Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Soccer Tryouts are Brutal. Oh, and Pinterest Makes you Fat.

Thing Three has been at soccer tryouts for his middle school. For the life of me, I don't understand why they allow the 8th graders to run around with the 6th graders. It's suspect. Why, you ask? Well, A) 8th-graders are hulking MEN compared to little 6th-graders, and B) they are OUT TO GET THEM.

Case in point: Thing Three (who is in 6th grade) was looking a little green around the gills when I picked him up today. Apparently a big hairy 8th grader had bulldozed into him not once but twice during tryouts, twisting his ankle the first time and literally smashing him in the head...with HIS head, the second time.

Thing Three was dizzy and in pain, and I hurried him home and got ice on his head and checked his pupils and had him repeat all sorts of trivial information. Head injuries are SCARY. Especially when administered by LARGE 8TH GRADERS.

Can you tell I'm a little miffed?

Anyway, in other news, I have decided Pinterest makes you fat. Because if you get on it, all you see are pins of double-chocolate-fudge-custard-caramel-peanut butter brownies and the like. You know the kind. "Made with only FOUR ingredients!" (said ingredients being Fat, Lard, Crisco and Cocoa Powder.)

Even if I'm not hungry when I get on Pinterest, I leave with about 907847 new recipes printed up, and I'm ravenous. As in, Eat-My-Own-Computer-Mouse ravenous. It's not fair. Yet I can't stay away...

Hubby had surgery Monday to correct a hernia. Nothing really major, but I have to babysit because he's totally loopy on painkillers and not responsible for his actions. It's been kind of entertaining, actually. Is that bad?

And now, to sleep.