Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stressed and Freaked

Couldn't blog this morning because I'm dead tired again.
I woke up at three a.m. this morning (something happened last night that stressed/freaked me out and I couldn't get it out of my head) and I went down and played Bejeweled on the computer for an hour. It didn't help. I was still stressed, still freaked, and I didn't want to wake anyone up, so I grabbed a blanket and lay down on the sofa to think.

Of course right when I was about to drift off I heard Hubby's alarm sound. He came down looking for me, worried. I hate insomnia.

I folded and hired a maid service. They just left, and now I have to run errands, so I'm blogging while Thing Three eats his lunch. Oooh, my house is sparkly. I think it's absolutely worth the money!
And tell me something: why is it that two people can clean my house in three hours and it takes me three days?
Maybe because I'm not getting paid by the hour. Or maybe because they do it for a living and they're GOOD at it. (Wait a minute...I do it for a living too (just in my own house) and I'm sure not as good as them. Sheesh.)

I'm not going to get any writing done today, and it sucks. Thing Two's birthday is tomorrow and so I'm wrapping presents, baking a cake and getting ready for the big party on Saturday.

Hubby will be out of town next week, (he leaves the morning of MY birthday!) so I'll get lots of writing done then. I'm itching to work on some of my WIPS. And watch some of the chick flicks he won't watch with me.

Gotta run, lots to do! Hope everyone has a happy day.


Lowa said...

I was driving the kids to the Zoo today thinking about how I would love to hire a maid service. I was thinking if I did, I would still have my kids clean bathrooms etc sometimes, just so they remember how, etc.

I actually thought for a second "I wonder why Lara doesn't have anyone help her with such a big house." GOOD FOR YOU!! I remember when I was pregnant with my 4th, we had someone come once a week for a few months. The problem was, I had to have everything picked up so she COULD clean. If we didn't have so much clutter and stuff, then I may cave and do it. Please let me know how it goes.

As far as it taking them less time, that is cause you can't do it non stop that way, can you?? There are two of them and they don't need to stop for phone calls, to make lunch, pick kids up from school etc etc.

Sorry about the insomnia. Been there, done that. I wish we could shut our minds off! Be like men and have NOTHING going on in there:)

Lara said...

Oh yeah, I ran around like a madwoman picking up socks, dirty dishes, toys, etc. before they came...:-P

Devon Ellington said...

The only people I know who have truly clean houses are those who hire in someone to clean (except for my mother, who loves to clean).

The people my friends hire actually ENJOY the work -- plus the fact that, for the most part, my friends do a quick touch up so it's not disgusting before they come. So it's about really polishing things and keeping it scrubbed. And having someone do it every week or two weeks makes it easier to keep it clean in between.

One family I know in CT has only three people and one neurotic dog in an 11 room house, but their cleaning person is there for 3 eight-hour days a week.

You have a big house. You're in a position where you can afford to hire someone to clean. Go for it -- especially if it gives you more time to write.

One less excuse for not writing!