Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The News Sucks.

Thing One woke up this morning with a fever and tonsils the size of Polska Kielbalsa sausages. Niiiiice.
So, we've had to cancel her playdate and I'm keeping her home. She's taking it pretty well, even the fact that I'm "quarantining her" to her room for the remainder of the day. This Mama does NOT need to get sick right now. I have 8 weeks left. I'd like them to be healthy so I can get ready for baby.

Is that selfish? I'm thinking no.

I'm thinking SELFISH is the Mom in the news who is overfeeding her 200+ pound eight year old son, Connor. This woman is awful. She was quoted as saying "Well, what am I supposed to do? Not feed him? Have him be a skinny runt?"

Um, NO, Lady, you could FEED HIM IN MODERATION so he's not roughly the size of a baby hippo at the tender age of FREAKING EIGHT.

People like that piss me off, seriously. I am glad there is some intervention for poor Connor. I hope he gets help.

I have decided that the news isn't fun right now. We've got craptastic stuff like that story, AND Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith (aka the Soap Opera That Never Ends) and we've got Iraq and the Stock Market and all sorts of yuckiness. I can't watch the news with Hubby anymore. Yet, I like to be caught up on World Events, so it's a double-edged sword. Personally, I'd rather eat my boogers than hear about half the stuff that's going on. Sorry, but it's true.

Time to get the kiddos on the bus. Sorry I'm a downer, today. It hasn't started off, very well.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We sold our house yesterday. We are officially the proud owners of only ONE house! WOO HOO!
You have no idea how nice it was to get on the phone and cancel all the utilities yesterday. No more double utility payments. That should save us a bunch every month. The killer was the electric/heating bill for keeping a house warm (for the "lookers") in the cold Denver weather. NOT FUN. And of course the realtors were always going in and turning all the lights on in the house and letting them burn for HOURS at a time. We had one monthly bill that was $400, for a house we weren't even living in. And water bills. And snow removal bills. It was a big thorn in our butts, for sure.

Not any more! Whew! HOORAY!!!

Okay, I was tagged by Ann, so here goes:

Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1) Because I need to write something every day:
They say all good writers force themselves to write, EVERY day. I would like to think of myself as a good writer…some of the time...
2) It's a way of venting:
A blog is like a journal, but not as personal (Um, since the entire WORLD could potentially see it!) It’s nice to get things out sometimes, and realize that your life (although boring and pathetic) can actually be dang funny when you write about it. It's a strange phenomenon. You can take the most embarrassing, mortifying, or tragic thing, and although it may seem awful at the time, it always seems funny a week later.
3) To drive my Husband Starkers:
Hubby HATES the fact that I blog. I don’t even think he reads it. If he does, he doesn't let me know. It’s sort of like we have this “don’t ask don’t tell” deal about my blog. He is very supportive of my writing,--he just thinks blogging is a complete waste of time.
4) To keep my family informed.
I don’t talk to them every day, so they can read my blog and know what’s going on in my life…to a degree.
5) It's fun:
And “daring.” I’m putting myself “out there” and it is sort of a rush sometimes. But that’s it. I’m NOT that adventurous. I like living Under the Radar.

So, that's it! I'm not tagging anyone because I always tag the same five people it seems, and I've tagged them to death lately. So you're all off the hook! (Unless KAREN wants to be tagged! ;-)

Time to rush around. Happy Tuesday, all!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Does Boy Hair Grow so FAST???

It doesn't seem fair. When a girl has a really bad haircut, and wants her hair to grow out (this happened to me SEVERAL times during my tween and teen years) it seems to take forever.

But a boy? A week, and it's grown out enough. It's just not fair. AND, when you happen to have a household full of boys needing haircuts every two weeks, that is tedious too.

Thing Two stumbled downstairs for cereal this morning looking like the lead singer for A Flock Of Seagulls (circa 1983) and I knew it was time to take him to the salon. At least he got nearly three weeks out of his last haircut! I still haven't figured out how he sleeps so that his hair does that (wings on both sides). So we'll all have assembly line haircuts at Cost Cutters tomorrow.

We got about a foot of snow, but nothing too bad. I guess the weather people overreacted. Now I hear it's heading East. Have fun! Hopefully they won't get too slammed.

Well, I found out why I was soooooo tired lately. My Glucose test came back fine, but I was low on iron, so my Dr. called in an iron supplement. And now, my energy seems to have returned. I was never anemic with my other pregnancies, so this was a surprise. But it's nice to not feel like I want to sleep all day long!

I skipped the Oscars last night. We dvr'd it instead and caught up on all our CSI shows. We were up until nearly Midnight, but we're caught up now. (Hubby was traveling so we got a tad behind).

