Monday, July 31, 2006

School Supply Time!!

It's school supply time again! I've printed up three separate lists, and we're heading to Target, where they're having a sale on all sorts of goodies.
So, why would I be rubbing my hands together in fiendish glee at the prospect? Well, when else can you get composition notebooks 2 for a dollar, and packs of pens in any color for 63 cents?


*ahem* Excuse me while I control my enthusiasm...

So, admittedly, while my little rug rats will be scurrying around asking "Mommy can I have this backpack, please mommy? and "Mom there is no way I'm wearing that" and "Mom, I need about fifty of these!" I will be rummaging for myself. Yes, myself. Writers need supplies, too, you know? I am the kind who drools over office supply sales. I love to have lots of paper and pens and file folders and labels on hand. Note cards, pencils, pretty much anything that a writer needs.
Ergo, Back-to-School sales are pretty much heaven for me. While other mothers dread it, I run around just like my kids do, squealing excitedly at the five-foot pyramid constructed entirely of boxed paperclips, or the bin full of mechanical pencils. Ah, back-to-school sales. You can't beat 'em.

So, that will be great fun today. Then I might take the kids to see The Ant Bully. Hubby is out of town and he begged me to take them while he was gone so he wouldn't have to suffer through it. So, I guess *I* get to suffer through it. Ah, the sacrifices of Motherhood. Especially since I'll have to suffer through it while working my way through a bag of buttery popcorn and a ginormous Cherry Coke... (heh heh!)

This week should be pretty crazy, as usual. But Hubby is gone until Thursday night, so that means I'll get LOTS of writing done at night! Go me!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Didja Miss Me???

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you all did. The kids and I have been in Idaho this past week, and I've just gotten away to blog.
This is the first time I have gone somewhere with the kids and Hubby hasn't joined us, but we figured "what the hell why not" because the kids aren't in school yet.
We fly back to Denver tomorrow, and I get to start getting them ready for school. Kindergarten, second grade and third grade. My, how time has flown! All my babies will be in school! Whatever will I do with myself? Sit in their empty rooms and hold their baby blankets and cry? Break out the photo albums and a hefty bowl of icecream?
Well, more likely, after I've finished turning cartwheels for an entire hour, I'll clean my house from top to bottom and write. That's what I need to do. I know which novel to work on, and I'll be danged if I don't have it completed before Christmas.

*sigh*. Summer is almost over. Sure, I enjoy these lazy days, but I'm all for education. *wink*

We're off to the pool and then to see Monster House. Have a great weekend, all, and I'll be back Monday!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Elephant in the Room...

...I am wondering, when will it get addressed?

Let me explain: I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I know tons of HUGE Harry Potter fans. Sad to say, but we truly are pathetic. Our copies of books One through Six are tattered and dog-eared at best, because we've read through them about 30 times each. We frequent Harry Potter websites such as Mugglenet or The Leaky Cauldron or my personal favorite (which gleans the latest news from all of them) HPANA.
And of course there's the mother of all Writer's websites, the website belonging to J.K. Rowling herself, which the more pitiable of us frequent, just to see if she's going to have another W.O.M.B.A.T. test any time soon. And if she is, what does it mean? And will she give us more clues about Book Seven? Will there be any more puzzles? Does that stupid moth that always lands on the keyboard have anything to do with anything?

*sigh* Such is the life of a Harry Potter Nut, or Potterhead.
Now for the title of this post. I was looking at The Leaky Cauldron today (a few times--I check it whenever I get on the computer) to get my Harry Potter Headline Fix, and I was amazed at the sheer amount of information and work that goes into these websites. I mean, these sites are people's LIVES. Their livelihood. Harry Potter fans love these websites because there is still the Unknown factor, which is Book Seven. There are chatrooms upons chatrooms. Well-known professors are writing papers on theories about Harry Potter. And yes, they're serious. Scholastic is freaking out because after Book Seven, they are up a creek without a paddle (a.k.a Potter Replacement) and online casinos are taking odds on who is going to die in Book Seven. Not to mention the fact that J.K. Rowling is now richer than the Queen of England and who would ever have thunk that a poverty-stricken single mother could have ever started the juggernaut that is Harry Potter?

