Friday, July 30, 2010

One Week

That's what I'm giving myself at this point. One week, to get the entire house DONE. We are "mostly" unpacked, but I need to get pictures up, candles out, plants out, knick-knacks out, etc. I swear, if I believed in reincarnation I would think I lived in the Victorian era, because I'm NOT into clean surfaces. I have to have a plant. And candlesticks. And cool looking little boxes. And books. And cool knick-knacks. I am all about the Frou Frou. No Spartan Calvin Klein look for me. I like...cozy. Modern yet traditional. In other words, I went into Garden Ridge last night and about peed my pants. And wished I had about three more sets of eyes. I was in HEAVEN!!!

Anyhowrandomstreamofconsciousness, I am getting us settled in, while Hubby is in NYC all next week. When he comes home, I will have the house just like I want it. And I have some guys coming in to hang our flat screen TVs and hook up our big system upstairs in the Game room. So, we will be in business. :-) If you care to see, I will post before and after pics! ;-)

This weekend is all about going to the pool, and getting all 2049745 weeds out of my flower beds. GO ME!!! I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of July!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I (EXPLETIVE) Hate North Carolina.

Well, okay, maybe I just hate the anal sphincter rules they have at the DMV. I shall explain:

So, I wake up bright and early and drive to Monroe (35 minutes away!) to get my driver's license this morning. I had called a few days before, and they told me all I needed was my WI driver's license, my social security card, proof of residence, and proof of insurance. Oh, and I had to take a written test, which I already knew. "Anything else?" I asked. "No, as long as you have those, you will be fine."

So, I get there this morning, and wait in (*sigh, super long*) line, and meet Broomhilda. She's sitting at the main desk, and two out of the six people in line in front of me are informed, by her, that they don't have correct documentation, and they need to come back. She's even rolling her eyes at these people, as if they are idiots. Nice.

But not ME. I have a file folder with all the documentation they require. When it's my turn in line, I start to tell her I just moved here and she interrupts me and says "I need to see your license and social security card."

I hand them over. She looks at them and shakes her head. "Do you have a passport, or a copy of your marriage license?"


"Why do you need those?" I ask.

"Because here on your Wisconsin license your name is "Lara A. Blahblahblah." On your social security card, it only says "Lara Blahblahblah." We need something that tells us what that "A" stands for."

"You need a copy of my marriage license?"


"I just drove 35 minutes here. This is silly."

"Come back when you have it."

So, grumbling, I drive 35 minutes back home, and dig and dig and find a copy of my marriage license. The original, of course, is locked away in a safe deposit box at the bank. I drive the 35 minutes back, wait in line some more, watch her turn away other people, and when it's my turn, she takes the copy of my marriage license, sniffs and shakes her head.

"We need the ORIGINAL copy of the marriage license."

"Are you kidding me? (I'm aghast at this point.) "You said to bring a copy. THIS is a copy!"

"I said ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED copy, Ma'am."

"You merely said copy. You did not say certified or original!"

"Yes I did, ma'am, you weren't listening."

I asked to see a supervisor. She laughed at me and said she'd be glad to get one. Certainly this unreasonable woman was just trying to make my life difficult. She KNEW I had already driven two hours round trip--TWICE.

The supervisor was nice, but he wouldn't budge. He said I could have my social security card changed to match my Wisconsin license if that was faster. I was incredulous. I told him I had never, EVER had this much difficulty getting a simple driver's license. "Well, this is North Carolina," he told me.

I told him I didn't like North Carolina and stormed out. Immature, I know, but I had HAD it. And why the HELL can't the DMV for Union County be closer? I mean, REALLY???

All because of one middle initial. I hate my life. Maybe I'll just drive around with my Wisconsin license. LAME!!!!!

I found the right documentation, and went back. The lady told me I had the right stuff, but I'd probably not make it in since they were closing in an hour and a half. I took a number and went into the waiting room and there were at least 50 people waiting! Finally, at 4:20 (they closed at 4:30) they called my number. I took my test and passed! I was the VERY last one of the day. So, I have my NC driver's license!

I'm not a drinker, but if I were, I'd be at a bar right about now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is That a Light? Wait...Oh...Yes, I See It!!!!