I have to work today, so I'd better get going. This is going to be a busy week. I have Family night tonight, a cub scout dinner tomorrow night, (that I will have to take the kids to without Hubby because the personal trainer comes to our house then), then Thing One is having a friend over for dinner Wednesday, and I'm attending a baby shower Thursday (not my own) and Friday, we're having a family over for pizza and a movie.

This is going to be a loooooong week.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quiet Snow Day.

We usually run around so much on weekends (even on Sundays, with church and meetings) I never have time to do much, let alone blog. But we got our lovely snow last night (not as much as we thought, THANK GOODNESS) and church today was cancelled, so here I am, blogging on a Sunday.

Hubby is in the office, doing computer stuff, and the kids are basically entertaining themselves. I just got dressed (I know, scandalous!) and I'm tidying up here and there. It's actually kind of boring to be snowed in. I should probably get out some games and get playing with the kids. What else is there to do?

Although I will say the neighbors across the street started shoveling their driveway at 8am, and their kids JUST finished. Three hours later. Wow. We have a service coming. I actually like to shovel (Hubby does too) but now that we have a driveway the size of a country road, it's no fun anymore. (It's really not that big, but we are set halfway back on an acre and it is fairly long.) So, NO FUN. It's still wayy to windy for my taste though. All the snow is blowing around.

I hope everyone is having a good day. I think we're going to have BLT's for lunch. Yum!

*Update*: It's snowing again, and it's really DUMPING. I'm glad they haven't done the driveway yet!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

That Just Ain't Right

Okay, I don't normally blog on weekends, but this is just crazy: We got six inches of snow last night--and they are predicting a BLIZZARD starting at 6pm tonight, ending at some time tomorrow, in which we will get an additional EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY-TWO INCHES.

Hence the title of this post.

Battening down the hatches as I write this!


Friday, February 23, 2007

What Do I NEED When I Write?

Okay, we're supposed to either get rained on, or DUMPED ON (Snow) this weekend, depending on which way the Cold Front shifts. Although I am thinking snow. I just looked at, and it said snow every day except one for the next ten days.
Nice. I need to go on a milk run again. When we get storms around here, the milk disappears. And although I have lots of powdered milk in storage, I'm not crazy about the taste of it...

Actually, I have to say it's been a nice winter so far. Yeah, it's been bitter cold and yucky, but the SUN has been out too, which makes it SOOOOOO much better. Seriously, sun makes all the difference. I remember one winter here I had gray skies for two months solid. And it was depressing as HECK.

I'm reading Philippa Gregory's The Queen's Fool, now. I can't put it down, either, but I've been forcing myself to. This woman really has the Tudors DOWN. I know it's a work of fiction, but she does a "Dan Brown" where she uses real characters and makes you get into their heads enough to where you would totally BELIEVE it's all real. And that, is great writing.

Now, for the title of my post:

I'm sure every Writer has their "stuff." As in the things they need, to write. I'm the type of writer who, when I'm going strong, I don't want to stop to do menial things, I just want to keep going. So I have a "Writer's Survival Kit" at my writing desk in my office.

Sounds weird, I'm sure, but I REALLY don't want to stop when I'm on a roll. So what do I have in and on my desk to make sure I can "keep on going and going and going?"

1) Chapstick
2) Hair bands (to whip that hair back into a ponytail when it starts to bug me)
3) Pens Galore (including red for editing)
4) Sticky notes
5) Kleenex box
6) Bottle of water
7) Candy jar (Filled with Spree-because they're sour and I won't want to eat a bunch, but in case I need some sugar)
8) Telephone
9) Reference books (Thesaurus, Dictionary, etc)
10) Lotion
11) Portable CD player with "inspiring" music
12) Pencil sharpener, stapler, staple picker, ruler, paperclips
13) Laser Printer

Whew! I think that's it. I have basically everything I need, except a port-o-potty. (As if I would really HAVE one!) But luckily, in the basement, I just have to go down four steps and there's the bathroom, in the Game Room.

So, unless I'm absolutely starving, I have all the little comforts I need, so I can plod on. And if I need something from my historical files, I just scoot the leather chair back (I LOVE wheels!) and there are the files, behind me. I have the perfect setup--for me.

So, what do you all have at YOUR writing desk? I'm tagging Devon, Mik, Colin and Brenda.

Time to get some breakfast, and get the kids in their coats. It's FRIDAY!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh, Deer...

Worked 8-1 today, so had ZERO time to blog this morning. But I'm home now and I don't work again until next week. So, whew!

