Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Under the Weather...

Yesterday was awful. Just awful. Sunday night I made Penne with Italian sausage, and there must have been something wrong with the sausage. Very shortly afterwards, I started feeling like I was going to die. LITERALLY. And then, Things two and three were up all night getting sick (twice in their beds, UGH) and Hubby had to take care of them, and me.

Hubby had to stay home from work and take care of me yesterday, while I was in bed, in total agony. I couldn't stand up, my entire body was in pain and feverish, I haven't had it this bad in three years.
Hubby was a good sport, he made meals, bathed the kids, dressed them, picked them up from school, waited on me, etc.

This morning, I woke up about 5am, and nothing. I was absolutely fine. Weird.

Clearly, since I spent the last 36 hours curled up in a fetal position, I didn't get any writing done. I plan to knock out the second chapter today, and finish some research for the Other novel. Luckily Things Two and Three are fine as well, so they'll be in school.

Hubby and Thing One never got sick. Not even a little bit. And they ate everything we did. Go figure.

We've had an offer on our house in Wisconsin. Can I tell you how excited I am? That #@&*(!! house has been a thorn in my side ever since we moved up here. Paying double everything really stinks. And we've been doing it for FIVE MONTHS.

I'm not working out today. I still feel a little weak. But it will be back to normal tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


I NEVER blog on weekends. Unless I have something particularly spectacular to say.

I really don't, but Hubby is in SLC and I'm going to be burning the midnight oil tonight, I'm too excited about this story to stop the wave that's carrying me as I write. Once I figured out the direction I was going with Emma, it has all just come so easy. I've written 6000 words between last night and this morning alone, and let me just say that it was 2pm before I finally got out of my jammies. ;-)

So I'm planning on a completely different angle for Book One, and I will use the Former Book One as Book Two, and change Emma's age to twelve. I haven't decided if I'm going to have her age with each book, or if she's going to be immortal like the Family Circus Cartoon, where they never grow up at all.

Growing up I loved reading the Trixie Belden books, but they were steeped in reality. I figured I would add elements of fantasy to my mystery-solving heroine. Right now for her next adventure I have to do some research on Chichen Itza--maybe I could talk Hubby into going there for our ten-year anniversary so we can see the ruins, and I can do some hands-on research! All those ruins have so much mystery surrounding them, there's definitely room for an adventure or two!

Not only that, but going to Mexico I could do additional research for the Story I'm Keeping Under The Radar. I'm a little nervous to write it, but I'm going to get some courage and just do it. But that's not for a while, I'm going to focus full-force on Emma for now.

The kids are being a tad "too" quiet downstairs, I'd better meander down and see what they're up to...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mozart!!!

He's a REALLY old guy, I hear. A quarter of a Millenium old! Whew!
Mozart is my absolute favorite. I do everything better (cleaning, writing, etc.) when I listen to Mozart as I do it. Seriously. Try it. I dare you. Mozart is my MAN.

In other news, it's HOT!
Well, it's only supposed to be 51 today, but I'm talking about my current state, and not the weather.
My face feels like it's emanating flames. I switched my morning workout to 7am, because the Cabinet Guy is coming to replace a few cabinet doors at 9:30, which is my normal workout time.
So, I'm cooling off and blogging. Thing One is sitting next to me doing her homework as fast as she can, because she forgot (even though I reminded her...twice) to do it last night.

Hubby is leaving for Salt Lake City on business REALLY early tomorow morning, so we're taking the kids to see Nanny McPhee tonight. I've always adored Emma Thompson. I've heard it's not like Mary Poppins, it's supposedly way "darker," but I'm sure my kids will love it.

I think I'm going to get a TON of writing done tomorrow--a Saturday and it will be just me and the kids. So, I'll take them somewhere fun, run them out, and come home and let them have quiet time and I'll have WRITING time. I can't wait!

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Monday...


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bit by a Bug...

Whew--my schedule got shot to heck yesterday, because I got inspired to gather as much research and info as I could about a particular subject. I'll go so far as to say it's a frustrating subject, because there is little real proof or archaeological evidence that it did exist, yet I know in my heart that it did happen, and I feel compelled to learn more than the average information.