Yes, dear readers, I see it. A light at the end of the Oh-My-Gosh-Will-This-Unpacking-Ever-End Tunnel!! Yay! I parked my Sequoia outside last night so there'd be room in the garage, told the kids they'd get a dollar for every box they broke down and carried to the garage, and a dollar for every bag they filled with packing paper. Well, at about 11pm last night, we collapsed into bed, and each kid was about $27 richer. Even Thing Four, who was running around in a shirt and a diaper (yes I'm a bad mom but he wanted to go pantsless) wanted to "help."

I ran around a LOT yesterday. Made phone calls, paid bills, set up appointments, got two wreaths for my double front doors (can I say I'm a little disappointed with the Hobby Lobby here? It was just okay.) And did about 932 loads of laundry. Stimulating, I know.

Today's agenda, do about 853 more loads of laundry, get the laundry room unpacked and organized, and try not to eat the whole house while doing it. I am so hungry lately, and I can't figure out why.

Today I also need to find a spectacular "something" for the casual dining room table, because I used what I used to put on it on the fireplace mantle. Just for fun. Its funny how in a new house everything shifts, because the style may be different, or you just figure out that different things go better in places. I noticed a Garden Ridge the other day while I was driving, I need to SO go. The last time I was at a Garden Ridge was 2001 when I lived in Texas. So, yeah, it's been a while!

Time for toast. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in Business!

WHEW. I am home! I have to say, it was a little crazy, this family reunion. Lots of drama, but for the most part we had fun. Our condo in Park City was nice, but the toilets kept stopping up even when people only did #1 in them. LAME.

We had family pictures taken by Lindsay Hart, and they turned out amazing. She was extremely poised and professional, even when my FIL became a bit of a turd when he realized (DUH) it wouldn't take an hour max to shoot 30 people and six individual families. Hello? Impatient much??? (He doesn't read this blog so I feel I can complain). We had perfect lighting, and the perfect scenery. Park City, UT really is gorgeous this time of year. The pictures turned out simply WOW.

So, I'm back, and it's back to unpacking. I hope to be completely finished in about two weeks. Then life can start getting a little normal again. Especially since I'm shoving about 200 boxes into storage. I mean, why would I unpack them since we're eventually moving out of this house?

Yikes, I need to hurry and get the garbage out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


You know the Tasmanian Devil? That little guy who is a whirlwind and he runs around growling and snarling and gnashing his teeth?

Yeah, that's me right now. Complete with Gnashing of Teeth. Safe to say, I'm on the last day I can pack for my vacation and it commences tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. I will be in a cabin in the mountains, so for the most part, I won't have cell reception. Because I have AT&T. And I don't even have cell reception in my HOUSE for Pete's sake, so it's a given I won't have it all the way up in the mountains. (Yeah, I figured that out all on my own, aren't you proud.)

So, the blog will resume on Monday July 26th. I hope. Unless I spontaneously combust/implode at some point from lack of Internet exposure. Help me...

Everyone have a happy week!!! I will miss you!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turtles and Tornadoes.

I guess I should clarify my comments yesterday about the Family Reunion. I don't loathe family reunions as a rule, it's just that this is my HUSBAND'S family, and there tends to be...what shall we call it...a little drama every time we get that many people together. I generally like my husband's family. Just not all at once. If that makes sense. ;-)

Yesterday was fun, my tornado-obsessed kids about went to the moon when we had thunderstorms and our county went under tornado warning. They were freaking out because we don't have a basement any more. We decided the coat closet under the stairs was probably the safest bet, and they wanted to hide in there but I told them they were being silly. North Carolina has probably seen it's fair share of tornado and thunderstorm warnings! Although I'm bummed there are supposed to be storms every day this week. I wanted to get the kids to the pool a few times so I could try and get a tan now that I've peeled. (Yucky, it was like shedding my skin!)