I had something totally cool, yet strange happen yesterday. Our subdivision is heavily wooded at the entrance, and when I turned into it yesterday, I saw TONS of deer, in the road, crossing the road, and at the side of the road. There had to be at least 12-15 of them, all together. I've never seen anything like it. Do deer run in herds? There were a few Bucks and the rest were Does. It was weird. And of course they started to run and scatter when my Expedition came driving up to them. I drove really slow, and watched them as some galloped left, some to the right.

I've never seen more than one or two deer at one time, so it was bizarre. I just wish I'd had the kids with me, to see it! Deer are way more exciting than wild turkeys! ;-)

Okay, I want to quit my job. (Kidding) But seriously, when I walked into a large fitting room today and there were about 5932457 swim suit pieces on the floor INSIDE OUT, I wanted to KILL whoever had done that. I mean, what the heck? What a total PIG. Women like that make me crazy. She had left all the hangers on the floor too. GRRRRRRR.
Not to mention the fact that it's just...unsanitary. I detest re-hanging tried-on swimwear, because you KNOW what it's been touching. Thank heaven for Hand Santitizer.
But the piece de resistance, of course, is when they rip off those little clear plastic crotch protectors, and stick them to the fitting room wall.

That's my personal favorite.

I re-read Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl yesterday. Yes, in one day. I couldn't put it down, and I've read it once already. I have always been fascinated by the Tudors (Namely Henry VIII and Elizabeth) and this story, told from Mary Boleyn's POV, is captivating. It's some of the best writing I've ever read, frankly. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the Tudor Era.

Well, I'm going to catch a nap before the kids get home. The baby went sideways on me at work today (yes, he can still do that it and HURTS) and I was a mess the last half hour. I can't wait until he's too big to do it. I thought I had appendicitis for a joke.

I think I'll go and start on The Queen's Fool, also by Ms. Gregory. Haven't read that one, yet...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back to Work

...In so many ways. I'm back to working on my story, and today is my first day back to my PT job in six days. Of course I killed myself for about 3 hours yesterday and made the basement "perfect" (which involved vacuuming out about 13 pounds of popcorn from the sofa cushions in the movie theater room) so standing on my feet for four hours shouldn't be a big deal. I'm going to hang in there as long as I can. And then I'm done.

In fact, I have my OB appt. this morning (we're every two weeks now) so I'd better jump in the shower and go!

Short post today. Although I will admit that I have been following some of the ANS drama (Anna Nicole Smith) and I have to say, that crap is messed up. Must tear eyes away. But you know, it's like watching the train wreck and you HAVE to look!

One of my friends blogged about banana bread the other day. I think I'm going to make some now, after work. I've got some ripe bananas calling my name...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Widgets and Podcasts and Bears, Oh My!

I am so confused by all the technology out there today. Seriously. It's daunting, at best. And yes, I am aware that I am starting to sound like an old Lady. But I'm NOT! Things are just coming out so fast--too fast for me to catch up! Am I turning into a Luddite? I'm even resistant to buying Windows Vista! (But I think it's the common sense thing to NOT buy new Windows Versions from Microsoft until they've been out at least a year and all the KINKS are ironed out...)

*News Flash* I think Hubby and I have FINALLY decided on a baby name. We both like it (a lot) and it's COOL. So, we're set. We have one or two backups, but I think we're set. April 30th can't come fast enough!!!

Poor Hubby, he's getting sick. And he will probably be working 7am-9pm all week. I have lots and lots to say about that, but I won't. Let me just say that I'm NOT happy about all those hours. He needs some DOWN time.

Well, we've decided to do it. We're going to Europe late next summer! (2008) We want to fly in to London, stay there a day or two, then spend the next few weeks in Italy and France, and Greece. We were thinking of Spain, but the pull of Greece was too strong. We are going with another couple, whom we've known for years. Can I just say it's VERY exciting? Although I will admit a bit overwhelming to plan, because this will be our first trip to Europe, EVER. I am about as "green" as they get. But I am going to take some Italian language courses, so I can "get by."

At least I have some High School French under my belt. So I'll brush up on that too!
I am sure somewhere out there Madame Caulliez is on the floor, clutching at her sides and laughing her ass off at this notion. (Let's just say...I did more flirting with the Cad of the High School in French class than I paid attention! ;-)

Okay, fun time is over, time to get the kids into their snowsuits. But I will say, it was a miraculous FORTY FIVE degrees yesterday. We can see parts of our lawn again! WOO!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Big Dilemma...

Status: It's supposed to get ABOVE freezing today! I'm rejoicing!
Kids are off school today, so we'll probably see "Bridge to Terabithia."

