Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blob-age. And Those Annoying "My Kid Rules" Bumper Stickers...

I was a blob yesterday. Seriously. Hubby is traveling, it was pouring rain outside, so I took a day off. Wrote 5K on a story. Played with Thing Four. Stayed close to home, and did some laundry. Not much else. It was FABULOUS.

So, today I have guilt, and I'm going 50 MPH. But hey, yesterday was pretty awesome!

It's raining again today. And it's cold--only 50-ish. I need to go grocery shopping, because I haven't this week, and we're completely out of bread. Ooops. Bad Lara.

My son was a "terrific kid" at his school last month. I guess a kid from each class gets nominated by his or her teacher every month, and Thing Three's nomination was for Kindness. We were invited to a special breakfast where they gave him an award and read an essay about how kind he is, etc. It was really neat.

Anyway, they gave me this bumper sticker that says "PROUD PARENT OF A TERRIFIC KID." Thing Three really wants me to put it on our car. I have to admit, I have seen these bumper stickers all over town. And I've always rolled my eyes when I see them. I LOATHE those bumper stickers parents put on their cars that say things like "Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student" or "Parent of a (Name of School) Cheerleader" and crap like that. I think it's pretentious and cheesey.

I'm not alone in my attitude, because they've invented bumper stickers that say stuff like "My Delinquent Kid can Beat Up Your Honor Roll Student" etc. etc. But Thing Three REALLY wants me to put this dang bumper sticker on my bumper! He keeps asking why I haven't.

What to do? I think I just might. For a little while. After all, he is pretty Terrific. ;-) Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar Free Frosting is Gross.

Sorry Folks, it's been a bit of a hectic week. Thing Three (our catastrophe-prone child, it seems) has been having excruciating back pain, (it started a couple months ago and was coming and going, now the frequency has increased dramatically) and we took him to Ortho yesterday. He's getting an MRI. The doctor wasn't exactly reassuring, as he said back pain like Thing Three's is a definite "cause for concern" in someone so young. Thing Three is ten. I will be honest, I just want him to be able to run and jump and play soccer and not WORRY about pain, you know? We've been through a lot with him, healthwise. At this point, part of me is saying "what NOW???"

Hubby is traveling, and I'm a little nervous because the corporate jet is landing and taking off 16 times in the next few days and the weather is AWFUL. Raining fishhooks and hammer handles, and that makes me nervous. But I'll probably stay up all night like I usually do, catching up on all the DVR episodes of Fringe that Hubby won't watch with me because he thinks the show is "weird." It IS weird. I totally love it. :-)

Found out that Pillsbury Sugar Free Frosting is absolutely GROSS. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I made a sugar-free yellow cake (the cake part was okay) with chocolate frosting, and the frosting had this nasty aftertaste and I think it should be avoided at all costs. Our technology hasn't advanced enough to make sugar free taste very good, I'm discovering. BLEAH. Save yourself the $3. Do not buy it!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boys and Weapons. *SIGH*

Quick post today--I have one of those days where I am tightly scheduled, and can't afford deviation.

Thing Two is leaving on his first overnight Scout campout (Hubby is going with him, hooray!) and we have to "buy" a few things. One of them being a Swiss army knife. What is it with boys and Swiss army knives? It's like, I'm buying him a COMPUTER or something, he's THAT excited. Well, I won't buy him an Airsoft Rifle like he wants ("But Mom, ALL the boys in the neighborhood have one!"), so I guess this is something. But I will have to Lay Down The Law concerning when and where he can actually have the knife on his person. (As in, only during Scout Campouts???) His brother is very jealous. But he will get his very own knife when HE goes on his first overnighter. For now, they get to have NERF guns, and be happy with them. **Lara rolls eyes** I know I'm so mean.

What is it with boys and weapons? Never mind. I get it. It's like, girls and barbies. They GO TOGETHER. :-)

I find it interesting, though, that it has been in the eighties and seventies here, and now that they're going on a campout, it's going to be FIFTY DEGREES (35 at night) and RAINING. Poor guys. I will be all cozy in my soft bed with my down comforter in my comfy jammies, and they'll be shivering in their Mummy bags in a tent.

