Thursday, May 25, 2006

Road Trip!

This will be my last post until Tuesday--we're jumping in the car and heading to Utah for the Holiday. We're staying with Hubby's brother and his family, and Hubby's parents are driving down too (this is a new devlopment but oh well) and now I'm sure we'll all be sleeping on the floor. Lovely.

OK, American Idol Mini-rant: Taylor Hicks? Puhleeze. He's about as much of a "pop star" as my friend's Auntie Gertie. Seriously. McPhee outclassed him on everything--just because the ladies who loved his prematurely gray hair voted for him in droves doesn't make him a star. This is just a popularity contest, plain and simple. It's not about talent anymore. McPhee should have won. Rant over.

I have a ton to do today to get ready for the trip--and can I just say that the basement carpet ROCKS?? Of course props go to our interior designer, Jody, because I never knew such cool carpet existed, and if it had been left up to me, we might have had scary carpet.
Jody has been with us since the beginning, when we gutted the house. She picked the colors, the carpets, the hardwoods, the granite...while I was stuck back in Wisconsin trying to sell our house. I was against hiring a designer. But looking at the finished product, I'm so glad Hubby did. Well worth the money.

I discovered a used and rare book store! Halfway to Downtown Denver, on Broadway, there is this tiny (and I meen TEENY) hole-in-the-wall book store, with a handwritten sign in the window, and you walk inside and it's like something out of Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter, because it's WAY bigger inside than the building looks outside, and the books are crammed in bookshelves way over my head. And you can barely squeeze between the aisles, they're only a couple of feet wide. In fact, it reminds me of Ollivander's wand shop from the HP movies, only it's books instead of wands. And there's this little old man who runs it by himself, and he confessed to me he has an entire semi-trailer of books he doesn't know what to do with.
And these aren't just junk books. There are lots of old books--leatherbound books, rare books, and I about passed out when I browsed the History section. (he has several, it's sort of unorganized.)
I bought twelve books (we're talking big, glossy and nice ones!) and I only paid $53 for the lot, and he even threw in one on Scottish Ghost Stories for free. What a dear.
I can't wait to go back. There is something neat about that place. :-)

Well, time to get busy. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


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Unknown said...

I totally agree with you about Taylor. It's a Ruben/Clay situation al over again. Sure, Taylor will win, but Katharine will sell waaay more records. Although after her last performance Tuesday night, I was rethinking my dedication to her....