Monday, April 09, 2007

WELL Then...

My doctor just took me off "modified" bed rest!
As of today, I don't have to be under house arrest. I only have three weeks to go, so if I start having the baby, they aren't going to stop me at this point.
So that means when Hubby is in NYC all next week, I can actually take the kids to Soccer practice! WOO! Of course I've already decided that as SOON as he sets a toe in New York I'm going into labor--this should be interesting...

The only hitch is this: I'm still having MAJOR contractions. Not the little ones--but the big-force-the-baby-down-into-places-I-don't-want-it-to-go kind. So it's not very comfortable to stand up for more than a few minutes. And they're strong enough to take my breath away. SO, I won't be going to the mall or anything. But I can run a few errands as long as I can stay in my car, or have somewhere to sit. HOORAY!

So we had a good weekend---quiet, but what can you do. Hubby's birthday was on Easter, so it wasn't like we could go out and celebrate. We tend to stay home on Sundays. So he kind of just crashed in front of the TV and watched Golf, which is great and all, but it has to be the MOST boring sport to watch on TV, imo.
We had a homemade cake and I didn't go crazy on presents this year--I got him all the Seasons of "24" on DVD--he watches them in the workout room while he does his cardio. He's only on Season Three, so these will last him a while.

I finally watched "Eragon" this weekend, I haven't read the books and I was in the throes of major morning sickness when Hubby took the kids when it was in the theaters, so I hadn't had a chance to see it before now. It was really good. Although I had a lot of questions and felt the editing in some places was choppy and a lot of things went unexplained. Then again, look at what happened to the Harry Potter books in the translation to the Big Screen! Thing One is currently reading "Goblet" and she was very surprised by all the stuff they left out in the movie.

"They didn't have Dobby, or Winky in the movie, Mom," she commented. "Why didn't they put those things in?"
It just reinforced my belief that movies are RARELY, if ever, as good as the books themselves. A book doesn't have a "running time" or have to worry about it's readers getting numb butts or needing to pee in the middle of a pivotal scene because they've consumed a Coke the size of Lake Michigan.
A book lets you put the pictures in your own head, which usually are better than any special effects team could produce anyway.
So, I guess I will be reading the Eragon books, just to see what I missed!

Okay, here's for depressing: We are supposed to get SIX INCHES of snow tomorrow night. WTF??? (That stands for "What The Freak" for me--I try not to say the really naughty words!) and HOLY CRAP!!!
That is just wrong. And we are in Spring Break, too! The kids wanted to play outside and not have to put enough layers on to resemble shapeless blobs. They wanted to wear shorts and blow bubbles and play baseball and have a fire in the fire pit every night--but it's too damn cold for any of that. It's not going to climb out of the 30's anytime soon. BRRRRR!!!

But I suppose I already complained ad nauseum about this in one of my former posts, so I'll just shut up now. I'm just glad to finally be MOBILE!

Thank Heaven.


Michelle Miles said...

It's still cold here too! FREEZING. I'm having to turn the heat on still and layering up. It's so weird!

Glad to hear you can get off bedrest and run errands. :) Tell that baby to wait until daddy comes home. hehe

Lowa said...

I am going to try and comment. If it doesn't work I will just e-mail you. May do that eventually anyway!

Congrats on the being able to get up and move about more. I can't wait to hear that you have had him:) Complain all you want, by the way. You have every reason to!

Did your hubby and kids make it to see the Robinson movie?? We went in West Edmonton Mall a week ago today and it was really cute. Stud wasn't impressed, but the kids and I enjoyed it.

Hang in there. I know this part of pregnancy seems to drag on with no end in sight. Hope you have him soon. I was on bedrest and my stinkers still stayed in extra long! LOL Before you know it, you will be taking your wee lad for walks in the sunshine. With him all bundled up and strapped to you, no doubt:)

Sounds like hubby had a nice Bday!

Lara said...

It's funny, my kids LOVED the movie, but Hubby wasn't too keen on it. Maybe it's a "Dad" thing?