Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"You Are SO Grounded."

When I first became a parent, I SWORE up and down there were things I would not do. I wasn't going to spank my children, or ground them. I was not going to raise my voice, either. I was going to be one of those moms, who, when I WHISPERED, they would know I meant business and act accordingly. I would NEVER let them play video games, either, or fall asleep in the clothes they wore all day. Or eat junk food. The list goes on and on.

And one by one, all those things I said I'd never do, I have found myself doing--sometimes with a vehemence that surprises me. I yell. I swat butts. I ground. I stick soap on tongues. I re-heat processed food for dinner. I stand over them to make sure the project gets done correctly. They are addicted to the wii and their DSs. I've let the baby watch tv in the morning while I blog. We've had (gasp) a handful of doritos and a granola bar for lunch, washed down with kool-aid.

I am a horrible mother! A total "failure" according to my pre-kid resolutions. And yes, I ground them. Or I threaten it. In fact, it is my favorite saying these days. You are so grounded.

And I kind of relish the fact that I have absolute power, as far as the grounding is concerned. They are grounded from video games. Grounded from playing outside. Grounded from the cell phone. Grounded to their rooms. WHATEVER I decide. I am all-powerful, and I wield it like a mighty sword over their heads...if they're reeaaallllly bad.

It's pretty cool, being a mom sometimes. I have the POWER.

Thing Two, whose grades are not the best (he's one of those "brilliant" kids who is LAZIER THAN SNOT) has had video games, TV, computer, action figures, cell phone, and bike riding taken away. At this point, he's had everything taken away for the next two weeks until his grades improve. Because taking away ONE thing doesn't seem to make a difference.

Here's where I get nervous. What ELSE do I take away? Food? Um, no. I think we will go with the earlier bedtime as a last resort, because he HATES bedtime. And he hates it when I hawk over him, re-directing him when he gets off task. Well, he's going to have to get used to it. He will NOT have a "D" in his easiest subject, just becasue he doesn't want to turn his work in!!!

One day, the Absolute Power will be gone. My kids will roll their eyes at me and rebel. Mutiny. So, I need to tread lightly. Because I don't want them to realize that I am just a mom flailing her arms hopelessly, praying something works.

But for now, they are SO grounded!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cookie Hell

Yeah, that was me, last night. I made 20 dozen cookies. TWENTY DOZEN. Snicker doodles, and chocolate chip.

Hubby helped. But it was still a chore. Lucky for me, I can convect bake in my oven, so I had three sheets of 15 cookies baking at once. Tricky, but it made the time go a lot faster.

All in the name of fundraising! Oh well, it's for a good cause.

My daughter has a long shelf on the wall above her bed, with two pictures above it. The shelf decided to "fall off" the wall last night (more like THIS MORNING at 2am) and clip her head. Poor thing. Scared her to death, scared ME to death (I don't think I've jumped out of bed that quickly since my nephew fell out of the crib upstairs with the loudest thunk ever) and thankfully she was OK. And yes, the nephew was fine, but I made it to him before his mom, who was sleeping in the same room, did. I am FAST. ;-)

So, I've been up since the Kamikaze Shelf Incident. I couldn't go back to sleep, because I was sick to my stomach. And I was thinking about my research. (Visit my blog at The Potted Pen if you're interested why!)
That's what I get for testing the cookie dough. (I'm pleading the fifth on the amount of "testing" involved.) Let's just say I became the object of my own scorn, because I am always telling my kids not to eat very much dough, because of the raw eggs.

Blech. 'Nuff said.

I think I need to park Thing Four in front of a Disney movie and lie on the sofa with him while he watches. (Oh, who said that!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Brain Has Turned To Dust.

Well, Fall is officially here. It was in the low 50's this morning, and the kids finally wore jeans to school. And I drove them. Because Thing One is still battling a cold and it was raining. AND she starts baskbetball practice tonight. I'm just glad she opted out of soccer. Otherwise, she'd be a burned-out mess. Only one sport during school, that's the rule. So, she chose basketball. And I'm fine with that.

Because the games are INSIDE!!! Heh heh.

