Friday, October 29, 2010

Give Me Strength To Quit...

Every personal trainer I have ever had, every doctor, every health-conscious friend, has told me "cut out soda, it's bad for you." Problem is, I'm in lust/love/hopeless twitterpation with the stuff. Coke Zero. Cherry Coke Zero. Diet Coke with Lime. Diet Mountain Dew. Diet Sundrop. Pepsi Max. Pepsi One. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. There's nothing better than a tall frosty glass of fizzy goodness on ice--a few times a day.

Imagine my chagrin when I realized that if I want to "get healthier," I need to cut out three things (according to my mom, who has lost 190 pounds and has a new lease on life). Those three things are:
1) Soda
2) Sugar
3) All carbs except whole grain

For someone whose diet consists mainly of soda, sugar, and bad carbs, this will be a challenge. I've started small. I cut out soda on Wednesday. It was awful. Headaches, a general feeling of wanting to cry, etc. Yesterday was easier, but instead of "getting a drink" at Target like I usually do, I got a bottle of water. Wasn't the same, but oh well. New Good Friend didn't even last two days. She was doing this with me, but she folded and had a diet coke yesterday. So, I'm going it alone. I figure I'll try an experiment. Of the three, I love carbs the most, so this week, it's soda. Next week, I'm cutting out soda plus sugar. The week after that, I will cut out carbs. I will be soda, sugar and carb free, for three months. I know, I'm picking the WORST time of year to start a diet like this, but moving really stressed me out, and when I stress out, I eat.

It doesn't help that I have neighbors who get up as early as 4:30 to work out. They are all highly motivated, fit people. I am...not.

Gotta start somewhere, right? But the soda thing has been hard. I now know what a person trying to quit smoking feels like. I want to knock down the woman next to me in the parking lot, fight her for her fountain drink, and suck it down. I wouldn't even care if it was mostly ice-coke. I'd still love it.

Give me strength.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run Run As Fast As You Can... can't catch me, I'm the elusive "Time for Yourself" Man!

Remember how that infuriating gingerbread man would taunt his would-be ingestors? Yeah, he was annoying. I'm glad he got "ate up." Well, imagine him as a big ol' clock with legs instead. That's how I feel. A.K.A. I am starting to feel the "Holiday Crunch." It starts mid-October, and doesn't end until January 2nd. Today just happens to be a little crazy.

I finally found the Luigi costume. Yes, like an idiot, I ran around to six places the day before yesterday, before my friend casually suggested "Have you tried Party City?" I called. They had it. I went and got it. Done.

Man, it sure looks dorky, but now my boys can be "Mario and Luigi" and they look dorky together, so it's ok. Thing Four wanted to be Spiderman. I can't give him points for originality, but I sure can forgive him for the lack of it since he's THREE. ;-)

Thing One still doesn't know what she wants to be. She wanted to be a vampire, a la Caroline from Vampire Diaries but then she realized vampires are...kinda gross. She's adrift in a sea of indecision.

I'm sure she'll figure it out. And now, I have to go chase after that little clock with legs. He's got a head start!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adieu, Soccer.

Well, the soccer season is over. It ended a little early, since Thing Three broke his foot, but he's on the mend and we will start up again in the Spring.

I actually enjoyed soccer games this time around. I wasn't in WISCONSIN, freezing my toes/butt/face off, and I actually was able to focus on the game itself, and not worry that my son wasn't wearing enough layers/would get frostbite on his nose.

Okay, I'm being silly, but I am just still not used to warmer weather! Take trick-or-treating for instance. In WISCONSIN, all the kids on Halloween look like they are dressed up as Arctic Explorers. Because their fairy/pirate/whatever costume is HIDDEN underneath a big ol' down coat. Because usually by Oct. 31st, it's FREEZING.

Well, this Saturday in North Carolina, when we have our church ward "Trunk Or Treat" it will be a balmy 70 degrees out. I mean, does it get much better than that??? Nope. Not really. :-D

Yesterday was spent running around. Because I, like a complete moron, didn't buy a certain costume when it was in stores. And now, you can't find it anywhere. I've been to four Targets and a Super Walmart, and no luck. That's what I get for procrastination. Thing Three might end up a Soccer Zombie or a Dirty Pirate, because a Luigi costume in size Medium simply doesn't exist anywhere on this side of the U.S..