So, here's the obvious question: what happens AFTER Book Seven comes out, and all is revealed? What then? Everything will be canon and there will be no more theories, and discussions, and chat rooms, and speculation, and will all be moot because the series will be over.
What will happen to all these sites that people have made their careers? Will they become defunct, just like all the Star Wars Websites did after the last movie came out? With nothing to speculate about, nothing to look forward to, what is next for these people? Hence the Elephant in the Room. I'm sure these people don't really want to talk about it, think about it or address it, but they know it's there and they know it's inevitable. And it doesn't look too good for them.

I have a solution. J.K. Rowling should write at least five more books. Instead of making Book Seven the last, keep on writing! There's plenty of room for subplots to become main plots...the dance between Harry and Voldemort is good for at least three more books, in my opinion.
But sadly, J.K. might pull an "Arthur Conan Doyle," and Harry will be falling to his death at the end of Book Seven amidst a burst of green light and a shout of Avada Kedavra!

I'd like to think she won't kill him off. Of course she is fond of reminding her fans that these are HER books and she will kill off whomever she likes, but I really think she'll make enemies if she kills off the one boy whom we've grown so attached to throughout the series.
Then again, if she doesn't kill him off, she'll have fans begging for a sequel. Screaming for one. Granted, I won't be storming her Edinburgh mansion with torches and pitchforks to scream for a sequel, but I would definitely like to see more of Potter. Then all these websites that have sucked away so many man hours and dollars will stay least for a little while longer.

One can only hope.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Crazy Week

WHEW!! This is going to be a crazy week. Tons and tons to do. But I'd rather be busy, anyway.

I've decided to de-junk my house. We're talking GET RID of anything I haven't used in the last six months or so.

What's scary about this is--we have a LOT of stuff. I guess it's time for a garage sale. I have never personally had a garage sale, but I supppose it's time. We have WAYYYYY too much stuff. It's disgusting. I used to have very "country" decor, and now my house looks like something out of Pottery Barn meets World Market. No more cutesy country. So I have all these country pictures, wall decorations, knick-knacks, etc. gathering dust in my basement.

...And what is the deal with me typing and the words don't show up until I've typed five words ahead? It must be a blogger thing.

I'm thinking Goodwill might be the best choice. Sure, I'd like to make money off it, but I fear garage sales. Too much work. So off to Goodwill I go.

I might not be blogging a whole lot this week, but as soon as things calm down I'll resume and I'll even try to be funny.

Question of the day: What age should the Tooth Fairy's true identity be revealed?

(If you are the sort of parent who does the whole Tooth Fairy Thing.) I know when my mother told me about the Tooth Fairy, it was EXTREMELY traumatic because clearly Santa and the Easter Bunny's status were a logical deduction as well. I still cringe when I think of that bleak moment...

Monday, July 17, 2006

La La La

So, apparently the kids did NOT drive Grandma to drink while Hubby and I slipped away for our weekend together, although I noticed when we got back she did have a few more frown lines, but it's not like I'm going to TELL her that. (heh heh.) But we needed the weekend together and it was good. Can I just say it was way too HUMID where we went??? Blech.

My life just took a turn for the crazy, but it's a welcome crazy. I just hope my writing time doesn't get squandered by the craziness.

Thing Two just lost his first "on his own" tooth. I didn't even know he had a loose one. Apparently the two times Hubby has pulled his teeth have been so traumatic for him he decided to omit us from the news that he had a loose tooth to begin with. He's very proud of himself.
And yes, the Tooth Fairy will give him two dollars tonight. I won't even MENTION the near-debacle we had when the Tooth Fairy completely spaced giving Thing One her two dollars last year and she wandered into our bedroom at 5am, forlorn and stunned, carrying her tooth fairy pillow with the tooth STILL IN IT.
The excuse? It was still way too early and if she hurried and went back to bed the Tooth Fairy would be able to finish her rounds for the night.

Now why did that lie feel particularly sh*tty?

I haven't forgotten the two dollars since.

Friday, July 14, 2006

OMGosh it's HOT!!!