That said, I spent hours online and at a bookstore gathering material. What a challenge! There are so many people who claim there is proof, and so many people who claim the whole thing is just so much hooey. But I am going to write a story set during this particular time (I was thrilled to discover that Nora Roberts did the same in her novel "Birthright") and even though it will take me anywhere from 3-6 months of researching before I can even write a word, I am going to do it. It's been something I've been curious about my whole life--and it's about time I educated myself.

Those who know me can guess what its about, for now, I'm going to keep it under tha radar.

I fully intend to make smashing progress on Emma today, now that I've figured out what needs to be done. I'm not going to "kill off" the parents so much as just make them dead before the story begins.
Yes, I know--another orphan character, but the whole "her parents work for a top-secret branch of government" thing didn't hold up under scrutiny. I mean, she really has to be a dumb-a** NOT to know that "something" is up. And Emma is highly intelligent. How else is she going to solve all these mysteries? :-) So the parents had to go. And Emma has to be ten. Otherwise she wouldn't readily accept all the incredible things she's about to go through. Ten year olds aren't hardened by the world yet. They still daydream and believe in things--sure they hover on the cusp of Reality and the Grown-up World, but they are flexible enough to still be molded in one way or another.

I couldn't blog during my usual time this morning, because I was laying in bed and letting Thing One make cereal for everyone. Hubby kept me up late helping edit his business recaps (I don't know why he even thought he needed my help, they sounded great already) and I missed out on two and a half hours of precious sleep.
SO, the schedule is "off" today. I might pick up around noon and follow, but for now, I'm going to go cuddle up with Thing Three and watch Spongebob. I'm too tired to do much of anything else.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I walked into the basement last night to tell the kids it was time to get into their jammies, and instead of playing Gamecube or watching a movie or playing with toys, they were all sitting in a row on the sofa, each of their noses buried in a book. (Thing Three was looking at a picture book because he can't read yet but it was still cute!)

I love that my kids love to read--I used to get caught up in books so intently I would shut out the world around me. In fact, I distinctly remember one time in fourth grade, it was "book time" just before recess, and I found a book that was really good, and I was dimly aware of activity around me as I read, but when I looked up from the book the classroom was semi-dark and empty, and everyone else was already outside at recess. I was completely alone.
I hadn't even noticed--I was so absorbed in my book! I've always remembered that, for some reason, because it was so weird.

Got my copy of Catherine the Great by Henri Troyat in the mail yesterday--it's not really for research, I'm just fascinated by her. Of course I added it to the growing pile of "must reads."--My schedules don't allow for reading, unless I do it at night or during my writing time, which is precious and I don't want to waste it.

I tried to enter a magazine contest yesterday --the prize is a trip to England and a Jane Austen tour, but when I tried to submit it froze up. I tried three times and gave up. Oh well. Fate was just against me yesterday. I'm bummed. Not that I'll win, but hey, there's chance in everything, right? :-)

I am having a breakthrough with my Emma story. I think I finally figured out how to make it work. It's very exciting, although I have to kill off some people. Killing people off is never fun, but a necessary evil, I think. But that's the fun thing about writing. You can kill off as many people as you like, and never get in trouble for it! (Okay, that sure came out wrong!)


Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I got on the computer this morning and saw my counter. Could it be? Ten thousand views of my blog? I would think it was mostly me, but I have a blocking cookie on my IP address. Wow--I guess some people DO read my blog! ;-)

Couldn't start my schedules yesterday, because I had my brother in-law to entertain (he came for the can we say it--MAJOR DISAPPOINTING Bronco's game) and after getting all three Things ready for school and marching them inside (about ten minutes late) the office staff laughed at me and told me there wasn't any school.
And of course I immediately remembered that there wasn't any school, I had just forgotten, like usual. At least they were nice and reassured me I wasn't the only parent who had done that that morning.
As we were leaving, my daughter said "Oh, that was SO embarrassing!" I assured her that I was going to do plenty more embarrassing things to her before she left for college, and to get used to it.
That's our job, as parents, isn't it? To embarrass our kids? I remember my dad when he picked me up from High school once he sat in our car and honked and honked, not stopping until I was grasping the door handle. Yes, I wanted to die of mortification, but that was just my Dad. And when a boy (whom I'd had a crush on forever) asked my dad if he could take me out, he looked at him disdainfully and said: "NO!" And he wasn't joking.
Granted, my dad was just particularly obnoxious at times, but I know that one day my boys aren't going to want to hold my hand anymore, and my daughter is going to want me to drop her off two blocks from school--it's inevitable. And it makes me sad.

