Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm babysitting Carpet guys today. Fun. I was supposed to take Thing Three to the park, but I'm not leaving the house.
We're obliterating the last holdout from our Gutting Of The House--the lovely beige carpet in the basement that looks suspiciously pink under the Reveal lights. Hubby had a field day with that one. It didn't help that we had a pink plaid sofa and matching chairs--in mint condition because I had a "pink" sitting room in Texas six years ago when pink furniture was cool--and now that it's decidedly NOT cool, I have covered it over with "manly" furniture covers. But the carpet still looked pink.
So we're getting it recarpeted in the carpet we put throughout the house. It will look nice.
And Hubby can stop complaining about the pink carpet. (Which I still think in certain lights looks beige.)

I'm trying to eat healthier. Which means I've chewed up about six packs of sugarless gum in the last few hours. One of my friends was drinking something the other day that looked suspiciously like liquid Poo, and I asked her what it was after she gave me a taste and it was actually quite good. It's the Naked Apple Smoothie, and it has Apples, bananas, mango, broccoli, spinach, garlic, wheat grass, etc. in it. But you hardly taste the vegetable part. Supposedly it gives you energy. I sure need that. I wish I could siphon off some of my five-year old's. He has seemingly boundless energy, about EVERYTHING. Ah, to be a kid again.

I got 1500 words out last night on my latest novel idea. I couldn't sleep again so I went downstairs and typed. Hubby didn't even know I was awake, because I think he was so tired from the night before. Of course, now I'm DOUBLY tired, but a diet Cherry Coke fixed that right up.

But I hope I can sleep tonight.

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Lowa said...

We have had FUSCHIA carpet in our master bedroom since we bought the house almost 6 years ago. When we were house hunting and saw this one we told each other it would be gone before we moved our stuff in, if we decided on this particular house.

We did, and it is not. Gone that is. I want sage or even a cream, but no. Still HOT PINK. I wish it bothered my husband, but apparently not enough to do anything about it. I am pouting and whining. *sniff*

Hope you like your carpet better.