Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Okay, then...

That was the weirdest flu I've ever had. It came on fast, and left just as quickly after a day and a half. I woke up feeling just peachy, at around 5am this morning. So I guess it was the Writhe-In-Agony-For-36-Hours-and-Want-to-Die Flu, and then FLOOP! Nothing. I am a little weak, but no aches and pains, and no, well...nothing.

Weird. But greatly welcomed! And I'm still going to make Hubby take the kids to Soccer tonight!

Okay, so I have a small rant about pregnant models in catalogs. I was thumbing through a couple of them and EVERY SINGLE pregnant woman in the maternity section looked absolutely FABULOUS. Can anyone shed some light on this? Either these women are really NOT pregnant (and have a "fake" belly on) or they are genetically blessed as to still resemble STICK INSECTS even while they have a big old baby in there.

Where are the swollen ankles? Where are the spider veins? Where is the "I only have a few weeks to go" Double Chin? Why do their arms still look like I should be playing my violin with them? WHAT IS THE DEAL???

Yes, I am one of those people who swell up not-so-prettily in my last weeks of pregnancy. So I guess I am a tad sensitive when I see women who are VERY pregnant and are basically what I like to call "Sticks With Bumps." And you just KNOW they walk out of the hospital in the same jeans they wore pre-pregnancy, minus the bump, and a week later they're back to normal.

Lucky be-otches. I'll be back to normal...hmmm...sometime around...Christmas, I think. (or rather hope!) But at least I get the Personal Trainer this time around--she's got all sorts of things planned for "Baby Boot Camp" (which frankly sounds terrifying but I know will be good for me) and so hopefully little Thing Four will be able to distinguish between "Mommy" and a Cruise time.

Time to do some massive laundry! Oh, and Hubby informed me yesterday that they have a pool at work going, betting on when I'm going to go into labor.

Nice, huh?

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Michelle Miles said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!

And RE: the pregnant models. Two words: AIR BRUSH! ;)