This weekend we helped the kids study for their Social Studies and Spanish quizzes. Thank heaven Hubby lived in Argentina for two years so he can speak the language. He was laughing when I was trying to pronounce the words for my daughter with the flashcards. So, I tossed them at him and said it was HIS turn. :-) I took French in high school, thank you very much.

Reviewing all these things with my kids has made me realize: I have forgotten EVERYTHING. Seriously. I would never think of these things again, if it wasn't for them. Like, when would I need to know what an Archipelago is? Or the chemical components of bleach?

SCARY. It's like my brain has gone to dust, dormant and forgetful. Like it's all locked away in there ("it" being all the stuff I learned in school and college) and I don't have the key anymore.

THIS is why I plan to take classes and enrich my life, once all my kids leave home. But that's not for a long time. So, I need to use my brain in other ways. Right now, all I need to do is remember my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe because Hubby has volunteered me to bake 4 dozen of them for his work.

But I'll probably cheat and use my recipe book. ;-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Schmappy.

Someone once told me that the best way to be happy, is to ACT happy. Even if you feel like stabbing your own eyes out. Even if your life sucks. If you put on a smile, and act happy, it will make the sads go away, and eventually, you will be happy.

Yeah, all I get when I do that is the urge to laugh that normal?

So, my daughter has a blog. No, I will not be providing a link to it. She's twelve, and she's been bugging me to get one since about the age of ten. I decided to let her finally have it, and she's having fun with it, but I have a few conditions.

1) She uses a fake name
2) She uses fake names for everyone she talks about
3) She never discloses her age
4) She lets me read it
5) She doesn't tell ANYONE about it, other than close family

So far, it's worked. She loves it, and she has fun making up ridiculous names for girls she doesn't like, and boys she does like, and all that stuff that seems important to a twelve-year old. And she's off my back.

Does it make me a bad parent? I was hesitant at first, but I think my rules (as long as they are obeyed, and she's a good girl) have made it do-able. Her friends at school have blogs and websites and Facebook, and some of them make videos of themselves and post them on YouTube. (The horror!) I told her if any of her friends ever put video of HER on YouTube, you can bet I will be on the phone and I will be doing the She-bear thing. She's smart, she stays away from that kind of stuff.

But it scares me, how some parents trust their kids, or blatantly have no idea what they are doing on their computers in their rooms. I won't let any of my kids have a personal computer in their room. The "kids" computer is in a central location in the family room downstairs, with the screen facing out so everyone can see what's going on.

I've heard too many horror stories from Thing One about what her friends do on their computers. It scares me. I know I've said this before, but when *I* was twelve, I was still climbing trees and riding my bike and not caring that I wore the same pair of shoes every day. My life was relatively untouched by technology (except the TV) and it was SO much calmer and simpler. I have a twelve-year old who is addicted to her cell phone, computer, ipod, you name it.

And I'm ranting. I'd better step down and try to enjoy the day! Pasting a grin on my face, now!

Have a good weekend, all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another One of Those Days...

Fate is going against me, yet again, today. I have an Institute class once a week, every Thursday. It's the one thing I look forward to, frankly, every week.

Well, today, Thing Four wouldn't stay in the nursery. He cried and held on to my leg, and wouldn't let me go. AND the phone rang, and it was the school nurse. Thing One was in the health room with a headache and dizziness.

Bye-bye class. I had to leave, and pick up Thing One, and take her home.

Not a good start to the day. She's in bed, Thing Four is in bed, and I'm sulking. :-(

I have a choice. I can organize a closet, or work my way through my desk jar of Tootsie Rolls.

Which one will win??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Strange Tale...

I have a crazy story to tell. And it happened to ME!!!

So, we were at Thing Three's soccer game Saturday morning. It was chilly, so I wore jeans with my flip-flops. (I love flip flops--I'd wear them year round if I didn't live in the Frostbite State!)
We watched the game, and drove home. While we were driving, I was telling Hubby about these weird fuzzy caterpillar-like growths we have on the leaves of our oak trees. We got out of the car after parking it in the garage and walked over to the tree, and while we were looking, something started to stick me in the leg. I thought I'd gotten a sticker from a bush or something, but the sticker suddenly became more insistent, and suddenly, it HURT. I grabbed a fistful of jean fabric to pull it away, but it got worse. I ran in the house, suddenly in mortal agony and stripped off my jeans, to find that a YELLOW JACKET had somehow crawled all the way up my pant leg, and he was biting and stinging the crap out of my inner thigh! He was dying, and Hubby squished him and flushed him, and I had three lovely bites/stings on my leg. What gets me, is A) he crawled alllll the way up there without me feeling it and B) he didn't sting me before then. It's not like my jeans were super loose or anything.

