Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No Worries...

I guess I'd better get on here and say NO, I haven't had the baby! I am just busy entertaining family.

(Not much computer time, I'm afraid!)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. My house is SPOTLESS. I'm loving it!

ALSO....GUESS WHAT??? If you click here, you can see the cover art for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! They unveiled it today, and it's awesome. There is also an interview with Arthur Levine who admits he "sobbed and sobbed" while reading the book.

It's not looking so good for Harry, folks. Or at least for some of our beloved characters, if he survives...


Monday, March 26, 2007

We have Buds!!

...on our trees! I am so dang excited. Hubby took a walk all around the yard yesterday and inspected our trees and shrubs (we love that the builder left tons of mature trees on the lot!) and they are all alive and have buds, ready to bloom. It was in the 70's yesterday, and today, at 10:30 it's already 70 degrees out, and sunny. We had to turn our AIR on because it was 80 degrees in the house yesterday. (We would have opened windows, but our windows are the crank-out kind and the wind was so strong I was afraid they'd get blown off the hinges.) :-(

HOWEVER, I'm a little nervous because, after all--this IS Wisconsin. We could have a deep freeze by the end of the week, and all those little buds will be frozen and killed. So, I'm worrying ("needlessly" according to Hubby) about them all dying. It's happened before. We had a lovely tree that started to bloom on our old property and then came 20 degree weather for a solid week and it never bloomed after that--just looked dead the rest of the year.

So, I hope we are seeing the last of the Winter weather! The lawn is even turning green, for Pete's sake. It's crazy warm outside, for March! Fingers crossed it doesn't snow again. That would suck.

The Family is descending tonight, they'll be here until Sunday. I think I will be entertaining my niece and nephew all day while their mom helps out. Hubby and his brother are determined to build more shelves in the basement, and that will be interesting. But hey, it's something for them to do. And we're breaking out the "outside" toys for the kids, as long as it stays nice. I see lots of fires at night in the fire pit, and lots of grilling this week. At least I can sit outside--as long as I don't walk around!

I feel like I'm recuperating from some noxious illness. I'm an invalid. Well, sort of! I'm doing heavy edits on EMMA all this week, I really need to get the story where I want it. Other than that, it will be a slow week. Slow for me, anyway!

C'est la Vie...

Friday, March 23, 2007


All I can say is: Thank Heaven!


I'm a little miffed. It's BEAUTIFUL out right now. Sunny, and it will be 60's today. I'm totally loving it. (Well, from inside my house, anyway!)

However, BIL and his family are coming all next week (it's their Spring Break) and I just looked at and the ten-day forecast is projecting RAIN AND DREARINESS every darn day they are here! Not ONE day of sun! Just rain and mixed snow showers, the entire time they're here!

UGH! It's been so sunny and beautiful this week, and of course when we have family up, it all goes to heck. They're coming from sunny and 72 degrees, into YUCK.

Okay, rant over, but WHY????

I've devised a little trick for my EMMA story, so I don't have to chop 20 pages for the contest. If I put the whole thing in 11.5 font (instead of the normal twelve) Voila--I lose 30 pages! Is that bad? Oh well, I am so doing it. I can't bear to cut anything out, and I even "added" detail and richness since my last draft, so I don't want to do away with anything.

My daughter, who is nine, is REALLY getting into the Harry Potter books. She is currently on Prisoner of Azkaban, and although I swore I wouldn't let her read GOBLET until she was a little older, she has been wearing me down. It's interesting how her love of reading has literally "taken off" in just about 6 months. She started reading real novels when she was 8, but it took her forever to get through them. Now, she's reading everywhere. After school, at night, in the living room--her favorite thing is to sit in a chair by my bed and read me funny passages. She loves the Weasley Twins, and she wants to be just like Hermione.
I think it's just neat that she's finally able to take on larger reading projects than "Junie B. Jones." :-)

Okay, I feel kind of bad. Hubby and the kids get to make sure the Guest Room has clean sheets and the bathroom has clean towels, and vacuum and dust and get ready for family. In fact, I suspect I will go a little crazy, since they will all be here and doing things, and I won't. But to be honest, the time has gone by rather quickly. I used to have 8 weeks, now I'm down to five and a half. Not too bad! I'll just warn everyone, if this blog doesn't get updated for about a week in a row, you'll know I've had him early. But I'm pretty sure I know enough to know when it seems imminent!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Odds n Ends

I had bad dreams last night, and we hardly slept at all--we had thunderstorms and lightning and HAIL, about four different times. Mostly it was heavy rain, but that in itself kept us awake too. At least I can take a nap. Hubby had to put on a suit and look good because he's filming a TV spot today, so he can't be a zombie. Poor Hubby.