100 degrees yesterday. And its supposed to be over 100 the next few days. Thank heaven I can go from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car to an air conditioned store, etc. We are so spoiled by technology.
Speaking of which, I am becoming addicted to Bejeweled Deluxe 2. That haunting music, the clinking of the gems into place, the sound of the mega-gem you get when you get five in a is so soothing and a great way to get rid of writer's block. But highly addictive, I must say!

Hubby and I have a competition of sorts going--who can get the highest score. Of course he beats my butt every time, but I am NEVER going to admit defeat willingly. ;-) I choose the Endless Game option, and relax and just clink away. It is very therapeutic.
I was turned on to Bejeweled years ago, when it was a two-dimensional nothing game. Now its pretty cool. My kids love it too. Bejeweled rocks!

This will be a busy weekend. Hubby and I will be out of town, and it will be nice to get away from the kids for a couple of days, because when we return we'll have missed them. And where we're going, it's not going to be as hot as here (I don't think) so it will be a nice break from the heat as well.

I got bored with my Victorian Era novel. Too much description of surroundings and little action. It has been very educational as far as history, but the plot has gotten lost among the frequent info dumps. So I have shelved it for now. It's too bad when writers feel they must bog the reader down with description, and the story gets lost. You have to find the perfect balance, especially when you're writing historical fiction.

Speaking of which, I feel pretty good with the direction I'm taking EMMA AND FINN. Right now, he's catching her up on 70 years of world history. She thinks it's pretty cool...especially the Internet. What a great invention!

Have a happy & safe weekend, All!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tea and Crumpets

Came late to blogging today, because my back is killing me. Hubby gave me some of his muscle relaxer pills and it IS getting better.

As for the post title: I'm getting lost in a Victorian-era novel, and it's helped inspre me a little. I love historicals--who wants to live in the present? Boooring. At least to me!

We are going out of town this weekend to work on the Curve Ball. We are very very very close to a resolution, but I have to make this trip to be sure I can handle the resolution we're leaning towards. Hubby is being very kind to me. He wants me to be happy, but maybe it's just because he knows if I'm not happy, EVERYONE will be miserable! Ha!

We watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People last night as a family. We even had popcorn. Yes, it's the middle of the week, but Hubby and I were so tired of sitting at the computer together discussing stuff, we decided to hang out with the kids. Can I just tell you, the Banshee scares the sh** out of me?? I mean, I am a full-grown woman and she still makes me want to scream "Turn it off, turn it off!"
My kids were terrified of her at first, too. But about ten viewings later, they think she's kind of funny. Not me. The Banshee is terrifying. She'll never be anything else. You have to hand it to Disney, there are some pretty spectacular special effects in this movie, especially since it's nearly 50 years old!

Well I have to run some major errands. Of course I've put them off because of my back--and they're piling up. Gotta try!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Short Post Today

My upper back is killing me again. From between my shoulder blades all the way down my arm on the left side and I can't turn my neck, or even breathe deeply without severe pain. So I can't sit at this #$^&**@#! computer much today, that is for sure! And it's a nerve, so painkillers won't help. Ah, lovely lovely.

I've decided which novel I want to stick with. I am going to work on it every day (I've forewarned Hubby he'll have to watch his TV shows alone at night while I write) and then I'm going to start a list of potential editors. I've been "on hiatus" with my submissions and I've been very laid back about writing, as of late. No longer. I was given some very helpful info from a friend, and I'm looking into that as well. I can't get in my own way any more. Nope nope nope.

And here's another pic of the Sir Connery and Janet Munro for your enjoyment. My daughter saw the pic yesterday on my blog and she's rushing to put the DVD in right now...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sir Sean Connery

This is for Laura and Mik:
Here he is as Michael McBride from Darby O'Gill. I think this was either his very first, or second movie, ever. *Sigh*

Tuesday Toast Day

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed I was sitting in Arthur Levine's office, and he was congratulating me on the sale of my middle-grade mystery series to Scholastic.

However, they were putting me on contract for 500 books, and I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure I could come up with that many mysteries. FIVE HUNDRED? Who did they think I was, freaking Francine Pascal? (Of course she only actually created the Sweet Valley High series, ghost writers wrote the rest.)