Sorry, Thing Three.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Thing One!!!

Here she is, in a much younger photo. Today she's thirteen--a teenager, and yeah, I sorta feel old now. I mean, I have a teenager. But like I said in yesterday's post--it's not like it will be much different than it has been the last couple of years. Although she did ask if I would let her drive the car on our driveway the other day, and I SHUT THAT DOWN very quickly. I mean, she is thirteen. Two more years before we will even HAVE that conversation!

Time sure flies!

And I'm really sad because the number one thing on her birthday "wish" list? A pair of black Converse high-top shoes. Seriously. She says everyone has them. I told her to go get her brother's and wear them, because they have the same size feet. (Darn you, Kristen Stewart! How is it that YOU ended up a role model???? UGH!)

I have lots to do today. I'm making a birthday cake (rainbow chip, yeah, we sure are "original" around here) and wrapping a couple of presents (only a couple because she got an iPhone last week for her birthday) and mostly the presents are things like a flatiron, hair stuff, etc. because I'm sick of her using mine! And I need to hunt down a Krispy Kreme and get doughnuts for tonight because her church group is going to a corn maze. So, if I go into a Harris Teeter and buy the Krispy Kreme there (as opposed to driving 15 miles away) do you think anyone will care BESIDES MY HUBBY???

I hope everyone has a good day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

No Tricks this Year...Please! Just TREATS. :-)

We're all sick. Every stinkin' one of us. Granted, we only have head colds, and THANK HEAVEN we're all sick at once, but it still isn't fun. But you know how when someone in the house is sick, you want to "quarantine" them or wipe everything down and avoid getting germs at all costs? Well, when everyone is sick, it's just business as usual. And once everyone gets better, we'll change the bedsheets, wipe everything down and get new toothbrushes. Done.
I'm just watching Thing Three, and praying it doesn't go into his chest. He hasn't had pneumonia since April. Six whole glorious months. That's the longest stretch ever! Before then, he was getting it every six weeks. (knockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwood).

My neighbors are awesome. Since they found out we're Mormon and our kids won't trick or treat on Sunday, they are rallying to get our cul-de-sac and a few others to trick or treat on Saturday night. I mean, that is SO cool. Apparently a lot of them don't want their kids trick-or-treating on Sunday either. I feel bad, because my kids were really looking forward to trick-or-treating this year--because last year, Thing Three was in the hospital (he'd just been admitted the day before and we'd almost lost him) and I was in NO frame of mind to take my kids out. Not to mention I hadn't slept in 36 hours. So, on the way home from the hospital (Hubby was staying the night there) I bought a bunch of candy, we put half of it out on the front porch with a sign that said "help yourself" and we took the rest downstairs to the movie theater room and hung out and watched Monster House and ate candy. And that was just fine with the kids.

But this year they wanted to go out. Now it looks like they will! :-)

The weekend was busy, but good. I just can't believe Thing One turns THIRTEEN tomorrow! I will officially have a teenager!

Then again, she's been acting like a teen for about two years now, so it's not like some magical transformation is going to take place, and she will suddenly be moody and snotty and materialistic and secretive. We've already "been there done that."


Sunday, October 24, 2010


I probably shouldn't have, but I have. The following video made me literally pee my pants laughing. Just don't watch it on a full stomach!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day of...Fun??

Today is going to be very...busy. One of Hubby's childhood friends is driving down with her kids, I'm pulling my kids out of school early so we can all go to Discovery uptown, and then we're going to meet for pizza, and THEN we get go to the church for a friday night practice of the primary program (shoot me now) and then at 8:30 I am going for a GNO. I will be dead, but it will at least be with people I like.

Saturday will find me sleeping IN. Since Thing Three's foot is broken, we have no soccer games to go to. Unless he wants to go sit on the sidelines and "support" the team, because it is their last regular season game. I may just let him do that. Why not?