I went to the Dr. yesterday and things seem fine, except for the annoying contractions. This baby is getting big!! It is all I think about lately, because, well, I'm sort of immobilized over it.

I finally got to see The Holiday again yesterday--I really really like that movie. If you are the sort who isn't annoyed by Cameron Diaz and Jack Black and Kate Winslet and Jude Law, then it's a perfect movie. So full of truths about love and Life, and I just think it's really well done. And I want to live in Iris' English cottage! I didn't realize they built it just for the movie. It looks like it's been there for 200 years.

Today I'm reading a book about Queen Nefertiti (ancient Egypt) to see if I can get away with the plot idea I want to pull off. She basically disappeared from the face of the earth after her momentous reign, and her whereabouts are a mystery. It's Perfect.

AND I finished Order of the Phoenix. I gobbled up the last few chapters, because they're just so full of action! I can't wait to see it all translate to the Big Screen, but I'm always a little disappointed because they have to cut out so many subplots to fit it into decent Running Time. NEWSFLASH HOLLYWOOD: If you made a FOUR-hour movie people would still come and see it! Just put in one of those old-fashioned intermissions in between (the two hour mark, maybe?) and let everyone run for the bathroom and all will be well. There are enough die-hard Potter fans out there who would welcome a long movie, just like they would welcome a longer book. I am just wondering how Jo Rowling wrapped EVERYTHING up in a mere 784 pages for Deathly Hallows? I guess we'll see in July! Of course I'll be mentioning more Potter stuff as we go, it's only a few months away.

Have a good Thursday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Just In...

Scholastic has announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be 784 pages long. That will make it the second largest book in the series--bigger than GOBLET and smaller than PHOENIX.

I'll take that any day, including Sundays! Woo hoo!

They also announced that the books will be printed on RECYCLED paper, which I think is wonderful. A record first-run print of 12 MILLION books would do away nicely with an entire forest. I'm glad to hear they are going the recycled route. (The question now is, will they be able to scrape enough paper together to do it?)

Only time will tell!

What Day is it?

One thing about Bed Rest, you lose track of Time and space, which end is up, etc. etc.. It's really annoying. At this point I know we're in 2007, but the days just melt into each other, and if I didn't have a computer and cell phone to keep me current, I wouldn't know what day it was. Seriously.

I am bummed. Random House's Delacorte Press is having a YA novel contest--and I was going to submit but they want a novel with a CONTEMPORARY setting, and I don't do those. I write Historical fiction, so I guess I won't be submitting.

Dang it.

What does everyone have against Historicals? Sure, they're HUGE in the Romance genre, but in general, they don't seem to be welcomed by editors unless there's a full moon or something. I think reading about a different time period is exciting and educating. When you write contemporary you run the risk of your novel becoming Especially with Young Adult. Why else would people have coined the phrase "That's SO Five Minutes ago!!!" That's why I like writing in the past. The depreciation factor is pretty much non-existent.

Hubby says I should submit it anyway, but I'm thinking not. I'll just get a note back saying "thanks, but we want writers who can follow rules" or something along those lines. ;-)

So I'm a little nervous because Hubby is traveling the week of the 15th of April, and I could totally have the baby, then. I mean, I won't DIE if he isn't there, but it's nice not to have to go through it all alone. We're uncertain of what to do--he'll just have to be "on the next plane" if I go into labor. FUN.

I'll try not to dwell on that too much. I have lots to keep me busy today. I'm just grateful that we've hired someone to do surface cleaning. With three males in the house my toilets just don't look that great after a while. And Thing Three has gotten into the nasty habit of not lifting the lid when he pees. I know: YUCK. (I think I yelled at him loudly enough last time he did it to knock him out of that notion, but we'll see.) He tends to hold it until he's about to have an accident, and then he RUNS to the bathroom and can't be bothered with the whole "lifting up the toilet seat" step.