Well, as luck would have it, we didn't get hit by a tornado, but the kids went on the nature trail in our subdivision afterwards and came home with a turtle. They'd found him on the trail. It was more like a shell because he was probably terrified and hiding. They set him on the front lawn and tried to coax him out with lettuce and carrots, and he finally did after I called them all in to dinner (and made them WASH their hands up to their elbows!!!!) I went out to check on him and he was all the way out, and nibbling on the lettuce. After dinner I made them take him right back to where they found him. Not until after I asked them how they'd feel if someone kidnapped them from their house and put them in some strange place, did they understand. They wanted to keep him, but I shut that down real fast.

I have some good news! In two hours, we will no longer own our house in Wisconsin! Our buyers close on it today! Of course we had to wire over a million dollars to cover the negative equity yesterday (okay, not quite a million, but it felt like it!) and I almost threw up once the wire was complete, but at least we are done with the house and don't have to worry about anything concerning it any more. WHEW.

Okay I seriously need to get to Belk and get some family picture clothes! Or my name will be MUD. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

...the HECK???

So, I see a lady at the grocery store the other day, and she's dressed up, for church or work or something. I mean, she looks really put together. Power suit, accessorized impeccably, etc. Then, I see her feet. I am boggled. I am befuddled.

She's wearing black pumps. With white ankle socks.

Not the athletic kind, mind you, but the dressy, pretty, thin white anklet socks.

Is this a new trend? Is she bi-polar? Seriously, is this what people are starting to wear, now?

Still haven't figured it out. The only reason I worry is because I saw a girl at church yesterday with the same thing. Dress, black pumps, white ankle socks. I mean, are we revisiting the 80's, or WHAT???

Huh????? Someone please explain this for me.

Didn't go for driver's licenses on Friday. Hubby couldn't get out of work. So, we're going on Wednesday, early. Just in case any of you wondered. ;-)

Also, we are leaving Friday for our family reunion. Ten days in the woods. Woo Hoo. Bug spray. Check. Jeans and sweatshirts, check. Tons of money dumped on Family Picture Clothes we will wear maybe twice, check. Nasty attitude about certain family members, check. But isn't that what family is all about? We get together so all the women can compare weight loss, gripe about their lives, while the hubbies go golfing or whatever and by the third day none of us want to spend any time together. Yep. Family. Gotta love 'em.


I'm crabby this morning so I'll gracefully exit, now...

Friday, July 09, 2010

It's Friday! Wait, FRIDAY??? AAACCKKKK!!!

The sunburn is better. WHEW. Of course I am a complete zombie because I stayed up until 2am organizing/burning photos for our family reunion DVD. I have to drop them off at the photographer's today.

Hubby wants to go to the pool again this weekend, I'm a little nervous about that. SPF 9483747, anyone? And I have to get coordinating/matching shirts for our family's pictures, AND buy some new clothes, AND pack, AND plan a meal for 30 people. Mexican food is already taken, as is the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs. Eeek!

I did get most of one room unpacked yesterday. Today should be zero progress day because I am letting my kids have friends over and go to the pool. Yes, I am going to drop them off and go back home. I need some time to get stuff done. Does that make me bad?

I am going to take the NC driver's license test today. I mean, SERIOUSLY??? I have been driving forever and I have to take a written test to drive here? Sorry, have to complain about that one. And I've heard the questions are tricky. Which means I'm probably going to flunk the first time. LAME!!!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Cross your fingers I don't embarrass myself too much at the DMV!!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunburn Part III: The Itch

I am in agony. Seriously, if this itching doesn't stop, I'm going to scream. Because I can't really scratch it. It makes it worse.

Yeah. The Sunburn is healing, can you tell? And of course it doesn't just ITCH. It is stabbing, almost painful itches. Why? Why couldn't I have just REAPPLIED THE DARN SUNBLOCK????

Yesterday was a wasted day. I am coordinating (because Hubby passed it off to me, grrrrrr) the Family Reunion DVD, and everyone emailed me their pictures yesterday. One by one. So, fifteen pictures times six families, plus random shots, plus I have to figure out the music, and the software for my scanner had to get reinstalled and OF COURSE it wasn't compatible with Windows 7, so I had to find and download a driver, and that took forever, and then after all that I found out that they only wanted pics from 2005 to the present, so 80% of my pictures weren't recent enough.