The first hour was tough, but eventually the pain subsided. Now I have massive ITCHIES. Those yellow jackets are nasty! They were buzzing around us during the soccer game, that's probably where my adventurous little beastie decided to explore. Niiiice.

Yesterday was lame, but today is fine. No worries. Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today's a (insert expletive here) day. I don't feel like blogging. Sorry.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Am NOT a Pushover...not really...

Hop on over to my good friend Devon Ellington's blog Ink In My Coffee where I'm guest blogging today about YA Fiction!

Okay, so, I’m in trouble. Why? I showed my two year old his Halloween costume. His Buzz Lightyear costume.

Yes. I bought it early. But I’m smart in the sense that all the Buzz Lightyear costumes in toddler sizes will be sold out soon.

But, like a fool, I SHOWED it to him. He clapped his little pudgy hands and shrieked for joy and jumped up and down and begged to put it on. BEGGED. I can’t resist the charms of a two-year old. Especially if he’s cute. Which mine is. Because I’m biased.

Anyway, we put the costume on. He ran around in it. Pretended to shoot lasers. Shouted “To Infinity and Beyond!” and pretended to fly. A few hours later, it was time for the costume to come off.

Thing Four: “No.”

Me: “C’mon, sweetie. You need to take it off so we can get you in the bathtub and get your jammies on.”

Thing Four: “No.”

Me: (Huffing out all my breath). “Come on, sweetie. We need to take the costume off now. You’ve had lots of fun it it, but we need to save it for Trick-or-treating.”

Thing Four: “NO! I wanna be Buzz Lightyear!”

And he was off, running with his little pudgy Buzz Lightyear legs. He actually gave me quite a chase, until I cornered him in the formal dining room. At this point, his free agency had been revoked by me, and I held him down and carefully stripped the Buzz Lightyear costume off of him, while he kicked and screamed and threw the tantrum of all tantrums (it was like battling an octopus) which is something he never does.

He's better than I thought. He sulked. He pouted. He begged. He managed to fit the words "Buzz Lightyear costume" into nearly every sentence he said to me.

For instance: (at dinner) "Mommy, can I have more mashed potatoes and wear my Buzz Lightyear costume?"

I wasn't going to give in. There was no way I was going to cave. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Guess who is happily running around the living room RIGHT AS I TYPE THIS, wearing a certain Buzz Lightyear costume?


Friday, September 18, 2009

Exploding DVRs...

A belated shout-out to my sis, who turned 29 yesterday. Happy Birthday! The funny thing about turning 29, is people are skeptical when they ask how old you are (a rude thing to do in my opinion) and you tell them "I'm twenty-nine." They're like: "Yeah, sure."

I went to Michael's for the first time in AGES Wednesday (it's nowhere close to my house) and I was shocked at the aisles of jewelry stuff! When did they put those in there? I mean, you could make ANYTHING you want, even knock-offs of crown jewels, with all the stuff they have crammed into those aisles. I was positively salivating! But I was good, I just bought the little clasp I needed, and okay, I splurged on a ribbon organizer but I had a 40% coupon, and it was justified.

I got out of there, FAST. Craft stores are evil. Evil as in I could stay in them for DAYS, and come out a few hundred dollars poorer. Especially Hobby Lobby. Don't get me started on Hobby Lobby. Too bad they don't have Garden Ridge in Wisconsin. Or I'd have a coronary. It's like Christmas, every time I go in there.

I have craft stuff coming out of my ears. Ribbon, scrapbooking stuff, foam stickers in about every shape (all neatly organized into small labeled tubs) paper, art stuff, yarn, ink, clay, paint, wood stuff, a shelf of craft paint, and about 947364 craft kits from Oriental Trading, that I've bought over the years. And my kids are getting too old for "crafts." So, I need to either A) have more kids or B) donate the craft stuff to schools.

