Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Intruder in the Night...

Happy Halloween, everyone! Of course we Trick or Treated on Saturday night, because in Wisconsin, they assign every town certain nights to Trick or Treat, because this must be the Child-Breeding Capitol of the World or something...(kidding.)

So tonight we are grilling Brats (a delectable Wisconsin dish) and having doughnuts and cider, and decorating Halloween cookies. The kids already got enough candy to keep an Army stimulated for weeks, so we're rationing it out.

As for the title of this blog, we had an intruder last night. We didn't even know he was in the house, until he made his presence known, in the Master bedroom, where Hubby and I were sleeping.
It was 3:15 am, and Thing One came charging down the stairs to our room, because she'd had a horrible dream. (her speech was a little garbled but it was something about falling off a horse into quicksand and getting s-l-o-w-l-y sucked under) and she begged to sleep with us for a little while. Then around 4am I walked her back up to her room and tucked her in. I got back in bed, and 15 minutes later, Hubby sits up and turns on the light. Why is it that a single 60-watt bulb can be SOLAR-LEVEL blinding at 4am?

He said: "There's something in our room."

Naturally my blood ran cold at this, I didn't know what the jeepers he would be talking about, but then he yelled (a manly yell) and pointed and I saw our intruder, as it scurried underneath the leather chair by our bed:

A mouse.

Unfortunately yesterday was Laundry day and I had piles of reds, whites, darks, etc etc all over the floor waiting to be washed, and the mouse was probably hiding in them. We turned on all the lights, and got shoes on our feet, and made a ruckus to scare the little bugger out. But to no avail. He was either long gone, or he was hiding really well. We finally gave up around 5am and went back to bed.

I have a mouse exterminator coming tomorrow...who knows if it's just one mouse that got in. But I can tell you who the culprits are: my children. They always leave the inner garage door open, and we do live on the edge of a large field, in a brand-new subdivision.

I just don't want to find the mouse, dead and rotting somewhere. I WILL NOT have mice in my house! EEEK!

Well, I'd better get cleaning. There's nothing worse than "unpacking clutter" all around because it's perfect for mice to hide in. And I'll be damned if I get any more mice in this house.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Crazy Weekend...

And how, but I have to say at least it was productive. Hubby and I got the rest of the entire upstairs knocked out, the kids rooms are all unpacked, and the Jack and Jill bathroom now actually has carpets and towels and a shower curtain in it, and the upstairs library nook is looking pretty cool, now that it's not choked with boxes and...well...crap.

Of course my children have been living in chaos for so long, they seem to have forgotten how to make their beds and pick up after themselves...*grumble*. I'll have to "re-teach" them.

I worked hard Saturday. I was worth absolutely zilch after 9:30 pm, and I think Hubby was tired too because he went to bed the same time I did.
And of course on Sunday, my brain woke me up at 6:30 am, but in reality, it was 5:30, because of Daylight Savings. I couldn't go back to sleep, and I remembered that it was the first day of my new calling as the Church Primary Chorister, so I spent the next couple of hours making games and posterboards for the FOUR songs we have THREE sundays to learn for the Christmas program. And I only get 15 minutes with the kids each Sunday. So I'm making "choir books" so they'll at least have the words. Yes, it's cheating, but I'm not that good at teaching new songs. I sent a letter home to the parents and asked them to help their kids sing the music at home. 45 minutes just isn't enough time for four-year olds to learn four songs and ALL the verses!

Whew that sounded like a rant. I am excited because today is warm--50's and sunny. I've already been to Walmart and the grocery store and stocked us up for the week. Now I just need to knock out some more boxes today, and call it good. I don't work until Wednesday, and it's a weird shift, 11-3. I am usually 8-12. But at least I won't have to run around in the morning!

Still itching to work on my novel. A lot of my writing buddies are doing NaNo this year, and to them, my hat is off. Good luck! They're a talented group, and I know they'll churn out some great stuff. For those of you who don't know what NaNo is, it's National Novel Writing Month and people challenge themselves to write an entire novel...in one month. I did that once, it's how Emma Roy was born, but it wasn't for NaNo and it was in July. Man, I was crazy. All I did was write. It was so much fun!

I'm rambling now. If you've made it to the end of this post, well... you must be bored! Have a good day! At least it isn't snowing...

Friday, October 27, 2006

I have an OFFICE!!!

The furniture arrived yesterday, (of course at the tail end of the delivery window--ugh) and it was worth the wait.
Of course the room was too small to have the desk with the arm jutting out, so we broke the two parts up, and I have two desks. One for reading and taking notes, and the other for writing. And I have these huge filing cabinets with bookcases on them, and I'm going to go down and put all my research books in them after I write this. I was laughing because all of our personal files filled up only half of one of the filing cabinets, and my writing files will only fill up the other half, so I have TONS of filing space. I am going to be the Filing Queen. Hooray! I need some organization in my life! Besides, if I'm going to write the rest of my life, you can bet I'll need those filing cabinets. Lots of facts to keep straight when you're writing Historical fiction!