It will build character, right? ;-)

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Although since my beloved BYU lost last night in overtime, (Florida DIDN'T get "Jimmered") it will be pretty somber. We're pretty broken up about it, over here.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Not that anyone cares, but Queen Elizabeth I, last of the Tudor line, died on this day in 1603. *sigh* The end of a wonderful yet turbulent and bloodshed-filled era. Is it bad that I'm like "Meh" about the Stuarts? ;-)

My daughter, who is thirteen, has ZERO interest in history. I am shaking my head over it. When I was young, I loved old things. LOVED them. Old books, old houses, old movies, everything. Mostly I was interested in the 19th and very early 20th century, but I loved reading about history, archaeology, Egyptology, Greek Mythology, anything that had to do with the past. Currently, I am hugely obsessed with Tudor history. I even have "Tudor Stuff." And yes, my iPhone has a Tudor Rose on the welcome screen. :-)

My daughter? She "hates" old stuff. Or so she says. She doesn't even like classical music. She is into her friends and her phone and the Internet and TV. She is interested in the Here and Now, not the How and When.

I am sad about it. Since she is my only daughter, I thought exposing her to historical things when she was young would ignite an interest. I took her to museums, antique markets, and went over Genealogy with her. We collected old books, we stopped at old churchyards where we looked at the churches and read the inscriptions on old gravestones, I told her all about Ancient civilizations (and pointed her to my many books on those subjects in our library) heck, I even took her entire Girl Scout Troop to an old local turn-of-the-century settlement where they could see what life used to be like in Pioneer times.

She seemed interested in those things. Now, she tells me, without batting an eyelash, that she "hates" History and thinks it's "dumb and boring."

To me, an amateur historian, these words hurt. I suspect the fact she's a teenager has some part in it, and I tell her I love History, and I'm sorry she doesn't share my enthusiasm. But I do worry. If we get enough kids like her, who have zero interest in the past, pretty soon we'll have a generation that truly doesn't care about History. It's a sobering thought.

Luckily, I have two sons who LOVE history. (Granted, one of them is more into "Military History" but I'm fine with that.) But, you know, I kind of wanted my daughter to be interested in it, too. :-(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm less grumpy today. Although all my neighbors in the cul de sac get their lawns done on different days of the week, which means nearly EVERY day I have those fershlugging industrial-sized lawnmowers zinging eight inches from my house. And LEAFBLOWERS. Oy, don't get me started on those.

I am very excited. My nearly 12-year old son is finally, FINALLY taking an interest in what people think of him. Which means, since I am anal and won't let my kids out of the house until they've brushed their teeth, combed their hair and gotten clean (or at least SEMI clean) clothes on, I yell at him to do these things a lot less, lately. Which is nice. And suddenly he's interested in working out and lifting weights. I am going to encourage him in whatever he wants, of course, and I'm glad he's finally "getting it." Granted, middle school can be brutal, you need to be on top of your game to survive there, so I can understand his newfound interest in not appearing unkempt all the time.

His ten-year old brother, on the other hand...that's a whole other can of worms. He's the one who's worried about "looking dumb" since about, oh, BIRTH. He actually argues with me about clothes, because HE knows what the fashion is at his school. And he's VERY sensitive about his hair sticking up, when he wakes up. He wets it right down again. Then again, he's a bit of a "ladies man," and always has been, so this doesn't surprise me. And yes, this is the kid who comes home nightly looking like he fought with a muddy Mack truck...and lost.

Funny how different two boys can be, even though they came from the same two people. ;-)

And now it is time to run run run!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm GRUMPY Today.

Today is LAUNDRY day. Maybe that's why I'm so grumpy. Laundry makes me grumpy. I look at some of the clothes my boys have worn and I think to myself: "Really? Are you KIDDING?" I do this a lot, actually. Thing Three isn't happy unless he comes home grass-stained and covered in dust most nights. With marker on his hands and orange lips from Cheetos filched at a friend's house. UGH. Thing One is almost worse: she magically never has any dirty clothes. For WEEKS at a time. I have finally figured out why. Because she hides them. Somewhere in her room. And suddenly, one day she says "Mom, I don't have any clean underwear or socks or shirts or jeans." And she produces a pile of dirty clothes the size of a small automobile that she's been hoarding. Niiice. Then there's the whole "Wash-Two-Shirts" thing she likes to do. She's sneaky. When I'm off to soccer practice or some other errand, she runs and sticks two or three shirts in the washing machine, and runs a full cycle.