Yes, my life is SO boring right now. Hey I have to gripe about something. :-) That, and I got up SEVEN FREAKING TIMES to pee last night.

I only have six weeks left, right? Or is it seven? What day is it? ARRRGGHHHH!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Everyone's at church right now but me. I'm at home, with major ants in my pants. Arrangements have been made for someone to take over my Primary Singing Time duties for the next couple of months, and I'm sad. I miss it. I miss the Primary kids.

Mostly, I miss dressing up like a normal person. This baby is getting big, and soon I'll be down to two pairs of jeans and three shirts that fit. Since I'm pretty tall, even most maternity clothes are too short for me. Don't get me started on the pants.

No, really, I won't even start on them.

I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, since the movie is coming out in a few months. I'm taking my time, instead of reading it in the usual three days. It's amazing what pops out at you when you're reading a Potter book at NORMAL pace. (Instead of greedily gulping it down like it's the last book on earth and putting off food, water, family, etc. just to get through it. ;-)

Hubby and I stayed up late last night (1am is late for us now!) watching Casino Royale. I think it's my favorite Bond, ever, and that is saying something. I'm the weirdo who really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond. Of course Sean and Pierce were incredible as well. What am I saying, I'm a major sucker for Bond!
I think I like Casino Royale the best because the action never stops, yet there are intimate character moments, and although its a bit long, it's just to my taste. (Except the Torture Scene, I mean, I'm a woman, I don't have those parts and I was cringing at how awful it must have been for him.) For those of you who have seen the movie, you know what I mean. EEEK.

So I guess some more reading is in order. I'm at the part where Harry just saw the Thestrals for the first time. I can't wait to see those on the Big Screen!

Happy Sunday, all.

Friday, March 16, 2007


...the joys of being able to order online. I swear, if Peapod only delivered in my area (it delivers 20 miles away, dammit!) I wouldn't have to leave the house EVER and I could do just fine. Thanks to Amazon, B&N and Ebay, everything comes to me. I just get my kids to bring me the packages. ;-)

The Dr. appt. went well yesterday, I'm not in "delicate" condition, as in the sense that if I don't want to lie down all day long, I don't have to. I only have to when the contractions get really strong. So I've been able to sit in my office and actually eat at the table again. Sitting isn't so bad. Of course the contractions are annoying, but they're bearable. The Dr. says there's really no explanation, but she says that some women, after they've had a few babies, just contract more.

I had to call work and tell them I'm done, and I'm sad about that (it was fun getting out) but I just can't stand up for very long now.

So, nothing exciting to report, other than I am still surviving. Hubby is still taking pretty good care of me, and working long hours to boot, so I hope he gets to relax this weekend! (Relax? What's that?) Poor Hubby.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I just can't wait to watch The Holiday and Casino Royale again--we saw them in the theaters and I have been SALIVATING for them to come out on DVD. HURRAH!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Okay, Bed Rest still stinks, but I have to say, all sorts of family and people have come out of the woodwork to help out. I guess a lot of women have been on bed rest before, and they know how frustrating and hellatious it is, so they are determined to help me out. I know for sure, now that I've had my first experience with it, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So I'll definitely be wanting to help out any woman who has to go through this.

I have family flying out next week for an entire week. They are going to clean my house and cook about three week's worth of meals and put them in the freezer to reheat and eat. I will feel like a major DORK, lying in bed while they do this, but it's for a greater good, I have to keep reminding myself.

Okay, remember those Gap commercials that were so popular a few years ago? They're bringing them back, and I have to say, this one is my favorite. It stars Claire Danes and the hotness that is Patrick Wilson. *SIGH* (For those of you who don't know who he is, he played Raoul in Phantom of the Opera). Click here to view it: (Sorry, Blogger won't let me post any videos for some odd reason today.)

And now it's time to...lay in bed!! Woo hoo!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bed Rest: Part I

Okay, I'm going to be honest, here: Typing while lying on my side is wonky and SLOW, and frankly, I don't like it much. (If I sit up, the contractions start). So I probably won't be blogging every day for a while.
Besides, it's not like I'll have a whole hell of a lot to blog about, laying in bed all day, right? ;-)

This weekend was pretty good, though. Hubby has this knack of "gathering the troops" (aka KIDS) and rallying them to clean the house like I never did. Maybe because they're sick of "me" telling them to pick up after themselves, vacuum, clear the table, empty the trash, etc. etc.

