Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

B-I-L texted us last night at 12:49 am: "Home Sweet Home." They were here for seven days, and stuck for two. Nine days total. Poor things. But they're home now. No matter how nice it is to see family, or go on vacation, there's nothing like returning to your own home. It's just...nice, you know?

We have our house to ourselves again, and I must admit it's quiet and I'm liking it. It's so funny, all the cousins did was tattle and bicker and fight over toys THE ENTIRE TIME, and when it finally came time for them to leave, they bawled and hugged and said they were going to "miss each other so much!" I had to laugh. That's family for you.

It's bitter cold here--30 but with wind chill its in the teens. I had put all the kids' scarves and hats and gloves in a big plastic tub and put them in the closet. We had to break them all out again this morning. And if it snows like they're saying, we'll have to bring the snow pants out of retirement too. Which is WEIRD, because just two days ago the kids were playing Whiffle ball outside and blowing bubbles with bubble wands and wearing SHORTS, for Cripe's sake.

I am in a baking mood. Too bad I can't stand up long enough to do it. I have a Dr. appt this morning so we'll see how things are. I personally don't think anything is happening soon. You can usually kind of "tell" if you know what I mean. I am still nervous about Hubby's trip to NYC the week of the 15th. I have another Dr. appt. right before then, and he said if things look like they're going to happen he just won't go. I haven't really thought about what it would be like to have the baby by myself, if for some reason he couldn't get home in time. Since it's our fourth, I honestly don't think I'd be that upset. Does that sound weird? I've done it three times before, and I'm not too worried, so I'd be OK if I had to go through it by myself. How's that for independence? ;-)

Hubby was pleasantly surprised yesterday. He got a call that his team wanted to "meet and go over projections again" or something, and when he went into the room they were all there with two cakes and a pie, and gifts for his birthday, and shower gifts too. It was super nice of them. And we got a huge gift certificate to our favorite Sushi place (can't WAIT to go after the baby!) and another big one to a baby boutique. It was very generous. Hubby couldn't believe it. I'm a little overwhelmed myself. His birthday isn't until Sunday, but the kids have a surprise for him at work too. He will be SO embarrassed! (I won't tell in case he reads this blog before then) but I think being embarrassed on your birthday (just a little) is healthy, you know?

*Lara rubs her hands together and cackles with fiendish glee*

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Michelle Miles said...

It's cool here too - it was 48 this morning! I need my warm jammies. hehe This is very strange weather even for us. It's usually nice and warm this time of year since it is April after all.

And that is so nice Hubby's office did that! How cool :)