I put plants and candles and antique books all around and hung my Monet's "Champ de Coquelicots" print on the wall (the art that inspired my first novel ever). So it's officially mine. I'm very excited!

Of course my "craft room" is a different story. In the unfinished part of our basement, it's very well lit, so it isn't dark and scary, but it's a "jog." You walk into this room, then you turn left and down a hallway that leads into an enormous room, then you turn right and go down a longer hallway, then you turn left again and there's this little room allllllllll the way in the back, and THAT, is going to be my craft room.
I put some area rugs down and I'll have all my tubs and drawers in there, and I'll put posters up on the walls so it will be all cozy. It's not as bad as it sounds. But eventually we'll drywall in there because I don't want spiders dropping on my head. ;-)

Well, I'm off to unpack Thing One's room--she has been a pill about cleaning it and I finally threatened her with taking away a privilege she REALLY doesn't want taken away and she cleaned it. Sheesh. I am NOT going to unpack in an already messy room. No Sir. It's been kind of strange because usually Thing One is neat as a pin. Anal, even. So this has been a departure, for sure.

I hope everyone has a good weekend...I'll be in my new office!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Thing One!!!

I can't believe I have a NINE year old. That is just messed up. Bring on the Wrinkle Cream! Time is sure flying fast. Just yesterday she was being wrapped up like a burrito and being handed to me in the hospital. I looked at her for the first time and was like, "I made this thing?" It was very surreal. It still kind of is. ;-)

We just finished our waffles (a nice departure from the usual oatmeal and cold cereal) and the kids are home from school the next two days. We are going to carve pumpkins, play outside, and I'm going to bake a cake. White with Rainbow Chip frosting...her favorite.


The novel in my head is not being patient. It wants me to start writing. I woke up this morning to Hubby's alarm, and immediately grabbed the notebook at my nightstand and began scribbling images and a very clever description that had popped into my head during sleep. I'm dreaming about this novel now. It is BEGGING to be written. I just don't know if I have the chops to pull it off. I have to write about a place I've never been, and in my current condition, a place I won't be visiting any time soon.
I've lamented about this before. I am a stay-home mom with young children, and husband whose career demands much of his time, so "traveling all over the world" for research just isn't something I can do.
So I do the Nora Roberts Thing. I google the place my story is set in, and try to pretend I've been there. Which frankly takes a major effort, because I haven't sat in a pub in Scotland and drunk in the atmosphere, or sloshed around muddy country roads and smelled the farm animals. I have to "fake it." At least for now. And for as long as I keep having babies!


Well, I'd pick a sweet newborn over all the trips to Scotland in the world, but I would like to eventually VISIT one of the places my stories are set in, you know? But I digress.

I hope Thing One likes her presents! She's really crafty so I got her a bunch of scrapbooking stuff and yarn for making things. She's getting really good with her hands. She can knit a scarf in a few hours, if she sat still that long.

Ugh, the boys are screaming upstairs, time to break it up!
Tonight will be a Bubble Bath and Candles night!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The POUTING PRINCESS and Other Stories...

Thing One (my nine-year old daughter) was in fine form this morning, fine form. The kids were to wear their Halloween costumes to school today, and they were all very excited. Thing Three was a Red Power Ranger. On with the costume, and he was running around flexing his built-in muscles and happy as a clam. Thing Two was Captain Jack Sparrow. We got on the garb, fitted him with a pirate hat and boots, and he was running around yelling "Argh, me hearty!"

Happy as a Clam.

Thing One? Well, she was a Medieval Princess. Her dress, I must say, is beautiful. It has a gold underskirt with a blue velvet overdress, and a pearl choker on the bodice with strings of pearls, and a high gold princess collar. So we get on the dress, and I have to give her "Princess Hair" which I was happy to do because you only get to dress up like this once or twice a year.

Then the problems started. She pouted because when she sat down the hoopskirt bulged out embarrassingly. (Or so she said. She didn't want to listen to my plea for authenticity.)
So we cut the hoop out of the slip. Then it was the whalebones in the collar. She didn't want it to stick up straight; that was embarrassing. So we had to cut the whalebones out of the collar, so it would lie flat on her shoulders. Then she was upset because she had to wear her glasses. Medieval princesses didn't wear glasses.
I agreed that no, they didn't, but half of them were blind, too, I'm sure.

THEN it was her embarrassing undershirt, which I, mean mom that I was, was forcing her to wear underneath the dress. You could see it peeking out of the neckline. I didn't bend on this one. I wasn't going to let her go to school naked underneath the costume so her ta-tas could hang out for all to see. I explained to her that the neckline was a little low, and of course, she pouted over that.
At least she didn't pout about wearing black leggings underneath.