Apparently, having someone NEW, telling them to do these same things, made all the difference. Saturday morning Hubby told the kids no one was eating breakfast until the main part of the house was spotless. (That's a new one I've never thought of: witholding food until they cooperate!) Naturally they were all starving, so for the next hour and a half everyone vacuumed, swept, scoured, scrubbed, emptied trash, dusted and polished until it looked like Molly Maids had just swept through. I came out to get a drink of water (if I go real fast it's not too bad) and I was amazed.
Then Hubby made cinnamon rolls for everyone, and bacon and juice, and I got my breakfast in bed.
Man, I'm lucky!

We survived the Daylight Saving Time thing without a hitch, too, I guess. I was all freaked out because we needed to download some tricky patch to our Treo phones but apparently since they're synched with the wireless they updated themselves when we simply powered them off and on. And the computers were fine, too. So Hubby just had to go through the house and manually change all the clocks. (Okay, we have a LOT of clocks!)

Sunday was so beautiful...the sun was out and the air was mild--it was almost 60 degrees here! The snow is melting fast and we're supposed to have gorgeous weather until Wednesday, and then it all goes to hell and freezes up again for a solid week, in which we get MORE snow. Such is Spring in Wisconsin. You think it's actually going to happen, and then BANG! Never mind! More snow comes and it freezes again. We honestly can't count on consistent warm weather until late May, here. Luckily I don't suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. That would be brutal.

Well, time to turn over on my other side, and the computer needs to be shut off. I don't want to catch the bed on fire. After that, I'll read, and then, I'll read, and then, I'll read, and hey, wow, I have my entire day planned out!

Sorry, the urge to be a smartass is still pretty strong. But I'm tougher than I think.

I think...

Friday, March 09, 2007


As of yesterday, I've been officially put on "bed rest." I truly believe that there is nothing on this earth more frustrating, than being confined to one's bed when one is used to running around. Can I just say it once?


It's probably just what I need for now, though, because I can be a little high-strung sometimes. So, I've got everything I need, and I'm staying as flat as possible. Of course Hubby isn't exactly thrilled that he gets to spend his normally relaxing weekend running to the grocery store, dry cleaners, hair cutters, post office, soccer practice and dropping off Brownie cookie money, but he's taking it like a champ. He knows I'm not doing this on purpose, and he's being very understanding.

And Thing One, who is nine, has been doing a LOT lately to help. I'll probably be asking her to do a lot more before this is all over, but she's a good girl, and she's capable. She only complains once in a while. ;-)

The only problem with lying down is---I get SLEEPY! And I don't want to sleep too much because I won't sleep at night. And it's not like I can down a diet coke to stay awake, because the baby will be all caffeinated and I'm thinking NOT a good idea...


Okay, positive attitude, positive attitude...I will get through this. Worse things could happen!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Think good thoughts for me and the little guy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Frustration Continues...

I ATTEMPTED to take it easy yesterday. Got the kids to school, and decided to very carefully tackle the Guest Room, which, as of late, has become a dumping ground for anything I don't want sitting out: baby stuff, Christmas decorations, etc.

Nope. The contractions started, and I was forced to stop. I googled my condition and read an article that scared the crap out of me, and promptly went to lay down.
SO, I won't be doing any cleaning. I just shut the door on the guest room. I'll pretend it's clean...for now. ;-)

Hubby comes home tonight, which will be a relief. This has been one of his longer trips.

And I have nothing else to blog about, because my brain is mushy this morning. Of course my friend and I were going to go tour the hospital together (well, we were going to FIND it first because it's in a town we both easily get lost in) because she's due in about a week and a half. But that won't be happening either. Not being able to do much really puts things in perspective for me.

I just need to lose the attitude about it. There's a much more important person to consider, at this point. ;-)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Spent a good portion of the day yesterday at the Med clinic, being monitored for heavy contractions. Not painful ones, but they sure weren't letting up. I had to leave work and get checked, to make sure I wasn't "in labor." I wasn't (thank heaven) but they weren't stopping.

