Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Froot Loop Morning

I'm munching on Froot Loops. I need the sugar. Hubby had to wake up at 5am for an early work meeting, which meant I woke up at 5am. And it doesn't help that I tossed and turned all night, AGAIN.

I handle stress in different ways: headaches, the urge to eat the entire house, and insomnia. Why can't I be like those women who have NO appetite when they're stressed, and they drop weight drastically? It doesn't seem quite fair. Nope. Not me. I blow up like the Goodyear Blimp. Just tie a string to my toe and float me over the football stadium...I've been eating a LOT of carrots lately.

I got most of the basement furniture moved back. Hubby hurt his back hanging sheet rock at his brother's house--so I get to move the furniture back. It's not hard, just tedious. But I folded and re-did the guest room. When I'm stressed, I shop. I went to Target and got a bunch of waverly stuff and re-did the bed and the windows and bought some furniture at Hobby Lobby. I have to say it's looking pretty good. I guess it's because I'm a Taurus. I love decorating and doing things to my house. I'm Queen of the Candlesticks--according to my Hubby.

I am a little stressed. The kids wanted to do SO many sports this summer but we had to narrow it down. So now it's just swimming lessons, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, and t-ball. --Wait a minute, that doesn't seem very "narrowed down" when I list them like that. Oh well, the kids will stay active, and I'll live in my car. Such is my life during the summer.

Time to run. The kids built "forts" last night and that means they took every sheet and blanket in the house and made a rabbit-warrenish monstrosity that stretched all along the upstairs hallway and into Thing Two's room ( he has the "cool" room apparently for forts--the bunk beds) and now I get to round them all up.

I think I need more Froot Loops.

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Lowa said...

Ah, kids and their forts. Our's love to build them under the hide-a-bed. Another fave is to put pillows and blankets at the base of the stairs and slide down on a sleeping bag.

Hope things improve for you! Stress is no good. I know what you mean about the eating and the weight. I was always scrawny as anything and wanted to GAIN. Now, I am too big and get bigger if there is any type of stress or drama. NOT GOOD.

Froot Loops are yummy though! Hard to resist. I never eat them but if I try to eat "better", then I suddenly want Froot Loops and any other goody in the house! ARG!!!