Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Harry Potter and a Soccer Rant...

You know how when you're sooooo tired, and so exhausted, that you sleep like the dead and nothing can wake you up, sometimes? That was me, last night. Months of Pregnancy sleeplessness have finally caught up to me. I only got up once, at 4am to go to the bathroom, but from 10:30 pm until then, I was COMPLETELY OUT COLD. I didn't even dream. And what was weird, I wasn't uncomfortable. It was the best night's sleep, EVER.

But after I got up, I went back to bed, and had strange dreams. One of them involved Harry Potter, or rather, Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. I had to somehow dispose of him, and the only way I could think of to do it was to chop him up and distribute his parts everywhere: in my daughter's room behind her stuffed animals, in my son's room inside his toybox, and inside my jewelry box in my room.
Talk about a strange dream. Can you tell I'm anxious for Book Seven to come out?

It's cold and cloudy today--mid forties, but it will get warmer towards the weekend and be 70 again. As long as it doesn't dip into the 30's! NO NO NO NO! We are NOT going backwards anymore, hopefully. The chilly front moved in last night, just as we were all at Thing Three's Soccer game--and of course all I had was a thin jacket.

Okay, it is ALWAYS so disheartening when your kid is playing his heart out in Soccer, and there's always ONE KID on the opposing team who is the Superstar--the kid no one can catch: the kid who scores about six goals in the first half. You know how frustrating that is? And it's always lame because this kid won't even pass the ball to others, he just gets it and it's a One Kid Show all of a sudden, and he runs like the wind towards the goal, (and of course his parents are standing smugly on the sidelines, not bothering to tell him that it's a TEAM sport, because they are just so proud that he's making everyone else look like bumbling amateurs.)

And for some reason his coach kept him in the game almost the entire time. Our team never had a chance. So we lost, like, 9 to 2 (every single goal was scored by Superstar Kid) but thankfully Thing Three was just glad to play (albeit a TAD frustrated) and he had a great attitude about it. I think the parents on our team were more annoyed than the kids.

Then we got home, and on the news, there was a story about a crazy parent at a soccer game in Milwaukee who went ballistic and the Police were called and had to Taser him. I mean, PEOPLE, its a GAME!!!

Not much to do today. We are just waiting for this baby. So I might treat myself to a trip to Target. Just to see what fun stuff they have. Happy Tuesday!


Michelle Miles said...

I have come to the conclusion that people are in fact INSANE.

It's going to be in the 70s today with thunderstorms and moderate chance of - again - tornados tonight. They said more hail was possible so I guess I'll wait until Spring is over to have my roof checked out. *sigh*

Misty said...

yikes... so, my daughter starts soccer tonight. she played peewee soccer in kindergarten, but this is more serious now... Should I bring a tazer just in case?