I have a goal of 5000 words this week--but it might get cut short by the need for some research. I'd hate to formulate a whole storyline and then have to axe it because it's not historically accurate. By the way, I made a KEY find at Barnes & Noble the other day, titled THE TIMECHART HISTORY OF THE WORLD, and it's this big huge fold-out time table, which is perfect for the time-travel novels I'm writing.

Well, the kiddos DO have school this morning, so I'd better run. (And yes, Rambling Irishman, R.S. does mean something to me.)

Have a good Tuesday, all!

Friday, January 20, 2006


Egads we got a ton of the white stuff last night. It was so pretty when we woke up this morning, but then I had to get out and shovel it. I shoveled a walkway from the sidewalk to my front door, and I think I lost about 10 pounds in water weight, because the sun was so bright. Now I know why people ski and don't wear much in the way of clothing--the sun cooks you!

My facialist tells me that I absolutely MUST wear a minimum spf of 25 every day here--I guess Denver has the highest rate of melanoma in the country. Go figure. We're the Mile-high City. The closer you get to the fire, the more you get burned, you know? :-) But some mornings I forget (I'm pretty low maintenance) and oops--I literally need both hands to count the new freckles that pop up. I always said (since I am fair-skinned and I don't tan--just freckle) maybe if I get enough freckles on me I'll look tan! Hmph.

So I got the kids bundled up in boots, snowpants, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. (Thing Two brought back memories of A Christmas Story when I looked at him, bless him) and Thing One downright refused to wear her snow pants, calling them "dumb."
Of course I downright refused to allow her not to wear them, explaining that she was going to feel even dumber when she walked around school in soaking wet jeans all day. I think she figured I had a point because we came to an agreement and the snow pants went into the backpack, to be worn during recess. Geesh she's such an eight-year old!

Hubby comes home late tonight (short trip) and I completely wasted my time last night. I stayed up until nearly 3am watching Into the West, getting totally caught up in it. Very well done, in my opinion.

I broke down and visited The Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch location) yesterday afternoon, and I hate to say I was very disappointed. They didn't have much selection, and were completely confusing in the layout (as in they had several history sections spread out everywhere instead of in one place and easy to find) and after walking around for about five minutes I made up my mind that I prefer Barnes & Noble WAY more. They have more selection, and they have all those awesome published-in-house bargain books, which make great research tools for a history nut like myself.

In fact, I think I'm going to submit some of my picture book manuscripts to Sterling, their in-house publisher. Can't hurt. Worst they can say is "no thanks," right?

This weekend should be good. I want to relax and write and watch the Australian Open with Hubby. And I'm determined that we need to go out and build a snowman!!!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Strange Day Part II

Hubby left for L.A. at 3am this morning, (and of course I couldn't go back to bed) so I'm sitting here, not sure of what to do. Hubby hasn't traveled for two months straight--and he's gearing up for back-to-back trips again, but I am literally sitting here (Thing Three is coloring quietly and watching Nickelodeon) and I honestly don't know what to do with myself.

Now before you hit me upside the head with a flatiron and scream in frustration: WRITE YOU MORON!!" let me tell you that I did get a TON of writing out last night, and I am letting everything marinate for a while. I'll do some more writing tonight, after the kids are in bed. Of course that will require a nap today (because of the early morning) but if I can catch a half an hour it will be good and I'll be rearing to go.

I found the coolest thing at Michael's yesterday. It's a Little Golden Book, but it's blank, and it's a kit with markers and crayons, stickers and stencils, and you can create your own "published book."
Thing One (who is JUST like her mommy) spends all her spare time writing and drawing and stapling "books" together for me, so I bought a few of them for her, and one for me! How fun!

It's snowing today. Big lazy flakes and it's pretty outside the office windows. I've got my pot of Postum, and I'm browsing through my library looking for research material. I'm half-tempted to finally make it to The Tattered Cover, but the snow is pretty treacherous. I basically slid all the way to the school this morning, and I was in four-wheel drive. Scary.

Thing One is having a friend over, and it's about time. Back in Wisconsin she had her very best friend next door, another good friend just across the street, and two other friends two houses down, and she was playing constantly. Now we are in a "settled" neighbhorhood, and it's mostly older people and people with teenagers, or NO children at all. So she's pretty bored after school now. Poor Thing One.