Okay, seriously, this has become a problem. Since Thing Four (who will be arriving in a couple of months) was an...*ahem*...bit of a surprise...well...we can't seem to agree on a name for him at all.

And I mean NOT AT ALL.

Every name I have "sort of liked" Hubby has either flat-out hated or made fun of. Every name he likes, I have either flat-out hated or made fun of. It's funny, how people you know who have certain names make you NOT want to name your child that name, because they're not your favorite people. That has seemed to happen a lot to us lately. For example:

Hubby: I like "So and so."

Me: Egads, no!"

Hubby: Why not? "So and so" is a good name!"

Me: I knew a so-and-so growing up and he was a total sh*t--how about "such and such?"

Hubby: Yeah, sure. He'll be teased the rest of his life with a name like that. "Such and such the Such and Such" (this part is sung)

Me: I see your point.

You SEE? We have this problem a lot. And Hubby seems to have this uncanny ability to think of either a really bad word or a really bad rhyme that completely negates any name I like. (Although I will begrudgingly admit he's been spot-on on a few of them!)

SO, we got this huge (as in THICK) book of baby names, and literally have gone through it three times, and we have about FOUR names out of the entire book that we like. We've stopped looking at the "most popular" baby name lists, because they have common names in them. Heck, we could go for "Jacob" or "Michael" but EVERY BOY has those names!

I even Googled "Really Cool Baby Boy Names" but I'll be danged if I'm going to name him "Cash" or "Stryker."

So, we have FINALLY narrowed it down to two names we feel we can agree on. We're lukewarm over both of them, but I am happy to report they are NOT currently common names, and they were BOTH on the "really cool" list. So we'll let the little tyke come out, we'll look at him, and decide which name he'll be.

I am envious of my sister-in-law. She called me up the other night, all excited, saying that they'd had their ultrasound (she's two months behind me) and they were having a boy, and his name was going to be X. How nice that they agreed so quickly on a name!

Thing Two thinks we should name the baby Chauncey. I suspect he's been playing a little too much "Luigi's Mansion" as of late...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Worst Customer Service Award.

*This will be my last post until Monday--we're headed to the Wisconsin Dells today! Woo!*

Okay, it's funny, in a customer-service oriented world, you would think people would at least TRY. But sometimes, sometimes, you encounter people who just don't belong in the customer service field.

Case in point, my run-in the other day with the Ignorant Kinko's Guy from Hell.

So, I'm at the FedEx station at my local Kinko's, overnighting our tax stuff to our accountant. The guy who is helping me is new, I haven't seen him before, but I wait for him to finish patiently.
"Well, they don't have Standard Next Day to where you're sending this, so I put you on 3 Day Express Saver," he states to me, and starts typing away.

I realize what he's just said. "Well, I don't want 3-day Express. I want it to get there tomorrow. Could you upgrade it to Priority Overnight?" I ask.
He looks at me pointedly for a moment, then in a VERY arrogant tone says "I'm working on changing it right now, Ma'am."
He takes FOREVER to key everything in, and tells me the amount due. I hand him my American Express card.
Now, we LOVE Amex, because we get double points. So we put everything on it. We pay it off monthly, and it's the only card we have, other than a check card.

He runs my card through the scanner and pauses for a moment, looks perplexed, and runs it through again. "Sorry, Ma'am, but it looks like your card has been declined." He announces very loudly.

I look at him, incredulous. "Declined?" I repeat.
"Well, it's saying it's "not authorized."
"That's not possible," I say calmly.
"Well, in this case, it is," he shoots back just as calmly.
Trying not to be aghast at his rudeness, I narrow my eyes, trying to think of a reason WHY it would not be authorized. I can't think of even one, so I dig my feet in.
"Could you run it through again, please?"
He looks at me. "Did you pay your bill on time? Sometimes these things happen."

That's about when I lost it. "Look, you're running it through wrong," I insist. "There shouldn't be any problems with that card."
Apparently I'd hit a nerve, because he glared at me (seriously) and said VERY condescendingly "No, I'm running it through the same way I run through all the other cards."

At this point, I'd had enough of his arrogance. "Could you get the other guy to run it through?" I asked, as calmly as possible.
He looked at me, as if I was the Dumbest Person In The World, then motioned for his coworker (who was a familiar face) to come over.

"Hey, this customer's card isn't going through, and she's telling me it's not possible," he says evenly, OOZING with rudeness.

Familiar Guy looks at my card, then at the computer, and tells him simply: "Amex cards are different. See these numbers? You need to type them in." He types them in with a flourish, and LO AND BEHOLD, the card goes through.