Then of course at the bus stop she wanted to skip school because no one else was wearing a dress. I shoved her out of the car ( not really, but sort of) and she pouted all the way onto the school bus.
Why can't I have a HAPPY daughter? My sons are happy. My daughter is moody and grumpy. Especially when she feels like the potential for being "embarrassed" is high.

I am SO OVER the Pouting Princess. This next baby better be a boy. At least they're generally happy.

Here's a Happy note: My office furniture arrives tomorrow between 9 and 1pm! Woo hoo! I am SALIVATING over having an office!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm a Wimp

AND a failure. I feel so stupid. I just couldn't do it. Man, I really suck.

*The following is not for the squeamish*

Why the self-abuse? Well, I was scheduled to have an Ultrasound today at 10:30, and the instructions were to drink 24 ounces of water between 9 and 9:30, and NOT PEE before the appointment. Apparently a full bladder helps them see the baby better. Of course, this is my FOURTH pregnancy, and the first time I've received the "drink 24 ounces" rule.
I figure: should be simple, right? Well, maybe challenging, but something I can handle, right?

So, 9:30 rolls around, and I down the aformentioned 24 ounces. Easy. I love to drink water anyway. I get on the computer, and hit my daily sites, and around 10am I start to feel uncomfortable. Okay, yes, I just drank a LOT of water, but to have to go this early?
Finally, at 10:07, I grabbed the keys and got into the car. I really had to go, and I figured that even if I got there early, they could take me in for my ultrasound and my agony wouldn't be prolonged.

I get to the med center at 10:20. I walk very carefully (let's just say I felt every bump in the road during the 10 minute drive) upstairs to the imaging center, and I give them my name, and discreetly mention that I really REALLY have to go to the bathroom. The lady nods and tells me she'll mention that. Was that a glimpse of an evil little smile? I decide it's my imagination.

I sit very uncomfortably, and check my phone. 10:22. Now I really feel like I'm going to explode. I check my phone again. 10:25. Hello! I have to pee! I shift and it becomes worse. I try not to make faces, and check my phone again. 10:27. They're torturing me.

Finally, at 10:30, I get up, and tell the lady I'm sorry, but I HAVE TO GO OR I'M GOING TO HAVE AN ACCIDENT RIGHT THERE IN HER LOBBY. She looks at me like she's disappointed, and tells me to go.
I limp to the ladies room, and I go to the bathroom. Feeling about ten pounds lighter, I wash my hands and step back into the lobby, just as the nurse steps out and calls my name.

I couldn't wait 20 more seconds. I just couldn't.

Ergo, I'm a failure. The tech lamented the fact that my bladder was completely empty. I apologized, and apologized again. Luckily she didn't make a big deal out of it, and we could see the baby just fine. It even woke up halfway through and started kicking like a Russian Folk Dancer. It was hilarious. And I have pictures.

But I'm still a wimp.

Monday, October 23, 2006

All Hail Vera...

Vera Wang was in my store today. It was so fun! She was just there to breeze through with the bigwigs, but she was very personable. And her entourage was friendly. Everyone in the store was pretty starstruck, one of the cosmetics ladies was freaking out and telling everybody that Vera Wang actually smiled at her and said hi, and I was sort of laughing. I didn't have the heart to tell her that Vera smiled at a lot of people... including me. Celebrities (even designers) are people too, but we all thought it was pretty cool to see her in person.

Good news: Hubby and I found THE PERFECT office furniture this weekend. We hadn't visited the Ashley Furniture in Pewaukee so we went there, and we fell in love with the first set we found. And BONUS: they had it in stock and will deliver it THIS THURSDAY!!

I will have an office! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to frou frou it up and make it fabulous. Hubby did good. I told him not to tell me how much it was, and mums the word. But it's the real stuff, and it's really pretty. I am so happy.

Now I have to run about 438961 errands but I'll write more tomorrow!

Friday, October 20, 2006


I worked 8-12 today. I got home, had lunch, decided to tidy up, and then CRASHED. I am tired. Gone are the intentions of cooking a fabulous dinner. Hubby is picking up Papa Murphy's tonight.
I am tired. All this unpacking on top of being pregnant, and it's taking a toll. I think I need to go to Azana and do some facial/massage/pedicure action. I haven't treated myself in a looong time.
I only work one day next week, because the kids have a couple days off from school. Oh, and the day I work, a major celebrity will be at my store! Woo! I just love her to bits. It will be hard to not be star-struck. But I don't know if I'm supposed to reveal who she is...maybe after her visit.


I've had a novel churning in my head for about eight months now. Its an adult novel (only in the sense that it revolves around 30-something aged characters as opposed to teens or tweens)--a definite departure from all the Young Adult I've written. But it's a great story (I think) and it's begging to be written. But I need to do MAJOR research on it before I even write a word.
I've written the first chapter, but before I go any further, I need to know what I'm talking about. So, I've been Googling like mad, and ordering books on Amazon. All I can say is it takes place in Scotland, and I need to find out all about the care of farm animals.
Yeah, I am sure your interest is piqued. *wink*

Hubby told me after the baby is born, I'll have all my days free with just a sleeping baby, and I should take the opportunity to write up a storm. I agree with him. I haven't had that opportunity in a long time. And I probably won't for a long time. I'm glad I have a partner who encourages my writing, and believes in it, and me. Now if I can just get my office together!