I think the latter option is better. :-D

It's friday! I watched GLEE last night on the DVR, and was much happier with the episode. It was funny and not too overtly sexual, like the last one. Josh Groban was a hoot. And who knew he could act? Most of the time a famous guest-star is pretty bad at the acting thing. Not the Josh. His ire with Sandy over his "stalking" was pretty convincing! Go Josh!

I can't wait to watch my other shows. Like Bones. And Fringe. And CSI. And CSI Miami. And CSI New York. And Criminal Minds. And NCIS. And NCIS Los Angeles. And Burn Notice. And White Collar. And Lie To Me. And The Mentalist. And....

My DVR is going to explode.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Late blogging today--I had an Institute class this morning, and it was amazing. I'm lucky--the church building has a nursery I can put Thing Four in for the hour and a half class. But he's so tired afterwards (his naptime is at 11, when it ends) we have to go right home. Some of my girlfriends headed out to lunch, but I had Sleepy Baby, and alas, could not participate. :-(
Oh well. A friend of mine just got another rejection today on her ms out on submission, and I am realizing that all these rejections make us stronger people. Sure, they suck, and half the time I wonder if the agent even LOOKED at the sample I provided, but they are a part of the business and to be expected. Rejections are a dime a dozen. Its that one shiny happy "I like this" answer, that we all hope for.

It's happened before, it WILL happen again! And I have concluded that Writers are masochists. Pure and simple. ;-)

It was cooooollllldddd last night! Hubby threw all the windows open, but during the night it cooled wayy down, and I was freezing this morning. (It doesn't help that Hubby stole all the covers at one point during the night!) I think tonight we'll just crack the windows, or I'll have to go to sleep in a down coat. Fall is in the air! The sea of green trees is starting to become a Monet canvas of color. All the stores are stocked with Halloween stuff. I've even bought my boys' costumes. Guess who they're going to be for Halloween?

Yep. Who you gonna call? And I think it's ingenious that the Proton Packs are blowup. My boys are salivating over them. And apparently they're making a Ghostbusters 3. Good times!! You can order the costumes here. is very courteous and fast. I've only had good experiences with them. Sure beats the heck out of MAKING a costume, which I attempted last year. (Click to see.) What am I talking about? It turned out fabulous! But it took way too much time.
ANYWAY, it's Thursday already, and I have stuff to do while the baby dozes. Gotta send out a query, too!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Snot Brigade...

One by one...they go down...

Thing Four got the sniffles a few days ago. If you're like me, and you can't STAND kids with boogers, it's a pain. You know those kids. They walk around with snot leaking into their mouths, green boogers in both nostrils and crusties everywhere...makes you want to turn away and not even look.


So, I make sure my kids have relatively clean noses when we go out in public. You know the old adage:

Q: What do you find in a clean nose?

A: Fingerprints!!

Yeah, yeah, but I tell them to use tissues. From a young age. My kids are champion nose blowers by the age of two. So, thing Four, who is two, likes to tell me "Momma, I need a tissue. I need a tissue Momma. Momma, I NEED A TISSUE!!!" Usually when we're in some public place.

ANYWAY, he's feeling better now, and the nose-blowing has slowed, but my two other boys have the sniffles. Here we go. Heaven help us if we do get the flu--we'll pass it around like a game of Hot Potato.

The kids have been given their flu shots, but I'm still on the fence about the Swine Flu Vaccine. My kids came home and said they heard it's "bad for your brain." I'm not sure what that means, but I trust my pediatrician, and I want to get HER thoughts on the vaccine. I've heard there is some controversy.

The weather's changing, it's cold at night and in the morning, boiling hot by midday. Wreaks havoc on the little kids' immune systems. And my old injuries! My ankle has been killing me, lately. Then again, I could just be getting OLD.


It's Wednesday! No Cubs! No Girls Activities! No Soccer! No meetings! What am I going to do with myself???

Dry cleaners, bathrooms, the basement kitchen, matching up a huge hamper full of socks...weeds in the yard...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm a Shotgunner.

