Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost Out of the Woods...

I am beginning to suspect this laptop emits a high-pitched sound only my baby can hear--because he kicks like mad when I put it on my knees and surf. The other day Thing One said the laptop was "squealing" and I really couldn't hear anything coming out of it. But I also know that younger children can hear different sounds that adults can't hear, because their ears aren't "jaded" like ours.

So maybe THAT'S why the baby is so active whenever I get out the laptop? Maybe I need to use the one down in the office for a while...

Hubby doesn't have the fever anymore, but he's still achy and has...well...some other fun things going on. I won't elaborate, but he's not quite out of the Woods yet. He's staying home one more day, and hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling better. He's already made 3920 phone calls on his Crackberry (he slept with it in the bed yesterday, I kid you not!) this morning, so he's up to speed on things. Now I've given him more medicine and he's sleeping. Best thing for him, really. He was kind of burning the candle at both ends for a while. The kids and I are feeling fine, so hopefully the quarrantining thing has worked.

I just realized that I'm very jealous of all my friends who live "across the pond." I am a hopeless Anglophile, and fascinated with England's history, especially the Tudor period. And all these people LIVE where it all happened! They could get in a car and drive to all the places my stories are set in--as easily as I drive from Milwaukee to Chicago! Major jealousy there.
I was reading an article where they have Rochford Hall (former home to the Boleyns--and the place where Henry VIII first cast his roving eye on Anne Boleyn) for sale--and what an amazing piece of history! In the oldest part of the house, a date carved into one old joist is 1216--I mean Holy Cow! And there used to be secret tunnels underneath the house--It's a collector's dream! (Yeah, the asking price is about 2 Million in U.S. Dollars--but if I had money to burn I'd buy it!) Just think of the people who lived in it! Click here for the article--(courtesy of it's very fascinating!

I love living in the U.S.--it's a great place, but it's a "fairly" young country, if you compare it to Europe. We don't have Rochford Halls, here, if you know what I mean. Not to get anyone's feelings in a knot, because we DO have lots of rich history, but our country itself is only a few hundred years old...officially.

Okay, time to get off the laptop. The baby is going crazy! I am glad the snow had finally stopped this morning--now, I'm ready for it all to MELT!!


Michelle Miles said...

Oh I hear ya! I would love to live in a place where great rulers walked the Earth before me. How cool would that be? :)

Ann said...

I can relate - English history is so exciting, and I am dying to see all the ancient buildings and stuff. I saw Henry VIII armour in a museum tour once - he was amazingly SHORT. But I guess they all were back then.