This drives me nuts. If you're going to waste all that energy, you need to have at least TWENTY shirts in there. Grrrr. :-(

And I'm especially grumpy because someone went through my sugar-free candy jar and picked out all my pieces of Dubble Bubble. SACRILEGE!!!

Hope everyone else has a less grumpy day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well (Insert Curse Word) My (Insert Curse Word).

We've been without hot water since Saturday night. Can I just say I never realized how dependent we were on hot water until it was gone?

I could say a few other choice words as well, but I think brevity is on order today.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunblock for--ONE ARM??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND, AIMEE!!!! Hope it's a great one!!! :-) XOXOXO

It's supposed to be 85 today. Can I just write that again?

It's supposed to be 85 today. Holy Cow I love it! We are grilling hamburgers tonight. And eating them outside. WOO! I love being outside. Although I'm going to have to start putting sunblock in the car, for my left arm!

I think I've mentioned this before, but I have to wait about 30 minutes in line to pick my middle-schoolers up from school. They get out at 3:45. If I am not there by 3:15, the line of cars is so long (all the way out to the street sometimes) It's actually 4:15 before I even GET to them. So, I leave my house at 3, get there by 3:15-ish, and sit in the car and wait. And the sun always shines on my left arm. I can't block it. Yesterday was bad. I had to sit in the passenger seat after a while, because I could feel my arm burning. So, I'm going to put some SPF70 in the car, for my left arm. Hey, don't laugh, my dr. told me that's one of the most common places for skin cancer for people--the left arm. Because it's the one the sun usually hits while driving! So, don't call me crazy just yet!

I'm taking Thing Four to the "jumpy castles" today. He loves them. And it gives him an outlet. He sure has a lot of energy sometimes.

Things are busy, but good. Thing Three had soccer last night and he proudly proclaimed he's one of the best players on his team. Well, THIS year they've put him with other 10-year olds, he is no longer playing up with 11-13 years olds. (We signed him up late last year because we'd just moved and they already had a ten-year old team so they played him up on the older team.) I liked that he was getting challenged last year, and he certainly held his own against those older boys, but he just looked so...tiny out there! Now he looks like he's where he's supposed to be.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully Spring is "springing" wherever you are!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's DAY!!!

Better wear green today! (I know, but it's fun!) Being part Irish, I like to play along.

Got my test results back from the Dr. yesterday, and I'm healthy, but apparently I'm Vitamin-D deficient? Huh? I've never heard of that. So, I'm taking a Vitamin D pill, once every week, and then I will switch to daily doses of D vitamins. Interesting. Then again, I don't drink milk (not on this diet) and I hardly go in the sun, and when I do, we're talking SPF 70. My neighbor told me about the Mystic Tans (a.k.a "Spray Tans") at Palm Beach, and I plan on going that route this summer. A) Because I don't Tan, and B) I don't want to look like a dried raisin when I'm 50, and a very big whopping C): Melanoma. Don't want it.

She was very tan all last summer, and now that I know her secret, I think I'll do it too. ;-) Apparently Mystic tans have come a long way since the "orange" days. ;-)

Speaking of GREEN, everything is turning that color, now! It's going to be in the 80's for a bunch of days this week and next, and I think I'm in love with Charlotte in the Springtime! Pretty pretty!

I hope everyone enjoys today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pink-Slipped? Or a Promotion?

I'm a little sad. I was teaching the 3-year olds in church, and I've been reassigned to teach 9-year olds because their current teacher is moving. And the class has TEN of them. Granted, I have my good friend team-teaching with me, but DANG. I'm going to have to work on my hog-tying skills. Yes, I'm totally kidding, and I'd like to think they think I'm such an awesome teacher they moved me to this class, but I'll miss my little cherubs. Because teaching them was so much fun, and so easy. Nine year olds--not so much.

I'm off to the Salon tonight. I went dark for Winter, but Winter is over. Time to lighten up the highlights. Just a shade. I love my hair person. She's fun, she knows what looks good on me, and I totally trust her.

Okay, I have nothing exciting to say. I guess because it's Wednesday. Not a whole lot going on! ;-)

I'm not going to lie, I'm still very upset by what is happening in Japan, but I've done what I can, from here. If you want to donate, you can do it here and here.