This weekend should be busy. Desk-hunting, and Hubby and I are determined to get the first floor unpacked and set. But tonight I'll just want to cuddle up with some popcorn and rootbeer and watch all our DVR'd shows.

Have a great weekend, all, and if you live in a "seasons" place, try to stay warm! Unless you live in Australia. Then I am very jealous of you.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am the Queen of Frou Frou

For those of you who don't know what "frou frou" is, it would be, in decorating terms, "stuff that you put in a room to gussy it up." Like Candlesticks, plants, pictures, and knick-knacks, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I am obsessed with it. Granted, I don't want every surface crammed with stuff (we are OUT of the Victorian Era, thank you) but I sure like my candlesticks, plants, vases, pictures, etc. etc. etc.


I figured out the #$%&*!! Unpacking is taking so long because after I unpack, I have to "place" everything. This can take several hours. Which pictures to hang? Which decorative plate to set next to the plant that goes here, and which set of candles go here, and yadda yadda yadda.

I am so screwed.

Hubby and I are going office-furniture hunting again, and thanks to your comments, I now have a more open mind. I really have a "vision" of how I want the office, and although it is small (14X12-ish) it will be my sanctuary. And there's a big closet, shelved out for all my writing files and research.

I went to Hobby Lobby this morning and bought stuff for the office. I just hope the furniture we buy for it doesn't take MONTHS to get delivered or anything like that. I would be very sad. 4 weeks, max. I guess we'll see!

I have to run now and buy a snack for my son's kindergarten class because don't worry I totally spaced it. Where has my mind gone?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hanging in There

Well, I think I officially have about 30 percent of my moving boxes unpacked. WHEW. And where I am sticking all the paper and empty boxes themselves is a good question. But I have Thing Three and Thing Two's rooms done, and Thing One better CLEAN UP her room or I won't unpack even one box. She is eight, and her room is trashed.

I went to the Dr. yesterday. She thinks I'm farther along than originally thought. I had an ultrasound and there was the baby, squirming around with its legs up and over its head. Too cute. I am at the point where maternity clothes are going to be a must, any minute. Oh well. Life goes on. I am just not partial to wearing TENTS, thank you.

Why is it that the more I unpack, the messier things get? I am slow at unpacking because I have to figure out where everything in each box goes. I have also learned that you can get burned out on unpacking pretty quick!

I pulled up some of the wips I've been working on and I REALLY wanted to work on them again. But the unpacking calls. I just can't write while all my bathrooms are in boxes, you know?
*grumble grumble*

One day this too shall pass...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Woes of Desk-hunting...

You would think after nearly eleven years of marriage, I would know better...

Hubby and I established while we were dating, that it was pointless to go into a Blockbuster together, because our tastes were so different. He went for the action films and the comedy, I went for the romances and dramas. Generally speaking.
We had times where we spent a half hour looking, and actually left the store empty handed, because we couldn't agree. The simple solution? Get two movies: a Hers movie and a His movie. Voila! Success!

So, now that you have that bit of plot exposition down, on to the problem at hand:
The movers lost a vital part to my old writing desk. I was so excited to set up my office too. It was going to be MINE. Well, since my desk was in pieces and not going to be fixed, Hubby gallantly volunteered to buy me a new writing desk, and make the office very nice. He would use the computer occasionally, but it would be my writing space, with all my stuff in it.

I said "that's great!" He said "Let's go desk hunting!" We both agreed we wanted dark wood, like Cherry or Walnut. We both agreed we wanted a desk with a hutch, and matching bookcases.

We didn't expect Blockbuster Syndrome to strike, however, at every store we went to...

We visited Boston Store Furniture, Steinhafels, American, World Market (and found the perfect set, but no desk) and various other small furniture stores. Desks bought: ZERO.

He found a set but the finish was too light. I found a set but it was too cheap for his tastes. We both found a set we LOVED but it was an arm and a leg (and maybe a couple of knees, as well) and I balked at the price and wimped out after the lady had written up everything, and Hubby was not amused.

Four hours and three extremely cranky kids later, we sat and talked about our desk-hunting debacle.
Hubby wants the office to have REAL furniture, that will last until our grandchildren's children have great-grandchildren, or something like that. I'd be happy to buy something at Target for $199 that I put together myself, as long as it looks good.

Ergo, we're at odds again. I am not spending $3000 on office furniture, for crying out loud. Give me a build-it-yourself desk and slap some plywood bookcases in there, and I'm good.