He doesn't have to have a cast, thank heaven, but he gets to wear one of those velcro "boots" for a couple of weeks.

My three-year old is obsessed with the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." I will admit, it's one of those movies you could watch over and over because it's so clever and fun, (and I LOVE the Scottish accents!) but that's ALL he wants to do. I have to pry him away from it. And then he wants to watch it on the iPad. Or in the car. Basically, everywhere we go. Funny. I remember I was like that with Pete's Dragon as a kid. I wanted to watch that movie all the time. And The Moon Spinners. There's a movie I could watch over and over again even today. ;-)

Okay I'm rambling. Gotta get the car washed and figure out where I'm supposed to park once we get there! I just hope I don't get lost. (Don't LAUGH, Brenda!!!)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stomach Flu, Fevers and Broken Feet, Oh MY...

If you have a minute, hop on over to the writing blog--I've got some news!

Isn't it funny how life works? You're cruising along, minding your own business, and then WHAM! The cosmos hits you with all sorts of challenges. Well, that's why we're here, right? To live life--even through the challenges?

My challenges over the past few days have been in the form of fevers, barfing kids, Eczema (just in one teeny spot under Thing Four's right eye, what is up with that?) and yes...a foot with a fracture.

We took Thing Three to the pediatrician yesterday, and I've decided I may be dumping this one. They are great doctors, but they have to send you across town for X-rays. Because all they do in their office is "see" kids. They don't have a lab or imaging lab, or anything. I guess we were spoiled because my last pediatrician was in a facility that had EVERYTHING. All the tests, labs, etc. were all done "in house."

I've found a family practice that is highly recommended, so we might just have to switch to that. Especially with the history of my kids, we always need some sort of x-ray or lab every time we visit.

So, today we get to go to the Orthopedic doctor and see how bad it is. I have the x-ray films on a disc (because the imaging lab and the ortho doctor are different networks and don't communicate) and I'm hoping it's not bad. And yes, I feel bad because he was being all melodramatic about his foot and I was basically annoyed with him, and now, I realize he had GOOD REASON to be. I'm an awful mom.

So, I ghosted my neighbors last night. We have a pretty friendly cul-de-sac, with the exception of Those Neighbors. They keep to themselves, no one talks to them, and they don't talk to anyone. I mean, they keep their house and yard up impeccably, and I've seen them come and go, but they make ZERO effort to socialize with the rest of us. So, naturally, they hadn't been ghosted yet last night. In fact, EVERY door but theirs, had an "I've Been Ghosted" sign. I couldn't help but wonder--since I know nothing about these people, are they afraid of Halloween? Are they some religious spin off that will be offended by a bag on their doorstep that has a jack-o-lantern on it?

I decided to risk it--Thing Two and I left the bag on their doorstep and rang the bell twice, and ran. (Well, HE ran, I sort of hid) Nothing. I could see them watching TV inside, they definitely heard the bell. We went to one cul-de-sac over and left another bag, and came back, and the bag was still on their doorstep. This time, *I* ran over and rang the doorbell, twice. And hid. I even heard the doorbell.

They looked up, but didn't come to the door! And this morning, wouldn't you know it, the bag is STILL on their front porch! Weird. I mean, if someone rings my doorbell, I ANSWER it. Unless I'm in some state of undress, or it's that Creepy Kid from down the block.

Oh well. I had good intentions.

Here's hoping we get good news today about the foot..I know Thing Three is probably done playing soccer this season, but hopefully he'll be able to do the tournament in November...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Stuff

Wow--we got "ghosted" last night but in a fancy way--we were left a bag with candy, glow necklaces and a full-sized Yankee candle in Madagascar Spice. Wow. That certainly ups the bar on ghosting! (For those of you who don't know what it is--"Ghosting" is when you leave a bag of goodies on someone's porch and run, and they have to do the same thing for two people in the neighborhood within 24 hours, but if you've been "ghosted" you put a picture of a ghost on your front door, so you won't get treats twice.) It's a very cute idea. That way everyone gets a treat.