Now, generally, I'm not the type to gloat (unless I've proven myself right in a disagreement with my Hubby) so I stood there with as little expression on my face as possible while the guy blushed all sorts of shades of red and finished my transaction. He even handed me the wrong copy of my shipping invoice, but I wasn't going to correct him. I could tell he was VERY upset at being proven wrong. He didn't say a word to me after that, just handed me my receipt and walked away.

I'm not usually the type to complain, either, unless I'm REALLY pissed, so I just left.
Although I will say, if I encounter him next time, I will have no qualms asking for someone else to help me. I don't care how rude I seem.

Although I have an idea he won't be around next time, if he keeps up the attitude with the customers.

People like that just ruin my day...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...(EEEK!!!)

Although I feel REEEAAAAALLLY bad this year. Why? Let's see:
Lara's Haul: 2 dozen long-stemmed red roses (pictured above) and a card that made me cry, AND a Day At The Spa Giftcard.
Hubby's Haul: A Reece's Peanut Butter Heart and homemade valentine cards from me and the kids.
Okay, so I now feel like I sort of "screwed up" this Valentine's day. Hubby and I usually don't get "big" gifts for each other for V-day, and I figured this year would be simple too. Ergo the peanut butter heart. Hubby is in Vegas and I intend to call him up and tell him he's in TROUBLE!!!
Although the heart I got him is quite big...about softball sized...oh who am I kidding?
I hope everyone has a lovely day, and even if you don't have a significant other, it's a great family day too! Call em' up and tell them you love them! (Or give them a big hug if they live with you.) It's not just about ROMANCE, you know! It's a day to tell people you love that you love them! So get to it!
UPDATE: Okay, I just called Hubby to tell him THANK YOU (and he's in trouble!) and I just woke him up out of a dead sleep. I sort of forgot that it's only 5:30 A.M. in Las Vegas!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It Has Begun...

*Cue Music from JAWS*

But seriously, I am laughing over this one. And slightly nervous. I figured it would start sometime, but I never thought NOW.

Thing Three, who is six, has always had a "girl/friend" in each of his classes. In Preschool, it was Jackie (I have it immortalized in their class picture, where she is holding his hand). In Denver Preschool, it was Abby. And I will never forget the time I volunteered in his class and watched in amusement when during "recess" he was "the dad" and there were five girls in a gaggle behind them, all playing the "mommy" with their baby dollies and following behind him and vying for his attention.
I should have been nervous then, but I thought it was cute.
Now, in Kindergarten, apparently it has started up yet again.

So, the other night we're puttering around, and the phone rings. I answer it, and a little voice says "Is this (Thing Three's) mom?"
I said "Yes it is."
"Can I talk to him?"
I hand the phone over to Thing Three, who says "hello" and listens for a minute. Then his face lights up and he says "Oh, HI, Mari!"

My ears perk up at this point because it's not a BOY who has called him.

Then he listens to her talk for a minute and grins. Then he says "Nothing, I'm watching my brother play Quidditch upstairs" Then he listens for a minute more, and then asks her what SHE'S doing. And the whole time he has this goofy grin on his face.
I quickly realize that this girl, whoever she is, has called him up for no apparent reason, other than to "chat."

I remember the first time I got the guts up to call a guy and just "talk" to him. It was in eighth grade, and I was considerably older than six.
After a few minutes he said goodbye, and I asked him who the girl was. "Oh, she's in my class at school."

So, does this mean that my little Casanova is starting early? I guess so. He's always been my "charismatic" kid. With his golden blond hair and big blue eyes, he just exudes charm. Not at normal levels for a little kid, in my opinion. In fact, he is an exact clone of his father (who had quite a few girls admiring him in college if I remember correctly!)

ANYWAY, should I be worried? He's told me that this girl wants a "play date" with him and I am wary of him having play dates with girls where I have to drive him. I'd rather he played with boys, frankly. She gave him a special valentine yesterday (he came home with it and showed it to me proudly) and said she wants to invite him to the movies.

I am thinking NOTHING of it until her mother calls me.

Why can't he be like his older brother? I've seen girls look at HIM too, but his head is NOT thinking about girls. He's thinking about Legos and Super Mario Brothers and his friends and sports --and girls are just "mildly interesting things" at school.


Monday, February 12, 2007


It's snowing quite heavily right now. We got about 4-5 inches overnight, and the school bus was late. I had the forsight to take my kids to the stop in the car, all the other poor kids were out there freezing their butts off.

The weekend was quiet. With Hubby out of town, we usually have a much slower pace. And we eat whatever we want for dinner! One of my neighbors from two houses back, Nipa, she would do the same thing with her kids. When Dad traveled, they would have French Toast for dinner, or pancakes, or some sort of breakfast food.
So it's good to know that I'm not the only one who does that! I mean, why not have a FUN dinner?

