Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Printer Crazy

Okay, now we have ANOTHER printer. The HP Color Laser 2600n. Apparently the Photosmart all-in-one wasn't up to snuff for Hubby's work printouts, so we got the Laser. Can I tell you there is NO COMPARISON in quality? I love the Laser. Yeah, it's a monster, but I love it. And it's perfect for printing out manuscripts. Not that I'm doing much of that lately.

I have decided that I'm being punished or something--and I don't know why. I got the GREATEST YA story idea yesterday, and I spent the entire hour at Thing One's gymnastics lesson scribbling the idea out in a notebook. But do I have time to start it? No. Do I even have the motivation to write it? No again.

Ideas come to me, like lightning bolts oftentimes, and the story is exciting --and I see the movie in my head quite clearly. But can I WRITE the movie? That's the part I can't do. I still feel like I'm being punished, because I have all these great ideas and I don't have what it takes to get them down and get them out there. Adult ADD sucks, BIG TIME.

So last night, I crashed on the sofa in the basement (boy it's comfy) and Hubby didn't wake me up when he went to bed. So I woke up this morning on the sofa. I was that tired. It was all the lugging and lifting and running I did yesterday, getting the other storage room cleared out for the 910 pounds of #10 cans we're getting delivered next week. And I was TIRED.

Today it's cold and rainy, and I'm supposed to meet Thing Three's preschool class at the Denver Zoo. I so don't want to go. UGH. Would I be a bad Mommy if I skipped it? He really wants to go, but it's uncharacteristically cold and wet right now. Maybe if I promise to take him on a sunny day...

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