Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Break, Schming Schrake

General Note to the Public: DO NOT buy the new Fruity Cheerios. They're absolutely gross.

Okay, this should get interesting. Hubby and I had wanted to actually take the kids somewhere for Spring Break next week, like a cruise or to Hawaii, someplace fun and warm. But NO, I knew I would be EXTREMELY pregnant, so we opted to do nothing. Which was good foresight because I truly can't go anywhere or do anything, because of the modified Bed Rest.
But this is what makes me nervous. Starting tomorrow, and for the next nine days, my kids won't be in school, and it will be too cold to play outside, and I can't take them anywhere.

So what the heck are we going to do? I'm a little nervous. I mean, board games and books can only go so far. Hubby took last week off, so he can't take next week. Sure, there's movies and gamecube, but other than that I can't really "organize" anything. My kids will just have to bundle up and run outside in the freezing weather. I am really not looking forward to this.

I went to the Dr. yesterday, and things are happening, so this baby could come soon. I have all the baby's clothes washed in Dreft and put in Ziploc bags, his bassinette is ready to go, I have his diaper bag packed AND my hospital bag, and his room is all set up, and we are SET.

Hubby admitted to being a little "freaked out" because getting the baby's room together made it all "very real." I had to remind him that it was a "tad late" to change our minds, and so it seems daily that we are going through the whole being excited/saying "what were we THINKING?" gamut. I mean, six and a half years is a BIG gap between kids. It's almost like starting over from scratch, to be honest. I've forgotten a lot. And we had JUST gotten rid of all the old baby stuff, so we had to buy all new stuff.

So, ready or not, here we go, once again!


Unknown said...

I 100% agree with you on the fruity cheerios.

Ship the kids off to grandma. That's what my mom always did!

Michelle Miles said...

I think that's a smashing idea, Dev! :) Let her be creative, it will be so much fun for her and her brothers.

And - I know I sound like a broken record - but 6 years isn't all that bad. My brother and I are 6 years apart and we're close now that we're all grown up. AND it was great to have Mom and Dad all to myself when I was in high school. :)

Hang in there next week. I'm sure you can find something for them to do. Right?