So I'm on limited walking/standing for the next couple of weeks so they can monitor me. This baby needs to cook a little more. (7 weeks). The contractions didn't stop until I went to bed last night. It's the weirdest thing ever.
I think most people would rejoice at having to sit around the house, but I am not one of those people. I start to feel trapped and bored after a while. I have to "get out" and go places.

At least I'm not on "bed rest." That would truly drive me Starkers.

So, I am making a list of things I need to do. Chapters to work on, books to read, at least the house is pretty clean so I don't have to do any scouring. The kids' new chore charts have really gone well, and they are cleaning up stuff I would normally do. They're old enough now to really pitch in, and I'm sure glad of it.

Sorry for the boring post, but I'm really frustrated about yesterday. I hope things are better today. Having your pregnant belly in a near constant state of major tightness is enough to drive anyone mad...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pretty Cool...

Courtesy of the Blog---experts think this miniature might be the only surviving portrait of Lady Jane, "Queen Jane" who ruled for nine days before Queen Mary. How cool is that? Until now there haven't been any portraits of her, which I find surprising. Well, maybe not. She may have not really had "time" to commission a portrait, especially since she really didn't want to be queen in the first place! You can read the whole article by clicking on the link above.
Now they just need to dig up a portrait of Mary Newman, Francis Drake's first wife, and I would be supremely happy. I find it hard to believe that they were married all those years and he didn't at least have a miniature of her to carry with him on all his voyages at sea. She is a total mystery, still.
And yes, I LOVE Tudor history! You probably couldn't tell. ;-)
So, I really have nothing to blog about today. Other than it's reeeeeallly cold outside, and I have to work. And Thing One is having a playdate, and I'm supposed to cook hamburgers, because she told her friend that I make awesome ones. Thing One told me over cereal this morning that her friend's mom's kitchen is "always clean" because she never cooks anything. It's all done by microwave. I told her the reason our kitchen is always getting messy at every meal is because I'm always cooking. I've been "nuking" less food at mealtimes. I don't want my kids looking like little rhinos.
Although I do want to give a big hug to the person who thought up microwaveable Rice. You know, those packets you buy at the store, where you squish the rice up inside for a minute and pop the packet in the microwave for 90 seconds and voila--you have a great rice side dish!
You gotta LOVE that.
The baby hasn't been going "sideways" as much anymore. I really don't think he has room to do it, now. I felt him go sideways yesterday, and he did it v-e-r-y slowly, and I felt the whole thing. It took my breath away, a little. I just want him to get head down, and stay there. Then I'll be able to walk easier. The way he sits really makes a difference.
Yeah, boring baby talk, I know. But it's all I think about these days. Hubby bought lots of baby stuff last weekend: a swing, stroller/seat/carrier combo, and he put together the bassinette. It sort of freaks me out, having that thing in the room. When I wake up in the middle of the night I do a double take and have to remind myself that it's still empty, for now.
Time to pack lunches!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Sun is Out!

The new Chore charts are coming along swimmingly. The kids seem actually happy about their work, and I had to laugh, because Things One and Three were singing as they were emptying garbage this morning: "We were born to empty garbage, Wah HAH!!!" over and over. It was pretty funny.
Of course, it's not that the chore concept is new, it's the PRIZE BASKET. I went to the Target Dollar Spot, and WalMart, and filled a huge basket with toys and gum and other goodies. So, if the kids fill up their chore charts for the week (they can only miss ONE star) they get to pick out of the Prize Basket at the end of the week.
They were salivating when I showed them the prizes they could choose from. I think this is the best idea yet!

So we were sitting in church yesterday, and all of the kids were being so quiet and so good, and I was thinking to myself: "This is a pleasant dynamic...and it's all going to change in SEVEN weeks!" Until that moment I was one of the moms who looked at other moms who were at church and had little toddlers crawling all over them, screaming, demanding snacks, basically making TONS of noise, etc.
That was ME, about five years ago. I had the Nightmare children. Now that they're all older, they are much better behaved at church, and I was getting all smug because I didn't have to deal with babies and toddlers anymore.

Heh. Joke's on me, right? It's like we're starting all over again. Six and a half years is a HUGE gap, I think. But I do love babies. They're fun.

