Thursday, April 26, 2007

If Ye are Prepared... won't freeze your ARSE off at your kids' Soccer games!!!

It was super cold last night. 45 degrees and overcast, but the WIND, people, the windchill put it down to the low 30's, I'm sure of it. I bundled up the kids in their down coats (which I had formerly relegated to the closet in the hopes that we wouldn't need to dig them out for a long while) and made Thing Three put on lots of clothing under his soccer gear.

Then I suffered a momentary lapse of sanity as we were running out the door, and grabbed my THIN coat, and put it on over my even thinner maternity shirt. (One of the three that still fit the Belly).

When we got to the playing field, it was damp and chill, and the wind was relentless. And I had no gloves, a pathetically thin coat (that I couldn't button because I have a HOUSE growing out from underneath it) and what's blankets whatsoever. In the hurry to get soccer balls, water and folding chairs in the car, I forgot blankets.
We set up our chairs, and luckily the kids were in their winter coats and had brought an extra soccer ball to kick around on the other field while Thing Three played--but I was MISERABLE. I sat there, with the icy wind whipping around (and through!) me, for an entire hour.

So, I learned my lesson. We are keeping a heavy blanket in the car from now on, for emergencies.

But of course the forecast for the next soccer game is 70 degrees. Go figure.

Right now it's pouring fishhooks and hammer handles. We do need the rain, but the cold I can do without. Next week should be perfect! Of course next week I'll be hopefully having this baby (I'm starting to get the "tell me again when you're due?" questions--am I that alarmingly big?) and Hubby can play with the kids outside, because he is dropping everything and taking a week off with me. He even promised no Blackberry, no cell phone, NADA. Just us and the kids, and the newest little one. That will be so nice. :-)

We're ready for Baby!

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Lowa said...

Sounds like here. We went to friends' daughter's softball game last night. WOWZA! Stud brought me my treat from Starbucks on his way from getting Cryptic from TKD. It warmed me up inside and on my hands. Until I spilled half of it in my effort to cover my friend and I with the blanket I remembered to bring!

Sorry you were so miserable. I got to leave early and get inside my cozy house. Makes you wonder about all the homeless people, eh??

Hope you pop soon! Meant to tell you a while ago that at about 34 weeks is when I start to call pregnancy "sperm poisoning"! LOL Really feels like it, eh?? I honestly would look at Stud like, "YOU did this to ME!!!!" Just like Bill Cosby says:) Never mind the fact that we agreed on it and desired that result. Once you are at that point you just want it over. I can't believe how upbeat you sound!! I am MISERABLE in late pregnancy. It will be SO WORTH it, eh?? So cool that your hubby is taking the week off, that must mean SO MUCH to you!