Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm A Mess.

And not because I can't seem to post anything--or because we're in the thick of the "crazy" time before Christmas, but honestly, I am an emotional mess, lately.

Today I fell apart. I told Hubby I was going to make some Christmas cookies. I figured I'd get it done while the kids were at school. Well, I made the dough, and when I was done, I realized Thing Four (who is six) was at school, and he wasn't there to "lick the dough off the mixing paddle" like he usually does. And Things 1-3 weren't hovering, waiting for a spoonful of dough before I dumped it into a bag to harden in the fridge.

It was just me, and the dog. And I started bawling. THIS must be what empty-nest syndrome feels like! And I don't even have one "out of the nest" yet!!! I suddenly wanted all my kids at home and wanted us to make cookies together, and it would be hours before they were home. I promptly burst into tears.

Thank heaven for my friend Kim, who, when I told her, was over at my house within 10 minutes, and we talked and cried together for a few hours. It was a much needed "time out."

Bottom Line? Life is Short. Enjoy your loved ones while they (and you!) are still around. Because all good things must come to an end, eventually.

Sobering, I know, but suddenly I am appreciating my time with my kiddos a LOT more. Because they are not getting any younger.

If you still have kids/parents/family at home, give 'em lots of hugs!!