Yesterday was interesting. **Caution--if you've just eaten, read no further!**

We had to do a big maintenance on my Sequoia, so two and a half hours and $220 later, poor Thing Four (who is three) had been soooo good in the waiting room, I treated him to fries at McD's. Then we went to Target to get stuff for Halloween cupcakes, and by the time I was ready to check out he had his head down on the cart with his cheek resting on his hand. I assumed he was super tired--it was past his normal nap time.

Took him home, got him into bed, and a couple hours later I checked on him, and he was still asleep. He was so peaceful instead of getting him up I left his door open, but then a few minutes later he started crying, which is something he rarely does. I ran upstairs to comfort him, and he was burning up. I took his temp--102.3, and so I got him some Motrin. Then he wanted water. Then he wanted to sit up in bed and play with his Leapster. I gave him the leapster, and started tidying up his bookcase when I heard him make a weird noise, between a gulp and a cough, and suddenly


He barfed all over the bed. Yeah. Fries. Everywhere. And before I could process what had happened, he was barfing a second time. I ran and got a towel, and got him into the bathroom, but not before he did it a third time.

I called the nurse to make sure I could give him Motrin again, and she said to go ahead. He hasn't been sick again, but he still has the high fever. I had to get up every few hours to check on him in the night.

Here's the best part--Thing Three was on the trampoline at a friend's house yesterday, and a boy fell on his foot, and he can't walk. His toes are all bruised where they join the foot and he's in agony. So I get to drag my fevery three year old and him to the dr. this morning to make sure he hasn't broken something. THAT should be fun. But at least he only has one more soccer game this season. Better to get injured at the END of a season than at the beginning, right?

Thing One didn't make the Basketball team. Out of all those 7th and 8th graders, he picked twelve girls. Only Twelve. Frankly, I'm not surprised she didn't make it. A lot of girls tried out, and I'm sure a bunch of the 8th graders had already been on the team last year. Personally, I think combining both grades is odd--they should have a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team--but what can I do?

We've signed her up for rec basketball--it's pricey here but it's worth it. She is disappointed, I can tell, but in typical 13-year old fashion, she says she "doesn't care" that she didn't make it. Which I know is not true, but it's her defense mechanism and I am fine with that. She did her best, and worked hard. At least she gave it her best shot.

The maple trees in my front yard are turning red. Gorgeous!!! It's chilly and rainy today. Guess I'm breaking out the long sleeves!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well Darn It.

Thing One is sad. She says the coach put her with all these "portly" girls who can't play basketball (during tryouts last night), and put all the really "good" players together and he's given them nicknames and he never even looks at her. And she got stuck with a bunch of gabby girls who wanted to gab instead of shoot hoops, and the asst. coach got them all in trouble for talking, and of COURSE Thing One wasn't talking, but since she was with them, it was "guilt by association."
My heart is breaking for her, not only because she clearly isn't going to make the team, but because the coach is so blatantly playing favorites. And Thing One is actually good at basketball! She played on her 5th and 6th grade teams and she started every time! I know, you're probably thinking since I'm her mother I'm "blinded" by love --but I'm not hard wired that way. I'm not a mom who is deluded about her kids. I see their flaws, I love them anyway, BUT-- I also recognize when they have natural talent. And she DOES. And the fact that she's getting overshadowed and lost in the mix just kills me.

What can a parent do? I will sign her up for Rec basketball but her heart won't be in it. We're already starting to pump her up, to help her feel good about herself because we see the writing on the wall. It's heart-wrenching, to see your child want something and not get it.

I know, I'm being pessimistic but it seems pretty clear. The last night of tryouts is tonight. I told her to work hard, and try and stand out. What else can I say? She's trying her best, and if she doesn't get it, at least she knows she tried the best she could, and put all her effort into it.

Still sucks, though.

Busy day. Joy of joys.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'd Rather Shoot My Face Off Than Watch A Dozen Nine-year Olds.

Thing Four has "rediscovered" Toy Story lately. This morning he was running after his brother and he tripped, did a somersault, and ended up on his rear end. I saw the whole thing, and went running to assess the damage.

ME: "Are you okay, sweetie?? Did you fall down?"

THING FOUR: "No, mom, I was falling-- with style!"

