Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Going on 12 years now--Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary today! (Well, not really actively celebrating, because frankly, I feel like a beached whale and I don't want to move very much.) We're having a niiice dinner tonight and we're exchanging cards. We've already spent so much money on this imminent baby arrival, I made him promise not to get me anything. He usually goes all out, and lately, we've been going "all out" for the baby.
I mean, we had to start from SCRATCH this time: new crib, changing table, bedding, bassinette, stroller, carseat, pack-n-play, toys, play gyms, clothes, everything, because we had given or thrown away all our stuff. A six-and-a-half year gap between babies is pretty steep, you know?

So, hopefully the baby will be our present. Of course I told Hubby that I was eyeballing some 1200-thread-count sheets that if he wants to get me, he sure can...

ANYWAY, yes, I'm a hopeless case, I got dragged into American Idol once again this year (I usually only get interested when they narrow it down to under two digits) and can I say THANK HEAVEN they got rid of Sanjaya?? Hubby and I actually cheered when he got booted last night. That poor kid. He was all sweetness, but hairstyle can only get you so far when you suck as a singer. Especially when you butcher a Bonnie Raitt song like he did. OY. Buh-bye, Sanjaya. Rest in Peace. Now we can focus on the REAL talent!

Speaking of talent, I've developed a smashing new talent called PROCRASTINATION. I need to get going on some things! Have a good day, all!


Michelle Miles said...

Aw! Happy Anniversary!!! :) You so know he's gonna get you something. hahaha

Unknown said...

Happy 12!!! Congrats!