My ten-year old son wants to plan a school fundraiser to get hygiene kits together to send to the more ravaged parts of Japan. He's going to discuss it with the asst. principal today. I am not sure if they will go for it, but I like that he's motivated to do it. I am going to encourage him, even if they might not deem it worth their time.

Every little bit helps, right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Toast Day.

Yesterday was weird. You know how some days just seem to disappear? Suddenly you look at the clock, and it's mid-afternoon?
My day was like that. Granted, I had to take Thing Three to the Dr. for back pain (she suspects muscular and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication) and then I took him to Sports Authority and got him new soccer cleats, ball, shin guards and socks (but not shorts because he already has like, TWENTY pairs) and by the time we made a MacDonald's run (I didn't partake!) and headed back home, it was already 1pm.

I don't like it when the day flies. It's a weird feeling. Maybe I'm just antsy because of the whole "Spring Forward/Lose an Hour" thing. It's psychological. I need to adjust, but I think it might be a week or so before I do.

So, Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried over his tasteless Twitter jokes about Japan. GOOD. I can't believe he would say such awful things, hiding behind the guise of humor. News Flash: Death and destruction and loss of life on a massive scale are NOT funny, Jackass. In fact, if you need a sobering view of what truly happened, here is an interactive "Before/After" site that lets you see the amount of devastation.
Definitely no humor there. Shame on you, GG.

I need a new book to read. My friend is trying to get me to read MATCHED, she says it's fantastic. I've never read the Hunger Games series (you can close your mouths now) and she told me it's similar.

I've read a lot of YA lately, and I want some "grown up" books. :-)

Happy Tuesday everyone, it IS Tuesday Toast Day, after all!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Thing Four has started including the people of Japan in his nightly prayers. I am so sad over the amount of devastation and loss. I'm glad my church gives a lot of Humanitarian aid, but they are saying it is even impossible to get aid to certain places like Sendai because the roads are closed and the bridges are out, and the airport is flooded. Power, water and gas are out. There isn't even cell service. 

We had an ok weekend. It was beautiful weather, 70's and 80 degrees yesterday, and things are really starting to green up. I finished reading A Discovery of Witches, and I can't wait for the sequel.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet. Soccer starts up today, but Thing Three has to go to the doctor first, because he says his back hurts whenever he runs, in his lung area. So, we need to check that out. I've banned him from the neighborhood trampoline until soccer season is over, because, after all, it IS how he broke his foot and missed the last few games of last season...

An ounce of prevention, right?

I hope everyone has a happy Monday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday? Already?

First off, I'd like to wish my dear friend Devon of Ink In My Coffee a very happy birthday! You're the best!

On a sadder note, my thoughts and prayers are going out to all of the people suffering in Japan, right now.

I really don't have a lot to blog about, which is the usual these days. I'm sure no one wants to hear about how I survived my first MacDonald's run and didn't even sneak one of my kids' fries, or how I signed my three-year old up for micro soccer. (He's so excited.) And I'm PRETTY sure you don't want to hear about a certain incident involving a paperclip, part of an action figure and an unfortunate tube of chap stick.

Yeah, I'll keep that one to myself.  But I'll give Three points to anyone who can guess. :-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Tell your family you love them!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Thee A Kindle!!!

(By the way, there's a Big iPhone/iPad update out. Sync your stuff, people! Mine took 30 minutes to download each update, which usually means they're ginormous.)

Okay, I am just going to come out and get my little soapbox to stand on. This is advice I am giving the general population:

1) If you're like me, and you love to read, yet you have 80794839609785 books in your house, well, you need a Kindle.

2) If you don't like waiting for that book to get to you in the mail, (or paying SHIPPING!) or trudging/driving/whatever you do to a brick-and-mortar bookstore to purchase a book, you need a Kindle.

3) If you're short on living space BECAUSE you have 80794839609785 books in your house, you need a Kindle.

4) If you travel, and want to read on your journey (like my Hubby does) and you don't have room to pack all the books you'd like to read, you need a Kindle.

5) If you like the idea of being able to access any of your books from your Virtual Kindle Library from your phone, iPod, computer, iPad, need a Kindle.