Of all my kids, so far, he is the most like a sponge. He absorbs everything he hears and sees. It's kind of scary, actually, the amount of information he can recall. You know that "Owls of G'ahoole" or whatever movie? In the previews they have this owl with a british accent say "I want to be a GAH-Dian." (Guardian) Well, Thing Four was running around yesterday telling me he wanted to see the "Owl movie with the GAH dians." I had to laugh and tell him the correct way to pronounce "Guardian," but it made me realize even more I have to be extra careful what I say around him. Especially his older brothers, who, let's just say don't exactly use words or phrases I would want my three year old saying. We'll leave it at that.

Had a very long, very busy weekend. We are doing our Primary program rehearsals, for the big Annual Primary Program Presentation this Sunday at church. This is the first time in years I have actually been a teacher who has to sit with the kids in the stands as they perform. (Usually I am the one out in front, leading them in singing.) I have to say, I completely understand why the teachers of the years past acted the way they acted. They all have the same look: dazed and weary. Let's just say after two hours of rehearsal and trying to coordinate/keep track of a dozen nine year olds I was wishing I had some duct tape and a tranquilizer dart gun. Maybe even a straight jacket or two. I was NOT having fun. They were all a mess. Talking when they weren't supposed to be, missing the cue to stand up and sing, hitting each other, annoying each other, annoying ME, making paper airplanes/assorted weapons out of their sheet music, etc. etc. etc. And one of them thought it would be HILARIOUS to sing "SWALLOW the Prophet--he is the Prey" instead of "Follow the Prophet, he knows the way" and he had all the little five years olds around us gleefully giggling and singing it, while I wanted to put my head in my hands and cry. At one point I texted Hubby and told him I wanted to shoot my face off.

Oh well. Maybe I'm too old for patience. ;-)

Thing One's first day of Basketball tryouts went well, I am pleased to say! At least, that's what she said. She has another grilling tryout tonight. Tomorrow is the last. STRESS!

Lots to do today, I'd better get on it.

Friday, October 15, 2010


First off, I'm so happy over my friend Devon's news! Hop on over to her blog and see what it's about!!!

Thing One had a horrible "horror movie" style nightmare at 3am this morning. I know it's nerves. She's a wreck--Basketball tryouts start today, and finish on Tuesday. Three days of tryouts. This is all so new to us. Back in WI, she'd just show up and be on the team. Middle school is much more competitive. But I've already mentioned this ad nauseam on the blog. I guess I am just nervous for her myself. If she doesn't make the team, we'll do Rec, so she can at least play and try again next year. I would love for her to make the team, though! Argh! What we go through as parents for our kids!! I think I'll be more upset than she will if she doesn't make it. But I won't let her know that. ;-)

Busy running around day today. I can't believe it's going to be in the 80's this weekend. I still can't get over that! But I should just shut up and enjoy it, right?

Hubby is going to be gone for Election day, so he's going to vote early. I'm tempted to as well, but I think I want to take my kids with me so they can see me vote. I think it's so important, and I want them to feel the same way about it.

I laughed and laughed over a Jessica Alba quote I read in US magazine yesterday. She says: (About her postbaby body) "My breasts are saggy, I've got cellulite, my hips are bigger. Every actress out there is more beautiful than me."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! Can we just say STFU (Shut The Freak Up) Jessica Alba??? Well, she's young. I won't say more. ;-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stop the Presses! My Kids Actually Want Me To See Their Report Cards!!!

Yeah, so, my kids are on the honor roll. Rah Rah Rah! I'm sorry, but homework around here is a team effort, so I have to brag. As in, they wouldn't do it if I didn't make them. And help them when they need it. So, I can take pride in good grades too!

Middle school homework can be brutal. But it isn't nearly as brutal as high school, or college, so it's good they're developing good habits now, so they'll have tools for later, and won't fail.