So, finally, I went online, and found some great stuff. But Hubby said if he has to put it together, it won't last. I told him fine, *I* will put it together. He said I was missing the point. I told him I wasn't spending a small fortune for that office.
Finally, I told him to find it himself. I said "I don't want to know how much it is, just pick it out and I'll love it."
Basically, we have the same taste, but I'm Mrs. "Why Buy The Real Thing When You Can Buy Imitation (which is usually just as good)For 75% Less" and he's Mr. "I Don't Look At Price Tags, Ever."

As you can see, we balance each other out that way.

So, this weekend, we're hitting the furniture stores, again. I might stay home with the kids. He wants my input, so I'll probably come with him. I just want my office to be done, and soon.

Do you think we'll find anything?

Monday, October 16, 2006

I (Heart) Homework...?


So I'm beginning to wonder why MY kids have so much homework these days, and I had relatively little in comparison when *I* was growing up? Is it overzealous teachers? Overzealous school curriculum? Who is to blame here? I don't remember them having this much at any of the other schools they attended. So it is definitely this new school. That we pay taxes out the nose for them to attend...
For example: Thing One usually has two to three pages when she comes home. Thing Two has three to four. Thing Three has one to two. And yes, they are in KINDERGARTEN, SECOND and THIRD GRADE!
I didn't have that much homework until I was in Junior High! So, after school, the kids come in, have a snack, and we spread out the homework and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, completing it, while I bounce back and forth between all three kids.

My kids hate this. They seriously LOATHE it. I mean, they just spent seven+ hours at school, and they have to come home and do an hour more? (We've tried night time, but it doesn't work.)

And as their mother, I'm stuck doing it with them, because they are so young, I have to help explain concepts, or help them stay focused. It's really become drudgery. I've tried to make it cheerful and positive, but I'm met with a chorus of groans every time.

Deep down, I think having this much homework at such an early age is making them NOT LIKE doing it, and they will carry this prejudice over into their later years. But I'm holding firm. If I don't teach them to do it responsibly, they won't do it at all, if given the choice later on. They won't have good study habits.
But then I run the risk of them getting "burned out" on homework, and frankly, I think we're in jeapoardy of that now.

So what can one do? Am I crazy, or is something not quite right?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, Anyone?

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or "fear of Friday the 13th" was definitely in force today!

I think it's all a bunch of Hooey, personally. For instance, I was POS training with another lady at work today, and I was whipping through the course (wearing headphones at the register) and the lady with me kept getting stuck, her computer kept freezing, or she'd punch the wrong button and send everything into a frenzy, and what did she blame?

One guess.

Friday the 13th had doomed her. She was absolutely positive. (I didn't have the heart to tell her that in her manic nervousness she was screwing it up all herself.) I had a customer claim "Friday the 13th" had gotten her today too. I had another customer tell me she usually just stayed indoors on a Friday the 13th. Why tempt fate?

I say, what's the big deal? But I've had nothing but good luck on Friday the 13th. Although I did get to the point where I decided if I heard another "Friday the 13th complaint" from someone I'd break my scanner over their head and tell them they REALLY now had something to complain about. (Kidding, but you get to that point sometimes!)

I'm not a superstitious person, per se. Yes, when I spill salt, I throw it over my left shoulder. Don't ask me why. And when I complain I've had such good fortune lately, I always knock on wood. But that's about it. I don't do the really wonky stuff some people do. Friday the 13th is definitely included.

Today has been a great day! I had a good day at work. And I don't have Morning Sickness today. And I've gotten various forms of good news. So to those Paraskevidekatriaphobics, I would say, PHOOEY! Try again!

It's all about chance anyway, isn't it?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My New Job...

I started my new job today! I decided that until this baby comes, I will work part time (a few days a week while the kids are in school) and so I applied at Kohl's and they hired me. They are very accommodating with my needs and I have to say I'm going to love working there. Plus I'll get out of the house and interact with people, as opposed to sitting at home, staring at my computer all day.

I have to say, it's the cleanest store I've ever seen. Probably because it's in the middle of nowhere and no one shops at it. Seriously, there are always more employees than customers! But it will be a way to pass the time. I did retail for 12 years before I became a stay-home mom so it's not like I can't handle it.

I have an 8 o'clock shift, so I won't be able to blog in the mornings on the days I work. Today was a nice day, though. I got off at 1pm, and hubby had been out with vendors so he was off work too, and we spent the afternoon together. We even cooked dinner! On the menu: loaded baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, chicken cordon bleu, garlic bread and asparagus. I think we were really hungry so we just cooked whatever we felt like. It was way too much food but it was nice to cook a meal together in our new house.
Speaking of which, I have to keep working on the Master closet. I swear I want my part of it knocked out tonight!