And I need to STOP IT already! What is a shotgunner? Me. I do a little here, do a little there, do a little over there, and never quite finish any of it.

Hubby grew up in the "stick with one thing and finish it before you move on, or else" family. So, clearly, we're vastly different. Plus, I have adult ADD, and Hubby doesn't. So, when Hubby comes home, and I have the laundry partially finished, and the bathrooms partially clean (you get the drift) he's tempted to ask me what I did all day.

But he knows better. ;-)

And don't roll your eyes like that. It's extremely hard for me to stick with one thing. I need to take a class or something, and just MAKE MYSELF. But I get distracted. I have appointments. Errands. A highly demanding (and currently sick and whiny) two-year old. Once the kids are home, it's all about getting them to finish their homework, and getting them to soccer and other activities.

WE NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY, PEOPLE!! What is up with that???

Yeah, I'm a complainer this morning. I need to shut up.

In happier news, I have been having a lot of fun with my writing research. I know, that's something for the writing blog, but you can hop on over and see what it's about. For now, I need to go upstairs and tidy the kitchen. After all, it's only "partially" clean from earler...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shaving the Bugs...

Thing Four (who is two) was cuddling with his dad this weekend, and he was holding his face in his chubby little hands and suddenly he remarks: "Dad, you've got bugs on your face."

We cracked up. It was really Hubby's stubble, and Thing Four thought all the little coarse hairs were "bugs." We tried to explain that they weren't "bugs" but "hairs," and Thing Four was having none of it. They were BUGS, and that was that.

Cut to this morning, and I've got Thing Four on the bed with me, and Hubby was standing by his sink in the bathroom shaving, and Thing Four was watching him, very closely. Then he slid off the bed, walked over, watched Hubby for a moment more, and asked, very seriously: "Whatchoo doin' Daddy?"

"I'm shaving."

"You shaving the bugs off?"

"Yep. I'm shaving the bugs."

"Oh. Okay."

We laughed and laughed. Little kids say the funniest things.

Had a good weekend. The first soccer game of the season was Saturday, it was gorgeous and warm, and our team won! (I stopped counting after they'd made about ten goals to the other team's three). Then it was home for pizza leftovers (yum!) and then *GASP* yard work time. Hubby decided it would be FABULOUS to mow our lawn down to a three (we argued and argued, don't worry, I told him our lawn would look like a newly-buzzed head where the skin shows through) but he was determined. So, I told him he could do it by himself. And he did. And the bagging unit got clogged every other row. It was hours before it was finished. But we got the bushes trimmed down, the weeds pulled, and now I have 22 stinking, festering bags of grass sitting in the garage I have to lug to the mulch dump, in my nice clean car. UGH. And yes, the lawn is too short. Hubby conceded. At least I won't have to mow it this week.

Sunday was crazy at first, because we have 9am church 35 miles away and we usually run around like crazed chickens getting ready, and stumble in as they are singing the opening hymn. (Don't judge, I know people who live across the street who can't make it on time!). Then after church we watched U.S. Open and lazed around. Took a family walk. Lazed around some more. Gotta enjoy the last of the good weather!

Now I have everything in the world to do. Clean the house, run errands, all the crazy things.

I'd just like to take a nap, please.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memory...

I can't believe it's been eight years. I still remember, sitting in horror in front of my television, watching the towers fall, as if it were yesterday. I will never forget.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost on that awful day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soccer Weather Woes. (As in IT'S FREEZING OUT HERE!!!)

First, can I say Hallelujah, we just got our game schedules, and we don't have any 8am soccer games this fall! Granted, most of them are at NINE am, but a major difference does an hour make here in Wisconsin--the difference between Death By Frostbite, and Moderate Discomfort. Seriously.
I'm a smart soccer mom. I make sure I park within sight of the playing field, so, if I get out of the car and it's ridiculously cold (and no amount of hot chocolate of blankets will help) I just...gasp...stay in the car and watch.
Does this make me a bad soccer mom? Just because I don't participate in the rite of passage known as Freezing Your A** Off During Soccer Games??? My words to the shocked people:

Get. Over. It.

