Friday, May 19, 2006


Yes, I'm shuffling around this morning people, because Thing Three woke up sobbing not once, not twice, but THREE lovely times last night. Once at midnight, then at 2am, then at 4:30 am. Of course he can't remember why he was so upset thrice last night. It's all a mystery.

Hence I'm shuffling. I'm dog tired and not looking forward to the onslaught of things to do today. I bring it on myself, of course. I'm a chronic procrastinator. Thing Two's big birthday party is tomorrow, and have I ordered the cake? No. Have I picked out the contents of the goody bags? No. I was supposed to plant flowers this week. I was supposed to get a babysitter so Hubby and I could catch a Saturday night screening of Da Vinci Code (of which the preliminary results are in, and critics are screaming that Tom Hanks has been miscast--to which I can only shake my head and utter DUH!) I wish Harrison Ford was 15 years younger. He would have been perfect. Seriously.

ANYWAY, I have a lot of last-minute running around to do, courtesy of myself. Bad Lara.
However, I did get two pages typed out on my novel idea late last night. I was surprised at how easy it was to write in a modern setting. I usually write Historical fiction, and my heroines wear corsets. This is completely different, and it's liberating.

My kids are officially on "Rabbit Duty" now. Those pesky things are sure brazen. I can stomp and walk right up to them and they just look at me as if to say "Do you mind? I'm trying to have breakfast, here, lady!" and until I act like I'm going to give them a swift kick they stay put. Then they flee, leaving a little wallow that looks like it was shaved clean with an electric razor, full of lovely rabbit turds. The little imps. They have been wreaking havoc in the backyard way worse than the front, and I always chase them into the neighbor's yard. They prefer our backyard because the neighbors on both sides of us have "outside" dogs. So my back yard has become a literal Bunny Sanctuary.

Where's Wallace and Gromit when you need them?

Have a good weekend, all!

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Lowa said...

I am SO ANXIOUS to see the Da Vinci Code! I LOVE Tom Hanks, but I was totally shocked when I knew he was playing what's-his-name. Been a long time since I read the book. DUH is right!!!

We have coons instead of bunnies. Coons are not as cute as bunnies and get into fights with the cats which end up costing over $300 for surgery on the cats:( Sorry about all the turds! We don't deal with that (except the neighbour's dog which is another story), we just deal with bloodied up kitties:(

Sorry about Thing Three. Wonder what the deal is???

Today is our Third child's 7th birthday and apparently he has been up since 4 playing his fave video game. *sigh* Luckily, he did not disturb anyone!

Glad to hear you got some stuff typed out:) Tell me about the party! Our son's should be a week from tomorrow and I have not even mailed the invites yet! Cake IS ordered though:) You would think we are busy or something!?!?

Have a great weekend!