**Insert Guttural Scream here***

Okay, I have to cut this post short. Because I have to go lie down and try not to scream from all the itching. Pray for me. If I don't jump off the roof it will be a freaking MIRACLE!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Hydra.

Since I am a VERY amateur Greek Mythology enthusiast, I actually know what a Hydra is. Well, for those of you who aren't up on your Greek Monsters, the Hydra is a three-headed monster. (Or is it seven?) Nice, I know, but if you decide to chop off one of it's heads--TWO MORE grow back. Three heads become six. Six become twelve, etc. etc. So, basically, decapitation as a means of killing the Hydra is OUT.

Anyway, that's how I feel the unpacking is going. Like I'm chopping off Hydra heads right and left. Either that or my boxes are having babies. Because the more I unpack, the more there are. Maybe I should just shove all the boxes in the 150-degree attic and see if they survive. At least I'll be done unpacking.


Day Two of Horrid Sunburn was agonizing. Last night I couldn't sleep, because if I moved in my sleep, the pain would wake me up. I've been walking in the mornings with New Good Friend, and putting on a sports bra this morning was AGONY. I am such a dumb***. Seriously.

I've put a plan in place for me to start working on my writing again. I'm giving myself TWO weeks. Period. To have all the unpacking and frou-frouing (you're absolutely right, Devon, it takes time to make a room your own!) done, and then I will begin my querying/editing/writing again. I've missed it so much, it's like an appendage is absent or something.

It's a gorgeous day today, but it's supposed to be 100 degrees. And if I wasn't such a dumb*** and had actually RE-APPLIED sunscreen, we could go to the pool, because we wouldn't be sitting at home all sunburned and wishing we could go to the pool.

Oh well. Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hee Haw!

Okay, I couldn't think of a blog title, so I improvised. Yeah, stop rolling your eyes. I hope everyone had a happy Fourth!

I've got the first floor unpacked, and am moving onto the second floor this week. Today and tomorrow will be the master, and hopefully the gameroom will get done this week too. Then next week it will be the kids rooms (they've unpacked, I just need to help them organize) and we will be DONE. And then I can get some NORMAL back.

We saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, and I bawled like a baby at the end. DO NOT see this movie if you are in any sort of fragile state emotionally. It is wonderful, but sad sad sad.

Then we spent three hours at the pool, and like idiots, didn't reapply sunscreen halfway through. We are all burned beyond belief. DUH. I can't believe I didn't take ten minutes to put more sunscreen on. Hubby and me and the kids are all crispy critters today, except Thing Four, whom I sprayed liberally with SPF 50, twice. He has such fair skin I freak out over it. He's fine. The rest of us are all walking around wincing and wishing we could be naked. ;-) Clothes hurt.

Fireworks were awesome, barbecue was awesome, it was just a good family weekend and lots of fun. Now it's back to reality of course and I have 385635274 things to do again.

Such is life, right? We're busy busy busy busy and then we're not. Because we're dead. Sorry to be so morbid about it, but that's the way it goes.

Happy Tuesday Toast Day!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Screaming At the Calendar...

I can't believe it's July already. I mean, SERIOUSLY??? 2010 is shaping up to be another Year That Got Away.

Problem is, I haven't figured out how to slow it down. It's like that song--how does it go? Life's like an hourglass glued to the table...yeah, but the sands seem to be speeding out of control!

Oh well. At least I can make these next six months of 2010 jam-packed if I want to. Moving usually puts everything on hold. I will say the unpacking has kept me busy. I fall into bed every night exhausted. Today it's my office. It is mostly unpacked, but not put together. It's on the first floor right off the front doors. I am very excited to frou frou it up and get everything set just the way I want it. After that I have to tackle the upstairs, and whoever said "one room a day" (ahem, my husband, ahem) should be shot. It doesn't take just one day to do a room. Not for me. I have to take my time and make it liveable, and homey. Maybe it's the domestic Taurus in me, but I just have to have my surroundings the way I want them. ;-) And it takes time.

I had weird dreams last night. One of them involved a talking cat. It was my friend Devon's cat, and I was cat-sitting. Only it was talking to me.

No more Alice In Wonderland for me.