Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It's going to be 19 degrees here, on Friday. All my tulips are going to be murdered. So sad.

But I shouldn't be surprised, given this is Wisconsin. You can't depend on consistency in the weather until about June. Seriously. I'm not being glib. It's the absolute truth.

April and May are going to be busy months. Hubby's birthday is the 8th (Easter falls on his birthday this year!) and I am annoyed that I can't take him out to dinner, at least. (You KNOW I had to slip a bedrest complaint in there!)
Then the baby comes at the end of the month, then I have Thing Two's (and my) birthday in May, and we promised Thing Two a party this year, so that will be interesting. June looks to be pretty busy too, with Soccer, Swimming, Tennis and all the camps I've signed them up for.

One thing this new baby will become quickly used to: LOTS of activity! I'm going to just have to cart him with me everywhere. He'll feel more at home in his carseat than his crib, but that's the way it will have to be.

My brother, the Marathon Runner Man, called me up yesterday. Apparently he's suffering the effects of Plantar Fasciitis, just like I was, in Denver. Not a good thing for a runner. But I had an excellent doctor and he made me these great inserts, and gave me stretches to do (not that I'm running much right now, heh) and I was able to give him some advice, at least.
Hubby's personal trainer is telling him he should run marathons too. I think he's seriously considering it. But he's been working out hard for a few months, I have been laying down hard for a month, and becoming more and more like a Human Bratwurst every day. A Human Bratwurst with a BIG LUMP, that is. Ugh. And I won't be able to work out for six weeks after the baby, so it will be a while before I can go running with Hubby. Christmas, probably, is when I'll be up to speed. Nice.

Okay, this is turning into a negative post, so I need to wrap it up. I just have so many plans for things I want to do after the baby...and I'm stagnating right now. But there is hope! And this little guy will be a great Mother's Day present, to be sure!


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Michelle Miles said...

Maybe you can cover up the tulips so they won't freeze? I love tulips :)

And hang in there - you won't be a bratwurst forever! The nice thing is you do have a personal trainer and I'm sure she'll whip you into shape in no time.