Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So Monday night I walked into the office and Hubby was on the computer.
"Whatcha doing?" I asked.
"Ordering flowers for Melinda for Wednesday," he replied.
"Oh, is it Secretary's Day?" I asked.
Hubby turned and looked at me.

"No, but Wednesday is "Administrative Professionals' Day."

"Oh. Whoops. It used to be Secretary's Day, right?"


I found this very interesting. Nothing is what it used to be. Our society is so worried about offending people, I believe we have officially "PC'd" ourselves to death.

I guess I just remember the days (not so long ago!) when Waste Management People were simply "Garbage Men" and "short" people weren't "vertically challenged" yet. And "Handicapped" wasn't an offensive word. It really meant "disabled."

I read a very upsetting story a while back about a Mormon high school student who was getting teased by several students about Polygamy. Her response was "Our church hasn't done that for over a hundred years, that's so gay!" and SHE got suspended (yes, suspended) for using the word"Gay" --yet the kids who were ignorantly and wrongfully taunting her about her religion suffered NO CONSEQUENCES WHATSOEVER. Where is the justice in that?

And yes, I feel bad now and am loathe to admit I used to say "That's so Gay!" in High school, without worrying about being suspended or having GLAAD all over my ass for it. It was the early 80's. "Gay" didn't mean what it means today. It meant "silly" or "overly happy."

I believe in respecting people. I would never intentionally insult someone. Yet, I am almost afraid of saying "the wrong thing" these days. I think our society needs to relax, a little. Yes, there are some ignorant people out there, who will always be bigoted and unwilling to change and use the current "acceptable" Terminology, but for those of us who WANT to be Politically Correct, will you guys stop changing everything every minute already? There should be some sort of Statute of Limitations (but in reverse effect) where if we change a term to something more "PC" we should KEEP that term for at least ten years or so, so people like me don't get funny looks when we call "Administrative Professionals" "SECRETARIES."

Wait, first they were Secretaries, THEN they were "Administrative Assistants," and NOW they are "Administrative Professionals." I can't keep up.

Okay, rant over, but I think you get my drift. Am I being a completely oversensitive I guess I am, because it makes my blood boil when someone calls me a "Housewife."

I am a Homemaker, thank you very much. Or wait, that was last year. Now isn't it "Stay-home-Mom?"

I can't keep up.


Anonymous said...

There's also a difference between Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, and Administrative Professional -- if the worker is smart, it's about salary. If the company outwits the worker, it's about title! ;)

It still means you're working for a dumbass who's too disorganized to run his or her own life! ;)

That's horrible, what happened to the Mormon student. Did her family fight it? Or did anyone else stand up for her?

Lara said...

When I last read about it, her parents were fighting the decision, and outraged that the students teasing her didn't get equally punished. I'm not sure what the outcome was.

Misty said...

so, is that what is so derogatory about the title "secretary"? that it's lower pay?

It's just silly. all of it. In our era, aren't things supposed to be simpler- because I don't see that anywhere...

Colin said...

Reminds me of the scene in Yes, Prime Minister, when the PM was asking about his secretary...there followed a long and complicated speech about all the secretary's in Government, what they do and who they report to.

"So who administers all this?" the PM asked.

"Why, that's the secretary's job of course."

Funny, but real!