Well, I'm going to hang out with Thing Three. He's determined to put together a 100-piece Spiderman puzzle, and his five-year-old frustration is coming out, I can hear it!

Oh, and I just want everyone to know that I have an AWESOME sister and I am so proud of some of the decisions she's made as of late--way to go sweetie, sticking to your guns and not being afraid to stand up for yourself. You will be SO much happier in the long run. Way to go!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Go Broncos!!!

So the Big Game is this weekend in Denver. Hubby might just have to go to it for work, but I'll be watching on the TV.

Some bad news: My quest for participation in the Denver Marathon might be sidelined for now. I think I might have a bone spur in my heel. It really sucks. It's been bugging me for about six months, and now it hurts when I run on it, and in the mornings when I wake up, OUCH. I literally hobble until I get my slippers on. NOT GOOD. I guess I need to get it checked out at the doctor. FUN.

Made cranberry scones with lemon curd this morning--the kids inhaled them with their oatmeal. YUM. I love having World Market so close by. They have the best scone mixes. Just add water. My kind of mix.

All the kids are in school this morning, so I think I'm going to run to the mall by myself. I need some new makeup and I actually enjoy going to the mall when it isn't Christmas. Then it's back to organizing my house. I have two more holdouts: my walk-in closet (which currenly you can barely STEP into let alone walk) and the kids playroom. Once I get those two organized, my entire house will be done and it will be MUCH easier to maintain, thus giving me the time I need to write. Although I still hate the fact that I have to clean SIX bathrooms. I scheduled three one day, and three the next, otherwise I think I would run away. I've never liked cleaning bathrooms. Especially after I have had tons of family staying with us. For obvious reasons. ICK.

Well, time to "guide" the kiddos in getting dressed! Have a good day all!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Call me Suzy Organized...

It's amazing, the pick-me-up I have achieved just by getting my house and life organized and planning a schedule. Of course my Hubby, ever the pragmatist, informed me that if I last longer than two weeks he'll be mildly shocked.

After I resisted the temptation to whack him upside the head, I explained to him that this was a permanent change I was making, so that I could write and have sanity at the same time. Thankfully he was all for it. (Personally I don't think he cares what I do in my spare time as long as the house doesn't resemble a war zone on steroids when he comes home at night. He works really hard for me and the kids, the least I can do is have a tidy house and dinner ready, you know?)

So I am feeling peppy and liberated and all sorts of things. Although I will say that another Dilemma has cropped up (of Writing-related nature) and I am seeking the opinions of friends before I act on my "first instinct." (By the way, for the Rambling Irishman who reads my blog, I write Young Adult Fiction, Historical fiction and Middle-grade mysteries. I also dabble in picture-books, but only the verbage part--can't draw to save my life. I just stamp.)

Thing Three is having a little buddy over for a playdate this afternoon, so other than entertaining two five year olds for a few hours, I have a pretty uneventful day. I am officially starting The Schedule next week, I figure I need to get everything organized and done before then. I even worked in 45 minute workouts four days a week. I won't do them otherwise.

Well, Thing One is bugging me to play MarioKart with him, so I'd better skedaddle.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Snow Day!

Today is a good day. A happy day!

I have been struggling as of late with a lot of issues concerning my writing. After much deliberation, I have finally come to a resolution on what I need to do. And now I feel much happier about what I've chosen!

It will take some serious time-management and organization, but I will be able to pull it off, because I have that determination. And I am so much happier when I can do what I love to do, it affects my whole family.

Today we're snowed in. The first snow in a loooong time. It has been 65 and sunny here for weeks--but of course they're saying it will warm up again tomorrow and all the snow will melt. That's okay. The kids and I are having a lazy day. You ever have one of those? It's a holiday so there's no school, we're snowed in, so we're all still in our jammies, I made pancakes for breakfast, and we're watching movies and hanging out. (and of course I will be getting some writing in today while they play downstairs).

We were going to get our boots and coats and gloves and scarves and hats on and play out in the snow for a while, but Thing One has a scratchy throat so we'll just have hot cocoa and enjoy the snow from the window. That's fine with me. I think once you reach adulthood it isn't as "fun" to freeze your buns off and get snow down your pants while making snow angels. Not very appealing anymore.

