Monday, April 23, 2007

How I Feel Today...

OY, I feel ginormous. One more week and this baby comes OUT! (Or, at least he better!) We did a lot this weekend--lots of running around, but I was too tired to go on the "Family Sunday Walk."

I have to sleep sitting up now, it's just too uncomfortable unless I hit the "just right" spot on the bed where its indented in the shape of me. And since that spot seems elusive 89% of the time, I have taken to sleeping in the overstuffed chair across the room. Or rather, I get REALLY mad around 2am, and end up in the chair.

Okay, last night was funny. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and VERY windy. So, we had a small problem. We have crank-out windows, and the wind was threatening to blow them off the hinges more than once, so we had to crank them all closed. But then the house got stuffy. I decided to hit the air, and got a "lecture" from Hubby about how it wasn't hot enough outside to be turning it on yet, and we could get a good breeze going to cool the house down, if we opened the windows back up.

I then pointed outside where we saw the neighbors chasing their very expensive wicker patio furniture all over the place and collecting it from various places in the yard where it had blown over. I calmly explained to him that normally I would agree, but the winds were so strong we were going to have broken windows if we opened them. I also explained to him that since he had been hanging out in his Basement Haven all afternoon, where it was quite cool, he didn't realize how hot and stuffy the rest of the house was. Ergo, the air conditioning needed to be turned on.

He said we should try and "hang in there" until it cooled down at night. I said "sure, fine, whatever." Then I went and turned the air on anyway. :-)

I couldn't help but grinning in triumph when he crawled out of bed, hot and disgusted, in the wee hours of the morning and turned the Air down even LOWER. I knew he'd get hot eventually--I knew he'd cave. Men are so predictable! Ha!

Today is a busy day. Grocery shopping, cleaners, bank, post office, Brownies, Parent/teacher meeting after school, and then a hurried dinner and Soccer practice. Maybe if I keep myself REALLY busy the baby will come sooner rather than later?

One can only hope...


Michelle Miles said...

I think that just by walking and staying active that baby will make an appearance sooner rather than later. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd tell you to jump up and down, but you'd probably just pee your pants. Hang in there!