6) Yes, Kindles are over $100 but they are an investment. When I think of the money I save, when I buy the reduced priced Kindle version of a book, with no shipping fees, or using gas to drive to buy it, the Kindle pays for itself very quickly.

7) Can I reiterate how much MONEY is saved????

8) You can have as MANY books in your virtual library as you want. We're talking bazillions. And you can access any one of them, at any time, with the wireless feature. (which is FREE by the way!!)

9) It's lighter and easier on the eyes than the average paperback. So when your favorite author comes out with a 200 THOUSAND word hardback novel, you don't have to lug the doorstop heavy book around with you, (because a paperback version won't be out for a whole year!). You simply carry around a tiny slim piece of plastic and read it and save your wrists. ;-)

Anyone think of some other good reasons? Can you tell I'm in love with the Kindle???

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Night Terrors.

These are new to me. Apparently Hubby's brothers had them all growing up. They'd wake up crying, saying things like "I'm too Tall! I'm to Tall" and then "I'm too small! I'm too small!" And of course you could never wake them up, just had to soothe them while they freaked out and eventually quieted.

I never did anything like that. I don't think my siblings did, either. My first taste of Night Terrors was when Thing Three was in the hospital. He had them every night. He'd wake up screaming that he was "floating" and he'd try and rip all his wires out. (He actually succeeded in ripping out his feeding tube, during one episode, can you say trauma?) And whenever he gets a high fever, he gets them.

Well, my three year old has been getting them, about once or twice a week. It's been tough. He wakes up crying, and he's SO sad. And he's speaking and acting like he's awake, but he's not. He's babbling. Usually he says he "needs to grow." Or sometimes he won't talk, he'll just cry and you can tell him "Mommy's here" all you want and he still cries and won't wake up. Hubby and I usually trade off, and it's NOT fun.

I've heard it's best to let the night terror sufferer just play it out, and NOT wake them up. Well, since I've TRIED to wake up my son a few times, and he won't, I guess that isn't an option. I don't like the feeling of trying to soothe my child and he acts like I'm not there, or he doesn't know me. And then it's like a switch turns off somewhere, and he lays back down and resumes regular, deep breathing, like it never happened. FREAKY.

Anyone else deal with these? My experience with them before my own children was limited to hearing about them only. I just hope Thing Four outgrows them. He did mumble something about "snakes" last night, when he had them again. Maybe we shouldn't play Lego Harry Potter anymore? ;-)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stinky Smelly Day.

Yesterday kind of stank. Probably because I did my first grocery shop since starting this diet, and frankly, it was tough. But I'm not going to waah waah waah and whine and bemoan my hunger pangs, because I'm doing this and that's that. I'm tougher than I think.

Except when one of my dream agents emails me a FORM rejection. Ouch.

But I am stronger than that, too.

I think a lot of school kids are doing projects in the U.S. on Greek Mythology. Because I've gotten no less than 80 hits a day on my "hydra" monster picture from last year. The post where I likened unpacking my boxes to "cutting the heads off a Hydra." Funny.

I finished the project I was working on, and sent it off. The rest of the day was spent feeling sorry for myself (ms rejection) and doing all the stuff I couldn't do over the weekend.

Today, I am running more errands, and THEN I'm cracking open A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES. I deserve a treat! Even if it isn't coated in chocolate... ;-)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Hairy Soccer Mom *Snortgiggle*

This weekend was a little...hairy. And now that I've written the word "HAIRY" all the pervs who find my blog googling "Hairy Soccer Mom" will have another hit. Move along, pervs, there's nothing for you, here...

Lots to do this weekend. I had one project I really wanted to focus on, but things kept getting in the way. It was highly frustrating. I've downloaded A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES to my Kindle app on my iPad, and I'm savoring the moment I get to actually start reading it. I really think it's right up my amateur historian alley... ;-)

Ran to South Carolina to get gas--with a car wash I paid $3.17 a gallon! I love how they lower your gas price when you buy a car wash--after the rainy/muddy weekend my car needed it anyway, and I saved four bucks on gas. Hey, it helps!

I stuck to my diet all weekend, and I feel great because I survived Week One. Go Me.

Watched "Just Go With It" Saturday night with some girlfriends, it was way cute! It was actually pretty clean for an Adam Sandler movie--and even though it was your predictable Jen Aniston Rom Com, I laughed out loud (as the did the annoying HONK LAUGHER behind me) frequently through the whole movie.