This is odd--it's 7:30 and it's still dark outside. My lamps on timers have already shut off (I have them on all night and they shut off at 7 am) and it's too dark in the house. When we "fall back" soon it will help, but wow. But I will say, it's still warm here. It was 85 degrees at six o'clock last night. It's funny, because on one hand I want colder weather because Hubby has all these winter clothes on his floors and no one is motivated to buy them in weather like this, but on the other hand I am enjoying not having to wear layers just yet. ;-)

Was anyone else watching the rescue of the Chilean miners last night? I was sobbing. I mean, can you even begin to IMAGINE??? I watched the first one come out (the look on his son's face said it all!) and I watched the last one. Apparently he was the one who kept them all alive, and kept them together. What a story! I expect a book and movie, etc. etc. about these guys. Stories like this just make you tingle!

I know this may sound cryptic, but I have a dear friend who is about to do something life-changing today, and I am so excited for her! I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can! You know who you are! Best of luck!

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Until tomorrow anyway. :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Is It... (Part IV)

...every time I am in a hurry, I get stuck behind a car driving at/just under the speed limit on a two-lane road? middle son refuses to eat anything unless it has Pizza on it or in it somehow? dirty laundry has the power of procreation?

...Cool Ranch Doritos have developed the capacity to call to me telepathically? three year old has to repeat EVERYTHING I say, especially in the nursery at church?

Short post today. Running to the doctor for well checks on two kids, flu shots for the rest, and then back to finish up a friend's manuscript. Then all the normal stuff I have to do. Fun fun fun.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay, this weekend was INSANE!!! I was running from morning until night, with no breaks whatsoever! I won't go into a play-by-play, let me just say this was me, all weekend:
I am glad it's over. And I will probably NEVER sign my kids up for any early-morning sports clinics on Saturdays, EVER again. Saturdays are the one day in the week we can sleep in, because all other mornings are taken with school and church.


Kids are home from school today. I haven't planned anything fun, we may go and see "Secretariat." We all have wanted to see that one since they started previewing it a few months ago. I know, it's been called "corny" in reviews but we don't care. We like corny and happy. We are a rare breed. ;-)

We started a little fun "tradition" yesterday, since it was 10/10/10. At 10:10 am, we figured it was the luckiest minute of the year, so we all made a wish! I mean, how often does 10:10 on 10/10/10 come around? We figure we have two more years of lucky minutes, on 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, and then we're done for the century. Pretty cool, huh?

I hope everyone has a good day. And if you haven't gotten your Fall stuff up, you need to get on it!

Friday, October 08, 2010

I Survived The Mold Incident.

Well...I'm not dead. (See previous post.) I felt sick to my stomach into the afternoon, and around noon I got a nasty headache, but other than that, I'm ok. Lesson learned. I headed right to Target and got a brand new filter, and scoured/sanitized the pitcher so I could use it again.


Thing One had basketball last night--team tryouts aren't until next week, but the coach held an open gym at the middle school for all interested girls. There was a good turnout--Thing One worked hard but she feels like there are girls who are much better than her. Well, she's right. There's always people who are better at sports. It's a fact of life. I certainly wasn't a fantastic cheerleader in high school. I had to work extra hard to learn the dance routines, because I had inherited my dad's lack of "coordination." (sorry Dad.) But I had enthusiasm and heart, and I worked my butt off. So, if she works hard and practices (and she will) she has a chance of making the team. Besides, it's not like she stinks. She's actually got some talent, which will work to her advantage. She's not "entirely" like me. She's got some of her dad, in her, too. Thank heaven. ;-)

I guess we'll see.

Hubby comes home tonight. He was in LA and NYC this week (talk about time zone change craziness) but at least he finished up in our time zone, so when he gets back tonight he won't be "off."
The kids are out of school on Monday (back in WI this was a regular school day) so we'll have to do something fun.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Don't Want to Die...(Melodramatic Post)

It's Thursday. This week has been flying! Probably because Hubby is in LA (Well, he was, he flies to NYC today) and I have been bad and not keeping the house up to my usual clean standards. (Stop smirking, Mom.)

So, today, I will get everything sparkling again. Tonight will be tricky because Thing One has a basketball practice and Thing Three has soccer practice at the same time, and there's only ONE of me, and the gym and fields are 10 minutes apart. So, one of them will just have to be a little late.