And then we're cuddling up to watch CSI. It's freezing cold outside, and we're supposed to get snow soon. Hot chocolate weather!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pregnancy Cravings = EVIL

Pregnancy Cravings so far:

1) Cool Ranch Doritos with Kraft Creamy Ranch Dip *
2) Aplets & Cotlets
3) Egg nog (and you can’t get it anywhere yet, dammit!)
4) Anything Cheese

*Okay, what is UP with the lack of Kraft Dips in Wisconsin? Everything is “Dean’s” dip here. And Deans Ranch dip is just gross. It's too "ranchy."
You can’t find Kraft anywhere, at any store. I have tried Pic N Save, Target, Walmart, Jewel Osco, Walgreens, Sentry (I won’t go inside Piggly Wiggly, which means they probably have it there) and little grocers, and I can’t find it. Amazon ships it. If I get desperate enough, I’ll probably go that route. And yes, I’m completely nuts.
Speaking of nuts, what's up with craving Aplets and Cotlets? I can't have walnuts. It's just that gooey apple confection with powdered sugar. I don't stand a chance. Luckily they're more of a "Holiday" candy so you can't find them anywhere either. I think.

And exactly how many of the other cravings have I given in to? Maybe the “Cheese” one. That’s it. Because A) I don’t want to gain 50 pounds with this child, and B) I know The Nausea will kick in as soon as I indulge.

Nausea. Ugh. I have been creeping around, eating apples and crackers and sipping Sprite. I forced myself to eat some chicken last night. Let’s just say Bad Idea. Meat in any form right now is EVIL. It cannot be tolerated.

And strangely enough, I didn’t have any nausea with my other three kids. What could it mean? Who knows. Maybe it’s because last time I was pregnant I was in my 20’s, and now, I’m in my 30’s. Hormones change everything.

But of course, once all the Christmas stuff comes to the stores, I’ll have access to Egg nog, Aplets & Cotlets, and various other Christmas things I crave (Venti Peppermint Hot Cocoa at Starbucks, anyone?) and I will be SO in trouble.

The Holidays are the BEST. (Worst for diets!) For Fall you make pumpkin cakes and cookies and breads, and you bake all sorts of stuff. Thanksgiving needs no explanation. And Christmas…all the cookies and candy and nut breads and chocolate…it’s like KILLER to the waistline. Being pregnant during the holidays is even tougher because of cravings.

I am determined to NOT consume 456723 mini Milky Way bars this Halloween. No third helpings of stuffing on Thanksgiving. And CERTAINLY I will be giving out gift cards to people, instead of my traditional plates of cookies, chocolate and candy creations. Won’t I???

I am SO in Trouble…

Holiday treats are EVIL! But they are soo much fun…

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stressed Out? MY Kids?

Okay, so I’m reading in the news yesterday and I come across this article on MSN that basically says kids need to get back to “old fashioned play.”
It made me stop and think. My kids are pretty normal. Granted, they do Soccer and T-ball and Tennis and Gynmastics and Swimming, and soon we’ll be taking music lessons, but I don’t think they’re having their childhoods stolen from them. Or are they?

This article went on to say that children these days are overstressed and overscheduled. I have to admit, back in Denver we had them in a lot of things. We came to Wisconsin and it was too late to sign up for anything, and since my pregnancy made itself known I’ve been too tired to sign them up. They are currently doing NO sports. (GASP, not even Soccer…not till Spring anyway.) And to be honest, they are the happiest they've been in a while. Go figure.

The article claimed that kids need to have spontaneous play, like building forts or roughhousing with parents or chasing butterflies, NON-STRUCTURED play, that will help stimulate their creativity and their ability to use their imaginations.
Apparently kids who don't have this kind of play--kids who are scheduled for everything, develop all sorts of problems. And frankly, they become boring adults.
I found this highly interesting. I mean, I am not the most structured of parents. I have a very “open” parenting style. My kids know how to entertain themselves, and they don’t need me to play with them in order to have fun. We do lots of "creative play" at our house, that doesn't have to revolve around "Einstien Videos" or basically...have a point.
My kids just...play. Although I have to laugh because one of their favorite things to play is...wait for it..."School."

Reading this article made me feel a little guilty. I have shoved my kids into every activity imaginable, because I didn't really have that growing up, and I want them to be active and involved in lots of things so they'll be "well rounded." But I also remember the summers I had, where I played outside all day and my main companion was my imagination, and I had SO much fun. I wasn't being herded off to T-ball or Basketball camp, or taking extra Summer classes. My time was mine, and all I did was play. And I loved it.

What an eye-opener for me. I think we as parents need to find a happy medium for our kids. They're stressed out enough with pressure from school and homework. I am thinking we keep it to ONE sport at a time for a while. Between school and sports and Scouts and Church activities, they certainly have enough on their plate. I want them to be kids. Not mini-adults.

Where's the fun in that?

Monday, October 09, 2006


Not sure if that's how you spell it, but I figured out why I am so irritable lately:
I can't write.
It's not a choice at this point. I CAN'T do it. I have only unpacked my kitchen and half of my laundry room and half of my Master bedroom, I've hardly put a dent in the boxes, and I haven't written a word in weeks, except for this blog. And it's infuriating as hell.