Needless to say, strange dream. I think it's because I read somewhere that Scholastic is actively seeking for a replacement for the Bazillions of dollars the Harry Potter series generated for them. They are looking for the next "Potter." I doubt they'll find it. But at least they're actively looking. So, hmmm, maybe I should submit my series to them? It's worth a shot. :-)

Yesterday felt weird, because I had my house all to myself and the kids again. We ran errands, and tidied up, and I have about 17 loads of laundry to do (sheets and towels, mostly) but things are getting back to normal. I got some planning done (as in deciding which novel to work on) and I read some chapters for a friend, and it was nice to be able to not fight for online time.

My kids are getting taller. I swear Thing Two has shot up two inches in the last three months, and Thing One is WAY tall, now. They can't help it. I'm 5'11-ish and Hubby is 6'3.
Luckily Thing One wears shorts during summer. Some of her shirts are starting to show her belly though. I need to get her all new clothes for Fall.
At church on Sunday there was a boy her age sitting in front of us, and I noticed he sat sideways so he could stare at her. She, of course, was busy writing poems about flowers and was completely oblivious. But he's not the first one I've noticed. Boys are starting to take notice of her, and I am SO relieved that she doesn't realize it.
Of course she insists that she wants to marry nearly every hero in every movie we watch-- she's in love with the boy from Shark Boy/Lava Girl, and I have to laugh because she is "in love" with Richard Chamberlain, or at least the character of the Prince he played in "The Slipper and the Rose," made in 1971. I laugh at this because her Grandmother fancied him once.
As did I. As did we all.

But the cutest is she is absolutely IN LOVE with Michael McBride from Darby O'Gill and the Little People--none other than Sean Connery himself in 1959 when he had all his hair. I showed her a recent picture of him and she gasped in horror: "Ew, Mom, he's so old, now!"

Well, I'd rather have her in love with decrepit/deceased actors than real live little boys her own age. MUCH safer. *wink*

Well, today is Tuesday Toast for Breakfast Day, so I'd better help. For some reason the toaster burns the toast for everyone but me. Which really makes me miffed, because it's a new toaster. Go figure.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from the Dead

Well, not really dead, but I feel sort of like it. I haven't written in nearly two weeks.

The Family Reunion went well, generally speaking. Except for the fact that we hadn't had any rain for two months leading up to the family reunion, and then, DURING the family reunion Mother Nature decided to give us two months worth of rain that entire week. We couldn't go to Pike's Peak. Rain. We went to Six Flags. Got rained out. Tried Garden of the Gods. Rained out. 4th of July Fireworks got cancelled because of the rain. We couldn't even boo Barry Bonds properly in the Rockies/San Francisco game because we were drowning from rain. I mean, WHAT WAS THE DEAL????

And now that the family has left: SUNSHINE. Next time I see Mother Nature, I might accidentally step on her foot. I mean, really!

So it's more or less back to normal. I feel tentative about sliding back into the grind--I read a few books during vacation--I reread Angels and Demons, and then Rebel Angels, Libba Bray's sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty. I was disappointed in the ending. I mean, clearly she was setting up for a third book, but the book had been going along at a steady pace and suddenly in the last few chapters the action took off and it's like she realized she only had a few chapters left and squeezed all the action in she could get. It felt rushed and crowded, and I didn't care for it.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and Superman Returns, and Click. I liked all three, and can I just say that I could stare at Brandon Routh (Superman) for HOURS? WHEW!!!!!
I did NOT care for Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane. She looked too young, and there was ZERO chemistry with Superman. But then again, I guess they weren't supposed to have chemistry? (???)

Well, it's time to run errands. I am going to get some writing in. I have had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I am going to need the afternoon just to get them all written down!

Hubby got me a Treo (I was calling it a Blackberry but he said "No, it's a Treo") so I guess I'd better call it what it really is, but can I say I just love it? It's like having a mini computer/phone/camera/camcorder/Ipod/TV/gameplayer/etc. etc. etc. with you at all times. I love Technology. Technology rocks.

More tomorrow!