In my defense, if I have my two-year old with me, most people should understand. And yes, I like being comfortable. Unlike my child, who has the energy of a ferret on a double espresso, and BY THE WAY is running around a large field-- so he's perfectly warm. It shouldn't really be an issue.

As long as my kid doesn't care, you can sure bet I don't worry about it. Well, maybe just a little. There's always that SHE SOCCER MOM who is out there rain or shine, frostbite or no, with her perfect hair and barrage of homemade blankets and her Uggs, and a Venti latte from Starbucks, and she NEVER shows discomfort. EVER.

Someday, when her nose falls off from all those mornings of being frozen, at least I'll have mine!

So there!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And The Winner Is...

...Me. I win the impatience award. I know there are people out there like me--people who tear their hair out when the speed limit is 50 and the car ahead of them is going 42--or people who put their hands up in exaggerated exasperation when the car ahead of them in the drive thru takes twelve minutes to order...

Yeah, that's me. My kids can't tie their shoes fast enough. They take wayyyy too long to get dressed. (In my defense, I know they secretly play with their toys while "pretending" to search for clothes to wear). When I buy stuff online, I pay extra for fast shipping. When I get a bad haircut, I want it to grow out FASTER. Don't even get me started on writing submissions.


I want it now. I want it yesterday.

I need to calm the heck down. What made me like this? Who knows. Maybe because I am married to a similarly-impatient person. Together, we're a nightmare.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm a Mess.

I am extremely organized. I have a schedule I stick religiously to, and I make sure I have ample time to write, pay attention to the kids and Hubby, clean the house, and do all the other stuff I need to do. I am an excellent manager of time, and I never forget or "space" anything. Ever.


Yeah, I wish that was me. Lately, I am finding that it's easy to be organized...for a week. Then chaos resumes its natural place in my life, and all is lost and I'm back to square one.

I can do ANYTHING for a week. Daily workouts. Eating healthy. Writing 2K a day. But as soon as Week Two hits, I lose all my steam, and deflate like a sad soufleé. Why is this? Why can't I stick with what I need to do?

Why are daisies white and yellow? Why is the sky blue?

I guess I'm just a mess. As long as I'm TRYING, that has to count for something.

Excuse me, I'm off to go be a mess at the grocery store.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Suvival of the Kiddos.

The kids survived the First Week of School!

Well, we had a tense Wednesday where I thought it was picture day (in my defense all the Open House literature named Sept. 2 as the date) but apparently the school changed it to the 18th last minute and didn't bother to tell anyone, only posted signs in the school and on the marquee. Well, if your kids bus, and you don't actually GO to the school, and you aren't on the school website every day, how are you supposed to know?

Yeah, I received a text from Thing One, mortified because she was wearing mascara and blush on a Phy Ed day, but I told her to suck it up.

They jumped right in, too. Thing One had two hours of homework last night. Thing Two had about 45 minutes, and Thing Three, about 20. I remember the first week of school was pretty much play time, but not now. They dive in and get going.

I spaced soccer practice last night. SPACED it!! Completely! I didn't even have that "nagging feeling" I always get, when something is happening, and I should be at it.

What's scary is, I just remembered, 30 seconds ago. I am getting OLD. Luckily I have a Franklin and I write everything down (I don't have time to put in on a device) or I'd have a BIG problem.

Oh, and on a sad note, Regina only has four baby turkeys now. It looks like that &8^$#!! hawk got lucky...we're traumatized. :-(

Hubby is flying to Texas this weekend, for the BYU game. He's meeting up with his brothers. The kids and I are going to make things fun. Pizza and a movie tonight, and tomorrow we're driving all the way to Costco and stocking up (that's fun for ME) and then they get playdates afterwards.

Happy Holiday weekend, all!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Life Lessons

We have wild turkeys that roost in the wooded lot next to ours, and they're always foraging around our yard as of late--and there is one female and her five little poults, who probably hatched about a month ago. Late in the season. She's always in our yard, our sideyard, all over the neighborhood, with her five little poults toddling behind her.

We've named her "Regina" (because she's very "queenly") and every time we see her (which would be several times a day) we count the poults. So far, she still has five.