To add insult to injury, the special services people couldn't find a major part to my writing desk, and it's all lopsided. I had to file with the moving company, and they're taking care of it, but now I have no writing desk (we're destroying it for scrap) and all my books are still packed and my office is silent and dark and empty, with boxes and a broken desk. And I wouldn't dream of unpacking it any time soon...I still have to FINISH the first floor and then it's the kids rooms, then the guest room, then all the bathrooms, and then the basement (where we hang out the most) and THEN, only then, will I be able to unpack my office and my writing things. Of course if it was just me by myself I'd have that office unpacked and set up FIRST. But I have a husband and three kids who really do need to have clothes for school and be able to find their stuff. It's been an eye-opener, to say the least.

So, we're talking about a month at least before I'll be able to get to my office, let alone write at my desk. This is disheartening. It's aggravating. It sucks, for want of a better word. And I'm so crazy with unpacking I don't even have time to write in my head. The Muse has left me, until I get my Writing Space up and running.

Ergo, I'm a major CRAB lately. I'm antsy. I'm irritated at everything. The balance of my life is thrown off-kilter.

At least I know now the source of my discontent. I still have a pen and paper by my bedside, in case the creative vibe strikes, but it's like my Muse has "lost the will to write" without all my "writing comforts."

It's a tragedy. I HATE moving. Too much chaos for me. Ppphhhbbbttttt.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sicker than a Dog...

Okay, what is up with this fourth pregnancy? I do NOT get sick with my pregnancies, but for some reason, I have been Nausea City with this one. For the last three weeks! And seriously, what idiot coined the phrase "Morning Sickness?" It had to be a man, because I have the ALL DAMN DAY LONG sickness. :-P

Okay, cursing aside, I want to feel better...soon. I was sick all through church today. I want to curl up and sleep it off. Hubby flew to California today, he won't be back until Wed. night. Now that he's doing what he used to do, he travels a lot more.

But he did do a LOT of laundry this weekend, like, seven loads for me. Go Hubby!

Thing Two is being a dork today. His brother was hitting him and I told him to tell him to stop (I was on the phone) and he went downstairs and I heard him say to his brother:

"Mom says you'd better stop or she's going to spank your bottom as hard as she can and then she's going to drown you in a bunch of mud and hang you up by your toes to die if you don't leave me alone!"

I had to immediately run downstairs and clarify to Thing Three (who is five, and whose eyes were the size of styrofoam plates) that NO, I did NOT say those exact words but I did say to stop hitting his brother. And I made Thing Two go to his room for lying.

Sheesh, what's next?

I don't want to cook dinner tonight. The smells would kill me. Maybe we can just all eat apples and crackers...

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Elusive Pirate Costume...

Okay. I've been getting the kids Halloween costumes a little early because if I wait everything will be sold out except for the really grisly masks and the Human Salt and Pepper Shaker Costume.

Thing One wanted to be a Medieval Princess. Check. Thing Three wanted to be a Red Power Ranger. Check.

Thing Two? Captain Jack Sparrow, of course. And frankly, the kid could pull it off. With a beaded beard and a little kohl eyeliner, he'd rock.

The task at hand: FIND A JACK SPARROW PIRATE COSTUME. So, I know they have them, I've seen them. I saw one in the Denver Super Target while I was there, but all they had left was size small, and he's a medium.
So I go to the Target 15 minutes away here, and they're sold out. Walmart. Sold Out. I go to the Target way the hell out in BFE Delafield and I finally find two costumes, and lo and behold, one of them is Thing Two's size.

So I get it home and we're all excited and I realize soon that someone stole the #$&**!! hat out of it!!! What I thought was a hat is actually the boots only. I have an incomplete costume!

Dilemma: Drive all the way to take it back to the Target in BFE and grab the hat out of the smaller size (and inform Target I am doing this) OR go to Walmart down the street and grab the generic Pirate costume kit which has a hat, hook, earring, and eyepatch, and make good with it. Thing Two actually thinks it's pretty cool to have a pirate hook/hand, so I am going to do that. Whew!

Thing One has a Brownie overnight campout tonight. I need to go buy a container of sour cream, because that is her assignment. Pancake syrup and sour cream. Mmmmm.

Which actually brings to mind a little thing we did growing up. My parents would make pancakes, and put a dab of sour cream on the side. You got a forkful of syrupy pancake, and then dabbed it in the sour cream, and ate it. And you know what? As gross as it may sound, it's actually pretty good. I don't know if it's a Russian thing or not, but I liked it. I haven't had it in about 20 years, but when Thing One got her assignment, it made me think of it.

Try it if you're brave. You might be pleasantly surprised. :-)

It's supposed to be nice today thru Sunday, and then COLD COLD COLD. Fall has arrived! Time to find the Halloween decorations wherever they are!

Happy Weekend, all. :-)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have a WORLD MARKET...

What a perk to my day!

Despite a very hairy moving experience (unloaded, thank heaven, now I have to unpack which will take me several months) and rain and thunder and lightning, everything but LOCUSTS...apparently I've been given something to make me happy: World Market.

