Friday, April 13, 2007

What a Crappy Day.

Well, so far, anyway.

I feel awful for Hubby. His fever finally broke yesterday afternoon, and he was able to eat normal food, etc. etc. so we figured one more night of good sleep (still in the guest room) and he'd be right as rain to go to work today.

WELL--he had a really bad headache last night, so we tried Tylenol, and when that didn't work, we tried Advil. When THAT didn't work, I remembered that when I used to have my bad headaches, Excedrin Migraine took care of them very nicely. So, right before Hubby went to bed, I gave him two Excedrin, and told him good night.

Unfortunately, I forgot one eensy weensy detail: Excedrin Migraine contains a lot of CAFFEINE.

Cut to this morning at 6am, a VERY pissed-off Hubby came into our room, and announced that thank you very much, he had gotten not even ONE minute of sleep the entire night, and he was a complete zombie and still had to go to work because missing THREE days would kill him, since he's in New York all next week and out of the office, and he had about 50 people needing meetings with him.

Of course it's my fault, I forgot about the caffeine part (we're not coffee or coke drinkers, so we both have a really low tolerance for caffeine) and apparently my little goof kept him up the entire night, watching old Tennis reruns. Not to mention that his back was completely screwed up now, sleeping in the guest bed for three days straight.

I feel bad. THEN, to make matters worse, I decided to start the dishwasher (because the maid service is coming this morning) and when I bent down to put the dishwashing crystals in, I completely threw my lower back out. (I sort of forgot that I've got a seven-ish pound baby in the front). And now I am in agony, I can't move, and Hubby just left for work with one eye open and completely dead, and the kids have decided that they're deaf and I'm invisible. AND I officially can't put my shoes and socks on, because of the belly. I get to wear clogs in 30-degree weather.

This day better get better.


It HASN'T gotten better. The Maid service broke one of my display cups, I took the kids to Walmart and got one of those carts that veers to the right (I only discovered this AFTER I had loaded it up with heavy Propel Water packs) and I also dropped a milk, causing a need for an aisle cleanup.

And I just got home and realized I put on my maternity jeans backwards. I was walking around with BUTT POCKETS on my front for two hours. My kids think it is highly amusing.

Just shoot me now...


Michelle Miles said...

Oh you poor thing! but I seriously LOL'd at the jeans thing ... I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

Devon Ellington said...

He could just as easily remembered that anything with "Migraine" in the title means it contains caffeine. That's what eases the migraine -- the caffeine. Don't let him blame you because he didn't think straight.

In the future, for those really bad headaches, try some valerian root. It's an herb, you don't wake up drowsy, it's good for both muscle pain and migraine. Take it as a capsule, though -- if you take the tincture or the tea, it tastes so bad, you'll never use it again, no matter how well it works.

Since both of you are caffeine-sensitive, it might be helpful. I'd check an herbal before having you take it while pregnant -- I THINK it's safe, but I'm not sure.

But once you've had the kid, it'll definitely be safe to take, and it's really a miracle worker.

Sorry to grin at the jeans thing -- but it IS kind of funny.

Hope today is much better.