Now it's back to my project and LAUNDRY. As in, I have about 17 loads to do. It never ends.

Friday, March 04, 2011


I have to comment on the Brandon Davies situation. Especially since BYU lost last night. It was tragic. I've heard a lot of people say "why couldn't he have kept his mouth shut until the season was over?"

Because he has honor.

He screwed up. He violated the honor code that all BYU students are required to abide by. He had guilt, he admitted his wrongdoing. He's off the team. It's a logical turn of events. BYU is strict with their honor code, whether you are a regular student, or star game-winning athlete. I applaud Mr. Davies, because he did the right thing. Even if it meant devastation to his team and their record. I also applaud BYU, for sticking to their guns, and not allowing him to play.

I want my Cougars to win, but Mr. Davies was thinking of the Long Term. Not just the short term. Long term gain always trumps Short term, in the way of Spiritual matters.

It's sad, I won't lie, but I know he did the right thing. And that is most important.

SO--Yesterday wasn't so bad on the diet! Well, I did have to go to the church dinner/dessert, so I got there 20 minutes late so I wouldn't feel tempted. Unfortunately for me, I arrived right about the time they were having huges slices of marbled cake. UGH. But I sipped my lemon water, because I had already eaten my diet food at home. GO ME.

Hubby got in last night, and all is well at home. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Avoiding the Snark.

My friend yesterday informed me that I have become more "snarky" as of late. She says she likes this new improved Snarky Me, and I'm not sure I agree.

It's definitely because I'm calorie-deprived. When I'm on a diet, I get...well, for want of a better euphemism...Witchy. Snarky. Nasty. Remember that scene from the 80's movie Big Business, where the high-powered corporate sister (played by Bette Midler) is nasty to her two men assistants as they're walking down the hall and when she gets out of earshot one of them mutters under his breath: "DIETING today, are we?"

Yep. That about sums it up.

I can't help it. My B.S. tolerance turns to zero when I'm not getting my usual bad-for-me-and-everybody food. And I call things as I see 'em.

This is not like me. I am normally a funny, easy-going, non-confrontational person. Hubby is the uptight one. ;-)

And don't get me started on how I am in the car now--as in ZERO patience level as well. Then again, there seems to never be a shortage of idiots who don't use turn signals or cut you off and drive slow. That is always a given.

Never mind Snark. I'll be on blood pressure medication soon. ;-)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Deep Thoughts By Lara

So, do you think Someone was trying to tell me something when I went for my morning run?

I prefer to think of it as "push on, though your obstacles may be many." I certainly can't go through 'em, but I can go underneath them, and around them, and keep going forward. One way or another, I'll get there.

And thus ends my deep thought for the day. *snort*

Yesterday was hard. First day on the new diet. At one point I think I would have salted and eaten my own foot, I was THAT hungry. And all the food was super gross. But I'm pressing forward. I'm doing this.

I have some major weeding to do today. The biggest bed in the front yard has suddenly grown green weeds like a Chia Pet. I'm going to get a wheelbarrow, lift all the pine mulch up, rake and pull weeds and spray Roundup (avoiding the Daylilies that are now coming up) and put the mulch back down. It will take a few hours, but it needs to be done. The yards are immaculate in this neighborhood. Weeds are SATAN.

I'd better take a Claritin first! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spring is Springing...You Know What That Means...

Dum de dum dum: Unless you're naturally stick thin without effort, or work out a LOT, (neither in my case) it's time to get ready for Pool Season. I don't like "Swimsuit Season." It has such a bad connotation. Then again, it is what it is. I think Swimsuit season officially ended for me after the birth of my first child. Officially. And yes, that was thirteen years ago...

Hey, there's always Mu-mus! (I am SO kidding.)

So, I'm going to work out six days a week as opposed to three or four. I will do thirty minutes minimum a day of Cardio, and other things eventually. I need to get the Winter subcutaneous off of me.

Spring usually means so many things--dejunking, de-trashing, Spring Cleaning, New Beginnings, Yardwork, I love all of it. I love Spring! Bring it on!!

I'm sure with more exercise and less calories I'll be a lot grumpier, you'll all just have to bear with me. And when I get grumpy, I get SNARKY!!

Look out, world.