There was one three minutes from my house in Denver, and I was sad because...let's just say that if you have ever been inside a World Market, you would understand my chagrin at having to give it up for going to Wisconsin.

Well, so Hubby and the kids and I are driving around Brookfield mall, and we notice across the street they've put in new shops. And on the signs I see World Market and I made Hubby stop the car immediately.
We all went inside, and even Hubby was impressed. He suddenly wants to buy furniture from there and the kids all went ga-ga over the gourmet section. And all the fun Halloween stuff.

All I can say is I was off my head with joy, and not in the sarcastic sense. World Market is THE BOMB. It is SO fun! And it's only ten minutes from my house! WOO HOO! So I can get all my Advent calendars and Christmas crackers (the kind you pull) and Stollen and English scone mixes, that you can't get anywhere else.

Ah, bliss...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Luck Indeed...

I am hoping rain is good luck on the Moving Day, because we're officially getting DUMPED on (fish-hooks and hammer handles) here in Pewaukee and the second moving truck is due any minute. And my carpets in this house are fairly light. (I have a feeling we'll be replacing them next year) Thank heaven the carpet is mostly upstairs. The first floor is mainly hardwoods.

So I am officially neck-deep in boxes. I unboxed all my fake plants and fica trees and my casual dining area looks like the Amazon. It's kinda fun. I got the great room unpacked and the brown leather sofas look awesome in there. One room at a time. My priority is now kitchen, then the kids rooms (easy) and then the Master.
Although I do hate it when all the great decorations you had in your old house now look like crap in the new house, because the style is different. Everything was Mediterranean before, and now it's all Rustic. I give up.

I need to gobble down some Cheerios before the guys get here. Today should be interesting, with all the rain. And we have a loooooooong driveway, and a looooooong walkway to our front door. And we're on a hill. The moving people hate us. It takes like five minutes to get from the street to the front door.

Oh well. Hopefully it will be over soon.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Like Rain on Your Wedding Day...

Two days you absolutely DON'T want rain: Your Wedding day, and Moving Day.

I had rain yesterday morning, but it finally cleared up. Of course now that they have all the cheap furniture in and are starting on the expensive, formal stuff, it's STARTING TO RAIN. Egads, when can we get a break, here?

Yesterday was a day of...interesting events, to say the least. There was the "we didn't put that hole in your wall carrying that large sofa down" event, there was also the mover who had HORRIBLE gas (sorry but it's true) and he couldn't wait until he was outside, he had to drop his bombs inside my home, and of course let's not forget The Bird Incident:

To Preface: I like birds. They're cute. I even like big birds, like geese and ducks and the mighty Ostrich. I just don't want them in my HOUSE.
I was standing at the front door yesterday (which had been taken off by the movers, so I guess you could say I was standing in the front doorway) and all of a sudden this bird flies into my house.
Needless to say, it freaked me out. I am NOT Costco. I do NOT want birds living in my rafters, you know?
I screamed and waved my arms like a madwoman (the movers actually stopped and watched me jump around) and I think I scared the sh** out of the poor bird because he started darting around like a possessed missile and finally flew right back out the door.

My heart was in my nose at this point, and my adrenaline was pumping. I had visions of hidden nests and poop on our heads during meals, etc. etc. and I was NOT GOING TO HAVE A BIRD LIVING IN MY HOUSE.

I'm just glad he found his way back out. He probably thought there was no way he'd be living with the Crazy-Screeching-Arm-Waving Lady.

So, other than a few mystery boxes and fear of getting struck by lighting or felled trees during the storm last night, it was a good moving day. I just hope they don't put any more holes in my walls. (Yes, I KNOW it was them!)

Monday, October 02, 2006


We made it!!! We are officially in Wisconsin now, and the movers are diligently moving all our house stuff into the house as I write this. The kids are in school, Hubby is at his new job, and I have the house to myself, finally. Well, the movers are here too, but they're very nice men. I just went and grabbed them some breakfast.

It thundered and rained all night. There was some seriously spectacular lightning by our house...at one point Thing One came running down the stairs and begged to sleep on the floor by our bed, the lightning was scaring her.

It's supposed to be hot today, which is fine with me, as long as it's not raining as they bring in all my nice furniture. (Of course they wrapped it in paper and blankets and then shrinkwrapped all around it so I fear I may need a S.W.A.T. Team to help get it unpacked but that's another story.)

I am starting to feel pregnant. I know, I know, not that far along, but I can't lie on my stomach anymore, because it feels like I've got a grapefruit in there. Darn it. I'll miss that for the next seven months.

I am excited to get my office all put together! Before I had this big room that was an office, and a craft room. My craft room is in another part of the basement so the office will just be an office. And can I tell you how excited I am about that? I think I did in my last post. Sorry. I'm just too happy about it.

I need to go direct movers so I'll write more tomorrow.