here was my schedule yesterday:
Get hubby and one child off to work/school, (still had two more at home, they have afternoon school) call about computer, talk to technician for two hours while simultaneously dishing out snacks, bandaids, fending off screaming fits, and balancing a VERY sleepy puppy on my lap. Kids started to whine so badly from lack of attention I had to get off the phone (had errands to do anyway) so then it was pile the kids and dog into the car, go to the dry cleaners, Target (to buy floppies to download boot disks to save my computer) then back home for lunch and then back out to take Thing Three to preschool and DRIVE LIKE THE WIND to make it back in time to get Thing Two on the Kindergarten bus, then scarf down a sandwich and walk the dog, then call Microsoft AGAIN and spend two uninterrupted (but very frustrating) hours on the phone (mostly "on hold") until I have to dash out the door again to pick UP Thing Three. Once we get home I have to take the dog potty, and look at all of Thing Three's art projects for 20 minutes, listen to him talk about school, etc, give him a snack and shoo him to the basement as the other two kids arrive home on the schoobus. Then I get to give them snacks and talk about school, protect the puppy from too much manhandling, since two neighbor kids have decided to "come home" with Thing One (I am thinking if I was their mother I would KILL them for not coming home and checking in first) feed the neigbor kids and shoo them outside to the backyard, then I spend 45 minutes DOWNLOADING the #$@!!*&!! floppies, then had to send all the kids home, pile MY kids and dog into the car, take Thing One to Pom Pons, and run around with Things Two and Three at the park next to the school with the dog for an hour , then take Thing One and a neighbor friend home, fix dinner, walk the dog, and of course, OF COURSE...
my husband walked through the door, (at seven thirty) surveyed the messy kitchen and assorted school and pom pon paraphernalia littering the floor from the kitchen to the stairs and asked:

Hi Honey, what did you do today?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

*CRASH* Tinkle Tinkle...

So my laptop crashed. Not randomly of course, I (like a fool) installed the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, and lo and behold, after it prompted me to restart the computer, it is now refusing to even LOAD windows. I spent the better part of last night holding for about 2 hours collectively, only to get some call center guy in India, who read from a manual and after trying 2 things, suggested I do system recovery and wipe out my hard drive. (Oh sure, like THAT'S an option--it will be fixed, but I'll lose everything. No sir!)
I am typing on my kids' computer in the basement. It's a wonder to me this thing works as well as it does with all the Jumpstart and Disney computer games we've loaded onto it.
Another gripe--puppy potty training. I am convinced at this point that Hagan has bladder control problems--he pees every 20 minutes. And he has WAY too many accidents. I am thinking I need to invest in a market share of Bounty Paper Towels--since I will single-handedly be keeping them in business until Hagan either A) grows out of his Puppy Incontinence or B) I give up and make him wear a diaper. (Yes, I am actually considering it at this point).
It looks like today I will spend a better part of the morning trying to fix my laptop--UGH, when I had been on such a roll yesterday with my novel!
All I can say is, THANK HEAVEN I backed up all my files on CD yesterday morning--I do it every Monday morning religiously, and this time, I think it's literally saved me!

Monday, September 20, 2004

I guess this post should have been the first...

I really am jumping into the middle of things, aren't' I? I guess before I post any more, I should tell you a little more about myself than my generic "profile"does--which truly could belong to any stay-at-home mom in Anytown, U.S.A.
I am 32, and my husband and I have been married going on nine years. We have three children (which of course due to this being the Internet for Pete's sake, shall remain nameless--however I will refer to them as my husband and I do: Thing One (my six year old daughter) Thing Two (my five year old son) and Thing Three (my three year old son). Yes, they are exactly 19 months apart each, and NO, we certainly did not plan it that way. But we're glad it turned out that way, because they are very close.
I've been staying home since the birth of Thing Three (my husband and I finally figured that I would merely be working to support daycare anyway) and it's been an Odyssey, so say the least.
The stay-at-home mother is extremely underrated and under-appreciated, except of course, by other stay-at-home moms. My heroes are the women whose children number three or more, who do all the things I do, PLUS hold a job outside of the home. I couldn't do it. Not unless it was VERY part time. My hat is off to those women.
Speaking of hats, I wear several: Mommy, Wife, Chauffeur, Soccer Mom, Crazy Cheerleader Pom-pon Mom, Housekeeper, Laundry Guru (yes I can get ANY stain out!) Head Nurse, Fridge stocker, Boo-boo kisser, Brownie Mom, Neighborhood Children Snack Feeder, Stamper, Quilter, and of course...Writer.
I believe in a lot of things. I believe in God. I believe in Family. I believe in America. I believe in Superman, because I'm married to him. (Except when he's sick, then the cape and the tights and boots come off and he's reduced to a superhero I like to call Whining Man).
I believe that everyone is different, and my words might seem just plain dumb to some, while inspiring and funny to others.
I myself an nobody in Society, but I am "Everything" to my family, and that's just fine with me.
I am very opinionated, and stubborn, but I don't like contention. I think politics are fine entertainment, and I am hopelessly addicted to the Fox News Channel.
I think I'll stop there, because this post's length would put most people to sleep (heck, it's putting me to sleep) and I really, really have a long week ahead of me. Right now all I want is a good eight hours sleep and for my brand new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Hagan, to not have peed and pooped by his crate when I've woken up. The doggy potty training thing is "getting better", but let's say I curse him (under my breath, as I clean up puppy poop) more than I praise him at this point.
Off to bed!!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Ahh, Weekends...