I think we might bundle up and head to Barnes and Noble--there is a series of childrens' books with dragons in them I promised we'd get and I have a gift certificate--so why not? We love bookstores. My kids and I could spend hours in them. Now that I don't need a stroller or a diaper bag and they know how to behave, I can pretty much take them in there for as long as we want and it's actually a fun experience.

How I miss Half Price Books back in Wisconsin! We went there weekly, and of course they each got to pick a book (because they were all around $3) and it was so funny to see how diverse their tastes were in books.
Now that we have to pay full price for the books (I still haven't found a discount book store here, I need to try) we all decide on ONE book at the bookstore together.
But today I promised them the dragon series, so it should be fun.

I just wish Hubby had taken the day off so he could play with us. He'll be in L.A. this week so I should get a lot done at night in the writing arena. Woo hoo!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Strange Day

I feel a bit "off" today. I can't explain it. So I'll just tell:

At 6am Hubby's alarm went off, and right after he popped out of bed to shower, Thing One came running into bed with me like she usually does (I swear she has supersonic hearing because it's a rare occasion when she isn't awakened by Hubby's alarm clock) and I was hovering halfway between awake and asleep, and the opening lines of a story were forming in my mind. They were gently waking me up, and I was saying them in my head over and over, over and over. So, grudgingly, I rolled out of bed and sat myself next to the brand-new desk that I now have right at my bedside, on which rests my old laptop. (I used to have a notepad by the bed for moments such as these, I figured having the laptop there is even better.)

I powered up the computer, clicked on Word, and did something that I haven't done in literally about three months.

I started typing the words in my head.

I don't know what inspired it, I have no clue why this morning of all mornings I had to do it, but suddenly I have a renewed interest in something I'd feared I'd lost. With the Move, the Dilemma, all the stuff I have going on, I was wondering if I'd ever want to write again.

Now I am strangely depressed. I don't want to do ANYTHING. I don't want to eat or move, just be still.

It's like I am standing on the edge of a gigantic water slide. I know that once I disappear inside that tube, it's going to be a wild ride, and I don't know what is in store for me, and I'm afraid to take the plunge, because once you've entered the ride, there is no going back. Can't go backwards, can't go sideways, only forward. And that's just what I have to do, until I either get spit out and flounder around blindly with water up my nose, or I come out sitting up with my arms out, screaming in jubilation.

So am I willing to start this up again? Am I willing to surf the chaos and ride this wave that is beckoning to me?

Strange Day, and lots of questions, to be sure.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hubby and I have a "don't ask don't tell" policy concerning this blog. He knows I do it, and frankly he's not comfortable I do it, but I assure him that I keep it somewhat anonymous. Of course Hubby informed me the other night that someone, during a phone conversation, brought up something I'd written, and so I would like to appeal to anyone who reads this blog (who converses with my hubby) to PLEASE not mention blog stuff to him! It makes him extremely nervous. It's kind of cute, actually, but he really doesn't like the fact that I blog. Believe it or not he RARELY reads it.

I'd hate to have to stop...


I think I have the duvet problem solved. The duvet we had weighed about 20 pounds WITHOUT the comforter, so I went and got a really lightweight one, and Hubby says it's ok now. Whew.

I'm kind of excited. We're going to the Broncos/Patriots Playoffs Game on Saturday, and I am pumped for it. Although I will say it's much more fun watching from the comfort of our living room, while munching on something, actually being there should be fun too!

I've been dealing with a situation I will simply refer to as The Dilemma as of late, and I think I am coming close to a solution. Or at least I hope I am. I don't like dilemmas. They're uncomfortable and they itch and they bug me until I resolve them. And this one happens to be a WHOPPER of a dilemma, so it's no small feat to resolve it this time. All I can say is UGH.

I haven't added to my library in a while. Been too dang busy. But Hubby is traveling again in the next few weeks, so I should have a few nights I can devote to research and writing.

But for now it's back to Run Around Like Crazy time.

Double UGH.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Duvet Dilemma...

I recently received the go-ahead to splurge on a feather bed and down comforter with duvet for our master bedroom. I figured, heck, why not? Those winter nights can get chilly here.

Of course the very DAY I bought the down comforter and duvet, the temperature climbed into the near 70's. So, finally, we got a break in the weather (as in it became BUTT cold again) and I gleefully made up our nice new bed.

