Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FABULOUS Timing...

...absolutely FABULOUS, can I just say? And yes, that's sarcasm, folks.

Hubby came home last night from work, did his usual hour-long workout, and promptly curled into a ball in front of the TV and said he didn't feel so well. An hour later he was "achy." By the time we went to bed, he was rooting around in the medicine cupboard for the Theraflu.

Neither of us slept well last night, him, because he was achy and feverish, and me, well, I had to pee about 398767 times and I couldn't get comfortable, now that this baby has dropped.

He woke up this morning burning up, and I've given him medicine and banished him to the Guest room, on the other end of the house. Thank heaven it's got it's own bathroom and TV and comfy bed--he can sleep and watch sports and get better, without any of us getting near him unless we absolutely want to.

I can't tell if he has the Flu, or if it's a nasty cold--but I'm not taking chances, especially since I am about to have this baby, and I DIDN'T get a flu shot this year. Only our kids did. So, cross your fingers for me!

I am going to be the Lysol Queen this morning. The bed is stripped, I've got the sheets on "sanitary" on the wash setting (it's a killer cycle--it goes for an hour and a half!) and I'm spraying down every surface he's touched.

He's got his cell phone and his Blackberry and the regular phone right next to the bed, so if work needs him (they usually call twelve times per hour) they can reach him. I told him to just turn the phones off and sleep and sleep. That's the best cure for illness.

I hope no one else gets it! Especially ME!!!


Oh, and it's snowing, too.


Michelle Miles said...

Oh man...I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't get it. Sounds like a very nasty bug to be sure.

Colin said...

Doesn't sound too goo that! Hope all is well very quick - the big day is coming!


PS - In Scotland, when they say "the baby has dropped", that usually means it's been born! LOL!

Lara said...

Oops! I'd better clarify next time!