Monday, April 02, 2007

It's April!

April First has come and gone...I did have a bit of fun where I told my sister online that I was in labor and we were rushing to the hospital (she didn't think it was so funny when I let her off the hook) but that's about it.

BIL and his family were supposed to fly back home last night, but their flight got cancelled due to weather, and since it's Spring Break, there were literally NO flights until Wednesday. So they're staying here until then. Of course it doesn't help that it's been cold and rainy here the whole time, so the kids can't go out and play, really. And they're home today because there's no school. So, another day of bickering and tattling and whining, and I'm getting a tad tired of it. Otherwise it's been nice to have them here. A lot got accomplished, and I now have a maid service coming every Friday, to clean the house. So I just need to take it easy and let this baby cook some more. Although I do feel like a prisoner of sorts. It's frustrating.

Hubby is taking the kids to see Meet the Robinsons today, it sounds cute. I really want to see Blades of Glory, because I need a good laugh, but I can't go to the movies! Grrrrr.

I haven't been able to work on the EMMA edits because of the family. But after Tuesday I'll have LOTS of time to devote to it. I've been itching to write! My world as of late has been refereeing between the cousins and alternately marveling at how hard this baby seems to be trying to escape out my belly button. (It's his favorite place to kick out). We got the baby's room all situated, and we are ready for him. Four more weeks...

Surprisingly, it's been going by fast!

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