That night, Aaahhh, bliss. Snuggled into warm puffy softness, with the comforting weight of the duvet, I melted into my bed and was in Snoozeville faster than you could spell N-a-r-c-o-l-e-p-s-y.

Of course, at 2am, Hubby sat straight up, threw the duvet off the bed and announced that he was SUFFOCATING and HOTTER than (rhymes with bell) and woke me, quite rudely, I think, from a deep sleep.

I guess I forgot that Hubby's body temperature is slightly higher than mine, since he's always hot and I'm always cold. I told him cheekily he was welcome to sleep naked with no sheets, but he didn't appreciate that comment. He wanted the comforter to our set back on the bed, but I had to explain that it was very expensive, and he wasn't supposed to actually sleep with it, or it would get ruined and worn out too quickly, but that concept seemed beyond his Man's Brain.

So, my dilemma is, what do I do with the down comforter and duvet? I love them, but he hates them. Major Buyer's Remorse on his part. I think we're in for a major tug of war with this one.

What to do, what to do....

In other news, I am very excited that we might be taking our family to London for summer vacation. They have a Harry Potter meets Shakespeare Tour that is eight days, and Hubby found it on the internet, and soon we were all drooling over it. You get to see all the sights of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, etc, and all the sites where they film the Harry Potter Movies, then on to Shakespeare's haunts like the Globe Theatre, etc.
I hope we can go. MAN I hope we can go! It's a bit pricey but I am thinking of all the culture our kids will get. (Not to mention I'm a hopeless anglophile and would probably do cartwheels if we made it there!) Fingers are crossed!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

My sister says I'm not on the computer in the mornings anymore. She's right. I have been so busy lately, with well...stuff, I haven't had time to breathe. I have a nightstand with a stack of books waiting to be read. I have a novel waiting (a little too patiently, I suspect) to be written, and I have at least 10 brand new dvd's still in their wrapping paper waiting to be watched.

My only guilty pleasure as of late has been celebrity magazines (of the People and US variety) and I have decided that all Spokespeople for celebrities are pathological liars. All they do is deny deny, deny. And Lie, lie, lie.

Take the comedy "America's Sweethearts." A total parody of Celebrity life--and pretty much spot on. Most actors are usually...well...a bit arrogant, egotistical, spoiled, and downright weird. Let's face it--if they were anything like the heroes and heroines they play in films, they wouldn't need a mouthpiece.

Case in point--Lindsey Lohan has just come out and said that she got all skinny through drug use and Bullemia last year--and of course her spokesperson at the time said "She's using a trainer--she's getting healthy" etc. etc. Deny Deny Deny, Lie, Lie, Lie.

Take the preturnaturally doomed union of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Their poor publicists are probably off somewhere with their feet up, having a strong drink, or in therapy for all the lying and denying THEY had to do so that the DVD release of "Newlyweds" would at least have a chance at sales.

I could go on, but my point is: its truly laughable how the celebrities in their private lives are mere shadows of their public lives. I mean, look at Rock Hudson. The public always thought he was something else, and he lived a life as a stifled human not able to tell people who he really was.

It's all smoke and mirrors, and we eat it up.

Excuse me while I go renew my "US Magazine" subscription...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back Home

Ahh, to be back in my own house, with the kids in school (except for Thing Three, who has preschool two days a week and has been pestering me every ten minutes to help him tear open/put batteries in/show him how to work another toy.)

And like a fool I finally told him YES, he could have his box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans that Santa put in his stocking (I have defiantly told my kids that I would never, EVER buy those icky things myself ) and nearly had to perform the Heimlich on him when he choked on a Rotten Egg flavored jelly bean, I think he thought that the nasty flavors weren't really...well...nasty. He's getting up the courage to try a Booger flavored one--I just roll my eyes and chalk it up to being a boy. YUCK. Who else would find Vomit-flavored candy funny? That is just wrong.

I am super excited. Santa gave me a new laptop for Christmas, so I'm on this one and have moved the older laptop to my bedroom. Now I have absolutely no excuse not to write.

And I will definitely be writing. My goal is to finish my Ellie novel in the next two months. About 50 thousand words. It will be hard, but I will do it.

And now I have to go, Thing Three is yelling that I absolutely MUST taste the Dirt-flavored jelly beans...I am hoping that they are significantly better than Sardine...