Weekends are interesting for me, because I seem to run around a lot, and get virtually nothing done. I still haven't quite figured out how that works.
I am "foaming at the mouth" a little, because I was hit in the head this weekend by two "new story idea" lightning bolts, and I really, really want to at least outline them before I forget all the juicy details that have been churning in my head.
Unfortunately, between my three kid's demands, shopping, my injured husband (sore neck and back, all he's good for is lying around) soccer games, church stuff and my new puppy (not to mention my house that has slowly become more and more cluttered) I just haven't found the time!
It's very frustrating to say the least. I need to super-glue (well, okay, VELCRO) a notepad to my arm or something so I can jot down ideas when inspiration strikes.
Thank HEAVEN for naptime. I have a good solid hour to two hours a day, where I can whoosh out my breath and pound away in front of the computer.
Can't wait!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Nervous Knots...

It really hit me today--as I was working on my sequel to IN THE GARDEN. This is SO major for me, to get this story out's been my livelihood for years now! I wrote it so long ago, and I've been alternating between massive editing and completely ignoring it off and on for ten years. Now I finally have an editor interested in it, and my agent says we need to just wait and see what happens.
I think this editor truly "gets" my story, so I'm thankful for that. We're supposed to hear from her sometime in October, so I'll be a nail-chewing, toe-tapping, finger-drumming, thumb-twiddling bunch of nervous knots until then.
Yes, it's pathetic that so much is riding on a simple "yes" or "no" from a virtual stranger, but isn't that the life of a writer?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yucky Day

Today was well...lame to say the least! I am fortunate enough to have a cleaning lady come once a month, and on that day I have to "disappear" for the three hours it takes her to do my kitchen and bathrooms.
Well, I piled my boys and my puppy into the car, and ran errands, and upon returning, we found that someone (none of my kids will admit to it) left the freezer door open in the garage, and we lost all the food in it. (not to mention the hundreds of popsicles that are now JUICE.)
So, I had to clean that all up, and the cleaning lady wasn't gone yet, so I took the boys and puppy out into the yard to play-we rolled around in the grass and laughed at Hagen (the puppy) while he tried to eat all the clover he could.
Come to find out, while we were gone, our yard people came and sprayed WEED KILLER and fertilizer on the lawn, and the cleaning lady informed us AFTER we trooped in, ready for lunch.
I of course gave EVERYONE a bath, and freaked out and called the vet for advice, etc...fearing the worst.
Long story short, we're all okay, no one died and it's been a Loooooong day. Blech!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My first post to a "Blog!"

Some of my writer buddies blog on this website, and I thought it was pretty neat! So, some info about me...I'm 32, a stay-home mom of three, and I LOVE to write.
One of my college professors said that a characteristic of a great writer is that he or she finds time to write, every day, in some shape or form. Not that I'm a great writer, but I do have about 25 compositon notebooks, chronicling my life from about age 15. I literally wrote every day, until I got married. (Guess after marriage there wasn't enough "angst" in my new domestically blissful life to chronicle!)
Right now, my life is in a bit of turmoil. We just brought home a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Hagan, and he's a MAJOR handful. Add that to three rowdy, active kids (who have lots of after-school commitments) and our household is fairly tumultuous! But I welcome it. I welcome it because it keeps my mind off of being nervous about my novel, IN THE GARDEN that is currently on submission with an editor at a major publishing house.
And now, I have to whoosh my daughter off to soccer practice...