Do I have mixed emotions or what? ;-)

I saw the sun come up this morning. Seriously, I've never watched a sunrise in my life, that I remember. Hubby was dashing around this morning (he just left for New York--can I say he's THRILLED that the weather there is supposed to be WAY cold) and I was sitting on the bed, looking at the sky through our bay windows and suddenly, there was the sun, s-l-o-w-l-y rising up! It was neat. Although I couldn't look at it very well, it was too bright. I'm just glad there's sun. The last few days have been gray and yuck. It was just a neat little thing to witness. It made the ensuing flurry of packing lunches and cramming kids into snow gear a little less tedious.

Well, off to the grocery store I go! Lots to do!

Friday, March 02, 2007

CRAVINGS, Cravings...

OY. Do I have them in spades. Now that I am comfortably in my Third Trimester (a little less than 8 weeks to go) I am having cravings. For Baaaaaaad food.
They're not weird cravings, it's not like I want to eat coal, or pickles dipped in yogurt with chicken gravy and chocolate syrup or anything, but my cravings are ALWAYS the unhealthy kind. Case in point:

1) McDonald's Bacon egg n cheese biscuits (aka Heart Attack in a Wrap)
2) Cheesecake
3) Brats (Like the kind you can get in Brewer Stadium that have your entire fat allotment for the next three months) With Mustard, yum...
4) Double Stuff Oreos and Milk
5) Doritoes (Nacho Cheese) In fact, ANYTHING Cheese...

And I'm really tall so I carry my babies low. So I never get that "I can't eat" syndrome. Seriously, these are NOT healthy cravings. Well hey, coal is worse, right? ;-)

I have also decided that high velocity winds coupled with snow are NOT among my favorite things. I had to run to the cleaners and the grocery store this morning (Hubby leaves for NYC Monday and I had about 72 things I needed dry cleaned) and it was basically a blizzard out. Not fun when you have to load massive amounts of grocery bags in the back of the car.
And I accidentally left my garage door open and there's enough snow that blew in there to make a snow FAMILY, never mind the Man. UGH. I had to shovel it out.

I'm ready for Spring. Bring on SPRING, already, DAMMIT!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Boston Store is having an awesome sale, and we need Baby Things!!! I still can't believe how fast the time is flying....eeeek!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wonky Weather

Okay, that was strange.

About 3am this morning, Hubby and I awoke to what sounded like sand blasting against our windows.
It was sleet, apparently. Hubby couldn't go back to sleep, so he got his noise-cancelling headphones (they're cool--they go IN your ear canal, he wears them on planes when he watches Ipod movies) and went back to bed. I tried, but the noise was too obnoxious. Somewhere around 6am, the sleet turned to snow, and we were in the middle of a full-on blizzard.

So the buses couldn't get through, and I drove the boys to school (Thing One is still sick) and I had to drive about 15 mph the entire way because the roads were absolutely treacherous. So a normally 5-minute jaunt took about 20 minutes.
Apparently the snow will give way to rain again today, and then revert back to snow again tonight. So we'll have ice layered with snow. FUN. A big old yucky strata sandwich in our yards. And now the driveway plowing people have plowed the snow up at the end of the driveway and it is so tall it resembles The Great Wall of China and I had to call them to come and disperse it eventually, when they can catch their breath. (No hurry--I just don't want my basement to flood when The Great Wall melts!)

So, wonky weather all around. I have a baby shower to go to tonight, too. A lot of things have been cancelled lately, I wonder if she'll still have this shower. We'll see. If it's blizzarding out, I just might drop the gift off at another time.

So, I am very proud of myself. Yesterday, I got the Kid's Library set up. It's fun. Thing Two's room has an alcove when you first walk in, with a whole wall of built-in shelves for a "Library" of sorts. Until yesterday, it was shelves with lots of boxes on it. I unboxed the books (finally!) and put them all on the shelves, and it looks great. And I put a basket for each kid on the bottom shelf so when they are reading a book, they can put it in the basket and no one will take it. I think I'm going to either make or buy a sign that says "The Library" for fun, and hang it above the built-ins. All the kids books will go in there, so we won't have any more fighting over whose is whose. It's all community property, now, and I'll put it on their chore charts to keep it tidy.

Okay, I'm going to call Hubby. He STILL hasn't made it to work???