Lots to do today, and I'm tired. I stayed up late chatting (it was fun though!) with a writer friend and of course Thing Three got up at 1am and asked me if he could have cereal. He thought it was morning. So I'm all messed up this morning. But lack of sleep has become part of my life now, I just need to forge ahead. Not like I'm going to GET sleep when this baby is born! (Although Hubby is taking a week off when the little Nipper comes out and you KNOW I'm going to let him have one or two nights where I SLEEP!)

Well it's time to get ready for work. I discovered my new favorite treat last night--Postum and Almond Biscotti. I got some at World Market over Christmas and it is Soooooo good! (Yes, I am just getting around to trying it). I'll have to stock up. There's nothing more fun than a pot of postum and a little plate of biscotti on a tray while I'm writing in my office. A great cure for the Winter Blahs, which I seem to have in spades, lately.

I was going to wash the car today, because it's warmed up to 25 degrees. But with the addition of snow, it looks like washing would be futile. DANG IT. My poor white-encrusted car. Will it ever be able to show it's true colors?

...Who am I kidding? I probably won't be able to wash it until MARCH.

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Friday.

And I really don't have much to post about. Seriously. I work 10-3 again today. It's been a busy week. Hubby leaves for a dual New York then Las Vegas trip tomorrow and won't be back until next weekend, so it will be a lonely week.

So I'll dive even more into my writing. When I have my nights free, I get TONS done. And I only work two days next week, so I should make a serious dent in my WIP. I'm reworking the first book, and cannibalizing parts from the first draft, (and using the rest to make up the second book) so it's been a lot of "copy and paste" work and that can get very tedious. I was lamenting that to one of my writing buddies the other day. I don't want to have to keep checking and double-checking to make sure I got the necessary plot exposition down, and didn't miss any details.

But I'm almost out of the recycled part of the story, and into fresh-yes-I-get-to-make-it-up-as-I-go-Territory. That will be very fun. There are certain historical elements I have to do heavy research on, but the actual meat of the story involves characters and their interaction with each other. That's the FUN part. :-) And of course discovering the clues to the Mystery! (Which frankly, I'm undecided on, but I'm sure it will manifest itself to me as I write.)

Boys have soccer tomorrow. Otherwise it will be a quiet weekend. Be safe and warm, everyone!

And yeah, this has to be the most boring post, ever. I guess a lack of drama for now is a good thing...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Crazy Bus Stop Mom...

Okay, just as a disclaimer: I don't normally call anyone "crazy," unless it's warranted.

In this case, it's warranted.

Case in point: When school started up in September, I met a bunch of moms and dads at the bus stop (it's pretty close, only one house over from mine). As the month dwindled and the weather got chillier, we would all arrive at the bus stop in the mornings with sweatshirts on, and finally, coats.

Except one mom (who shall remain nameless) who NEVER wore anything other than a shirt, to the bus stop, no matter how cold it got. We would always ask her "Aren't you cold?" to which she would reply: "No, I'm a pretty "warm" person, so I'm fine."

When it started snowing, did that deter her from walking her kids out sans a coat? Nope. Of course her kids were bundled up so that basically only their eyes could be seen, but she always had on a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, nothing else. And SOMETIMES she'd have her sleeves pushed up.

I was beginning to think she was a little nutso.

Cut to the last few days. It has been in the double minus digits with cold and windchill has been OUT OF CONTROL COLD, and lo and behold, this morning, we were all sitting inside our cars with our children at the bus stop, and she comes strutting out like normal, without a coat, just a shirt and jeans, to walk her kid to the bus stop.

I don't care how much of a "warm" person you are, you would have to have an internal temperature of 1000 degrees Kelvin to survive in cold like that without a coat for a whole ten minutes! This is WISCONSIN, people!

Or you'd have to be Starkers. I'm voting for the latter for her.

Granted, she's a very nice lady and our boys have had play dates and everything. But when I looked at my car readout panel this morning and it was MINUS 3, and she was out there without her coat, I began to wonder what she was trying to prove. I get it, you're tougher than all of us. Now go and put a freaking coat on!


I have work again today. For all of you "worriers" I appreciate the concern, but please don't worry, I know my limits. I'm just a complainer. :-)
When the time comes to be "done" until the baby arrives, I'll let them know. I just also know I would go crazy at home by myself all day long. It's a double-edged sword, really. I hate working because I'm a wuss who doesn't like to stand on her feet when pregnant, but I go even wonkier when I stay home by myself without any human contact. So it's Sixes, as far as I'm concerned.