This morning was scary. They were all right in the middle of our back yard, with no cover, and a hawk flew down and attempted to snatch one of the babies. Regina flapped and squawked and flew up in the air as he was diving, and he changed direction, flying away. My kids, who were eating breakfast at the table by the back windows, saw the whole thing. We were all distraught and concerned. The hawk swooped a second time, and Regina wasn't having it. She scared him away again.

But he wasn't giving up. She must have sensed it, because she gathered her babies under her wings, and sat down. They had a standoff. The hawk perched on the neighbor's roof, and Regina sat, her poults safely under her wings. She probably sat there for a good ten minutes.

The hawk finally gave up and flew away. My kids, during this excruciatingly long ten minutes, were asking TONS of questions. And they were worried she'd fall asleep. I said to them "If I had something waiting to eat YOU guys, you can bet I wouldn't fall asleep." That made sense to them. We've voted Regina as Mother of the Year. Next to me, of course. ;-)

I think we'll all breathe a sigh of relief when those babies get too big to be carried off by birds of prey. We're emotionally invested, now, and would be devastated if any of the poults died.

MAJOR drama, if you ask me.

Kids are off to school, and Thing Four has had breakfast. We're going grocery shopping early, we seem to have run out of everything at once. Isn't that how it usually works?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sandwiches, Sandwiches...

I have a feeling I am going to be "over this" soon:

My kids have differing tastes in their lunch time sandwiches. We have a deal--they pack their lunches (juice, applesauce, etc) and I will make the sandwich. This morning, I had a buffet of sandwich spread stuff layed out, because...

Thing One likes Tuna salad with pickles on whole wheat.

Thing Two likes PB & J. (I make him have it on wheat.)

Thing Three must have deli Turkey with mayo and mustard and lettuce on wheat.

Hubby wants anything BUT PB & J.

Just call me the Sandwich Queen. I'm sure in about a week I'll be slapping peanut butter on two slices of bread and calling it good. This "made to order" stuff isn't going to last long.

For now, I'm being a "nice mom" and making the sandwiches they like.

First day of school was good--the kids came home excited (Thing One was exhausted, she has ten periods and only two minutes between each one to run to her locker and switch out books--she was complaining she didn't even have time to pee) and loving school.

Oh, and they mentioned that they were in "Lockdown Mode" the whole day and unable to go out to recess, because the local police had tracked a burglar to the subdivision behind the school (a very SAFE, very QUIET subdivision, so this was surprising) and had everything blocked off until they caught him. Oh, and don't worry, I think I've received about 947346 flyers about the Swine Flu, and how bad influenza season will be. In fact, they've installed a hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom by the door, kids are to sanitize their hands upon entering AND exiting. Very interesting, but necessary.

I have the same thing in my house. I have a mongo bottle of hand sanitizer by the door, as soon as they troop inside from the bus, they are to dump their backpacks in their cubbies in the mud room, and sanitize their hands all the way up to their elbows, before even entering the main part of the house.

We should all just have plastic bubbles. Sheesh. And I've already scheduled their flu shots--apparently there are two this year. Scary how bad the epidemic is. My kids are showering every night (they used to every other night) and I'm changing their bedsheets weekly. Until this pandemic blows over. Can't be too careful. Well, you can, but I'm using common sense this time around.

It's Wednesday already???? Weird.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Back To School!

They're on the bus! I won't see them for eight hours!



Mixed emotions, today. They had a fun day yesterday. We went for a family walk, they played with the neighbor kids, ran around and played, rode bikes, basically fit everything they could into the last "official" day of Summer.

Collapsed into bed. But not me. I decided to watch my long-awaited episodes of Gossip Girl. I won't bore you with the time I finally got into bed. It was irresponsible of me, and I'll leave it at that.

My days are about to get quieter. Sure, after school there will be a LOT of running around, but with just the two-year old at home, it will be...quiet. He's not a loud kid, and he still naps. So, I'll have time to get things accomplished I couldn't before. Today's first item of business--declutter the office! I'm going to edit while the baby is sleeping!

Sure, I'm sad they're in school, now. But part of me is throwing a "little" party.

Just a teeny one...