Well, I'm hoping this isn't my last post before I die. I opened a bunch of stuff from storage yesterday, and found my Britta Water pitcher, which I'd been missing. I promptly filled it up before bed. This morning, I took a vitamin and poured myself a big ol' glass of water. It tasted funny. Like, kind of moldy. But not enough to gross me out, and I had the vitamin stuck in my throat, so I drank the whole glass of water.

Then I realized, the FILTER. I pulled it out of the pitcher and it had MOLD growing on it!!! UGH!!! I mean, really, of all the bone-headed things to do. The filter was damp when it went into storage three months ago. Of COURSE it would be moldy. And I just drank MOLD-FILTERED water!!! I mean, can you stamp a big old "DUH" across my forehead???

I immediately ran to the bathroom and tried to make myself throw up, which is something I have never tried. (Clearly I never did the Bullemia thing.) All I did was gag myself, and the water didn't come up. And I really tried, like SEVERAL times. Nothing. So, I ran and googled "I drank moldy water from a water filter" and the general consensus is that I will be fine, at worst, I'll get a headache and maybe throw up and have the yucky D word.

I feel sort of nauseated right now, but I think it's psychological. But still, UGH!!!

So, let's hope I'm around tomorrow to post again. :-(

And my throat really hurts.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's a Postum Morning.

Well, not exactly Postum, since it went defunct a few years back, thanks to Kraft (pleaseNestlepleaseNestlepleasepickuptherecipeandstartmanufacturingitagainPLEASE), but I'm drinking Pero, which, with Splenda and coffee mate is pretty darn close, if you have no other comparison.

Anyhow, it's 45 degrees this morning--time to break out the "middle thickness" coats. After living in Wisconsin, my kids had several stages of coats. Sweatshirts were worn in early September. Fleece in late September. Middle-strength jackets for October, and for the end of October, the full-on DOWN coats come out. Because it snows in October. At least in Wisconsin.

Here, in still-quite-sunny Charlotte (heh, you love how I rubbed it in, Karen?) it's in the upper 70's during the day, but the mornings are finally getting chilly.

You know what THAT means! Fall is here! Pumpkins and hay bales and fake spider webs (although in my garage, I have REAL ones) and I have to say, from October 1st to December 25th is the BEST time of the year, ever. The Holidays!!!

And here's some ridiculously extreme good vibes going out to one of my writing besties, Devon Ellington, who is home-searching this weekend! I hope you find exactly what you need, sweetie! XOXO

Monday, October 04, 2010

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me...

Sorry, I have that song stuck in my head. We had a "Pirates of the Caribbean" marathon this weekend. Is it me, or does each progressive movie get grosser, grittier, and...weirder?? And I was always rooting for Commodore Norrington. He was overlooked, in my opinion. So cute!
I am a spare garage-emptying whirwind today, so no time to really blog. But I at least thought I'd say hi! So, HI!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Why CAN'T Fairies Exist? (And a Soccer Funny)

I know they're made up. Heck, 99 percent of ANYTHING interesting about Human life has been made up. My daughter and I had this conversation the other day:

Her: Mom, are there really such things as dragons?

Me: Of course not.

Her: Why were they made up?

Me: Because people needed stuff to tell stories about.

Her: (Counting off on fingers) So, there's no Vampires, Werewolves, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Dragons, Fairies, Ghosts, Greek Gods, Monsters or Magic? None of them are real?

Me: Um, nope.

Her: Why do people make all this stuff up? That's kinda...mean.

Me: Good question. Maybe otherwise our lives would be pretty boring?

It really got me thinking. I mean, our lives ARE boring. Because as much as we'd like to believe in those things, we know they don't really exist. That's why books are so fun. Especially the ones with "make believe" in them.

Wouldn't it be totally crazy if those things DID exist? Yeah. We'd probably all be eaten up by Dragons and reduced to turnips by Fairies, though. You know how it works.


And here is a pic I snapped of what was on the door of the bathrooms at the SOCCER FIELDS last weekend. I mean, what do they expect? They really think parents will want their kids BAREFOOT in public restrooms??? Yeah, I had to laugh about this one.