Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What is going on?

Today has NOT started out well. Thing One has had nightmares three nights in a row, and she always comes and wakes me up so I can tuck her back in and soothe her. (She's eight.) This morning it was at 2am (1:50 to be exact) and I had trouble falling back asleep. I thought the nightmares had made an exit, but she is having a rough time at school and I think it affects her dreams.

So I'm butt tired, and of course I stubbed my foot and tore off all the toenails on my left foot this morning--do you KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURTS??? Not to mention that my pedicure now looks like a NUB-icure, and it isn't pretty. Not that I care, but I had JUST grown them out from the last time I stubbed my big-a** foot.

Hubby left for Portland this morning on business, he told me to pretend it's not my birthday and we'll celebrate on Saturday. Not that I feel much like celebrating anyway. The Curve Ball is sucking all my energy out, and I don't feel like doing much. Yesterday was BAD. I need to snap out of it and try and be positive. Even though my mother-in-law sent me a giftcard to a store that we don't have here. I guess I'll have to find something online with it.

I hope today gets better. And yes, I know it is up to me whether or not it does. I think I'll make my bed and take a shower after I drop the kids off at school. And maybe a small trip to Barnes and Noble will cure my ills...


Lowa said...

Absolutely treat yourself to the book store trip. You desrve AT LEAST that. Make it a great day for yourself! Happy Birthday!

I can't even imagine how bad your toe stubbing hurt! I have a shard of bamboo (from the Pampered Chef spoons) lodged deep into the knuckle on my pinky finger. None of us can seem to dig it out! THAT hurts, but I am sure your's was worse. Hope it heals up well.

Sorry abpout Thing One. Hope it is nothing too serious bothering her at school.

Anxious to hear what your curve ball is, when you can spill the beans that is!

Lara said...

And yes, when I can, the beans will be spilled. Until then I get to fester in silence, and it STINKS.