Time to shower! I wish I could give my poor car a shower...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Too Cold To Wash...

...the cars, that is. My poor Expedition looks like it just lost a battle with a Christmas Tree Flocking Machine. But I can't wash it because it's still only about 2 degrees out. The washes are closed down where I am anyway.
Hubby has a black sedan, and BOY is he griping about it. But at the same time, even if we DID wash the cars, they'd just be salty, muddy wrecks after one trip out anyway.

Had an early Dr. appointment this morning, I got to take my Glucose test. I don't know why so many women grumble about taking it. My little bottle tasted just like Sierra Mist when I drank it down (just a little sweeter) and it wasn't so bad. For me, the "two tubes of blood getting drawn" part isn't my favorite. But I'm OK, as long as I don't look. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Work was...interesting yesterday. I walked into a store that was very nearly PERFECT, not one thing out of place. They were ready for the big VISIT. However, there was one problem: the Visit wasn't until 4pm, and so the challenge was to KEEP the store perfect for the next six hours.

Not so easy. School was cancelled, so a lot of parents came in with their kids, and lots of muddy boots. (The poor maintenance people, I counted FOUR times they had to re-do the floors so they'd be all clean and sparkly) Not to mention it was Senior Discount Day, and by noon the whole Bed and Bath Department had all gone to Hell. I was in Men's --and the Dockers were soon all messed up. Yep, it was Senior Day. I won't even go into the level of Anality (is that a word?) we were stooping to, just to make sure things were just right for the Visit.

But by 2:30 Corporate People started pouring in by the busload. That's what's so fun about working in a store that is a prototype, you see a lot of things you wouldn't see in a normal store.

I was off at three and things were getting intense. I am sure everything went swimmingly. Our store is well-run and it usually does. I was at home with my feet up when the Visit actually happened--the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Well I'd better get to all the phone calls I need to make. I will try and NOT think about how scary my car looks right can't even tell what color it is. It looks like I'm driving an igloo. WHEN WILL IT WARM UP ALREADY?????

*ahem* I feel better now.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gotta Work Today...

It's a little strange, ALL the surrounding schools are closed again today, except the school my kids go to. It's the only one having classes. But I guess it's good, because I am scheduled to work 10-3 today, and if I called out again, they'd probably not like me very much. Although there is something about working 10-3 that sucks. It's like the WHOLE day is gone when I'm done.

I am making the kids dress in layers on layers, and I am DRIVING them to school. It's still bitterly cold, and my kids are NOT waiting at a bus stop. Luckily, by the time school gets out, it will have warmed up to about 11 degrees. MUCH better than the 13 below yesterday!

Okay, this weather talk is bumming me out. I am happy to report I only had to get up three times in the night...

Okay, the Being Pregnant talk is bumming me out, too.

So we have a big walkthrough at work today, I'm sure it will look spectacular. That store is still kind of "hidden" so not a lot of shopper traffic. It always looks perfect. But the whole "on my feet thing" for five hours...

Okay, the work talk is bumming me out.

Do I have anything FUN to talk about? Hmmm, well, we got our popcorn yesterday. It's these cool packets with three pockets, one full of popcorn, one full of powder (that looks suspiciously like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Powder) and another long packet full of what can only be described as yellow SLUDGE. Here is a pic:

You turn on the popcorn cart, wait about five minutes until it's steaming, then rip the top across all three pouches and dump them in simultaneously. Then, it sizzles for a minute or two and VOILA! Suddenly oodles of yummy, buttery, salty popcorn comes pouring out all over the inside of the cart.
Hubby and I tested it out last night, and it tasted FABULOUS. I guess the yellow sludge really works! So we grabbed some popcorn, only to discover that when we sat down to watch our weekly DVR'd show "Heroes" --for some reason it HADN'T RECORDED!!! (Apparently if you're recording two programs simultaneously you have to be watching one of them (or at least have the channel tuned to one of them) or the other won't record. So, we got "24" but NO HEROES.
I am very very bummed out about that. Anyone know where I can watch or download last nights episode? :-(

Okay, I'd better stop, this post is bumming me out.

Into the shower I go...

Monday, February 05, 2007


Status: DEAD. I woke up no less than FIVE times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That's what I get for having a rootbeer float last night. *grumble*

They cancelled school today. Not a big surprise, really, since it's -13 right now and windchill is MINUS 36. They said kids waiting at the bus-stop could get frosbite within ten minutes. In fact, in a MAJORALLY creepy demonstration just now, our local news station dipped a t-shirt on a hanger in water, and within TWO minutes, it was frozen stiff as a board. Nice.

So, the kids and I will be kicking back at home today, with all the fireplaces going and lots of hot cocoa. Actually, our house is pretty warm. They build houses to withstand the cold around here, for obvious reasons. In fact, I was just standing in my sun room (which is all windows) and seriously, I felt no draft. That's how well-built this house is. Gotta love it.

Hubby had a funny dream yesterday. We watched Arthur and the Invisibles Saturday, and Saturday night Hubby fell asleep in front of "Phantom of the Opera" on TV, and apparently he dreamed a VERY strange dream where it was "Phantom" only the characters were played by Mini-Moys. He said it was slightly creepy. I had to laugh. Funny how what we are subjected to can affect our dreams.

I just hope Hubby doesn't freeze on his way to work today. He said he'll be very careful.

I just callled out at work: I feel bad calling out of work, we have a huge walk tomorrow, but that's one of the benefits of being a total peeon. If I call out, it's no big loss. Although I still HATE to do it! I only had a four hour shift. But I still feel bad. ARGH!!!!

Well, the kids are up, and I think it's time for some FRENCH TOAST!

Bundle up, folks, if you're in a cold place!

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's COLD!!!!!!

Got into it with Thing One today about her outfit for school. She wanted to wear a denim skirt with leggings, I told her absolutely NOT. I didn't care how cute she looked, she would be frozen within an hour. She pouted and fussed until I asked her if she wanted a frostbitten bum. That did the trick. Today is supposed to be freeze-the-nose-off-a-brass-monkey-cold. Yes, that cold.

Luckily Hubby had my back and commanded her to run upstairs and get some jeans on. She went without saying a word. Now, why couldn't she have been that obedient with me?
Little Stinker.

I had plans to spend a leisurely morning at Barnes & Noble, figuring out how to spend my gift card, but now I'm wondering if I want to brave the cold. But I have to pick up indoor Soccer shoes for the boys' Soccer Clinic this Saturday, so I might as well. Of course Hubby got the entire family all excited about going to the Original Pancake House Saturday morning, and I, Big Bad Mom, had to put the kibosh on all the excitement by reminding him the boys had Soccer between 9 and 9:50.

It's a dilemma for sure. Take the boys to Soccer Camp, or go eat lots of yummy breakfast food...hmmm......

Thing Four is starting to get bigger. MUCH bigger. And I finally decided on a name I really like and Hubby is only lukewarm over it. I told him that since I'm having a tougher pregnancy this time around (I'm not recommending getting pregnant in your mid 30's to ANYONE) I get to name the little tyke, and he can just deal with it.

At least the sun is out! Maybe I will brave the weather...nothing usually stands between me and the purchase of new books! WOO!

Have a good weekend, all, and STAY WARM!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Arctic Blast...

Apparently we're having a VERY cold front come in the next few days, with a HIGH of four degrees. (You know with windchill it's going to be -15!) Brrrrrrr. Fill up your gas tanks, everyone. I bet when I go to the store today all the milk will be sold out again. People panic when it gets this cold. And all that's left in the Hot Chocolate section is STORE brand cocoa! Yick.

Hubby and I put the popcorn cart together last night, and popped some popcorn. It worked like a charm, but we were slightly disappointed by the taste. It tasted like regular, no-flavor popcorn! Well, we finally figured out that since we were USING regular no-flavor popcorn, it figured. I had to go online and order special ready-popcorn packets that have all sorts of seasonings and salt and bad things in them that I can't pronounce, so that when we pop one in the popper, it will come out tasting FANTASTIC. Just like Movie Theater Popcorn. Voila!!

But the popcorn cart looks great. And I have to give snaps to Hubby because he used this teeeny wrench that was included and patiently put the whole thing together with it (because I couldn't find where they packed the wrenches). I would have screamed in frustration after ten minutes and the wrench would have found a home in the garbage. AFTER I had twisted it into a little pretzel...

Let's just say Pregnancy Hormones have not been the best thing for my temper, lately...

I've more or less gotten over the Harry Potter Being Nude Thing. My children will never see him doing that, they will only see him as Harry Potter, so I guess I won't worry.
So, frankly, he can shave his head and paint his butt periwinkle and dance NAKED with the Rockettes for all I care.
To my kids, (I'm echoing my friend Jen, here) he IS Harry Potter, and I will protect them from seeing any of his "seedier" stuff.
Poor Daniel. You just KNOW someone's going to sneak a camera into Equus and we're all going to be subjected to his nether parts on YOUTUBE or something crazy like that in February. Such is the way the World works!

Well I'd better head to the grocery store. We're good on milk, but I'm getting low on Postum, and THAT would be tragic. Happy Thursday everyone!