Friday, May 05, 2006


Thing Two's birthday is next week, on the 10th. We went to Toys R Us to get a present for a different party yesterday, and I found a nifty little machine that you attach to the Gamecube console, so you can play your Gameboy games on the TV with the Gamecube controllers. Super Cool. So, I bought one, and of course I had his five-year old brother with me, who immediately went into joyous apoplexy over it and asked me when he could "play with it."

I explained that this toy was for his brother's birthday, and it was a secret. He wasn't happy at first, because he wanted to play, but after a while he came to accept it.
I should have known there would be trouble when after we dropped Thing Two off at his friend's birthday party, Thing Three announced to Thing One in the backseat of the car that he "knew a secret about Thing Two's birthday but he wasn't telling." I shot him the "I'm-going-to-kill-you-if-you-don't-be-quiet-right-now" look but it was too late. Thing One wanted to know what the secret was. So I let her in on it.

So, last night Hubby and I were watching our DVR'd shows and he says to me, "Oh, by the way, Thing Three told Thing Two about his birthday present, right in front of me last night."
I turned to him and said "WHAT???"
He said: "Oh yeah, he looked at Thing Two and said "I know a secret about your birthday and it's about your Gameboy but I'm not supposed to tell...but it's about your Gameboy."

So much for Secrets. I guess five is still a little too young.

And now we have to start running around to get ready for school. Why is it every morning, as my kids run around (and I run around) I have Mozart's Rondo alla Turka playing in my head?


Have a great weekend! Here's a little "late" Easter humor for you:


Lowa said...

Yes, and it certainly depends on the kid. I often make seperate trips just to get things. Even if a 10 year old is with me, I don't risk it. Just makes things very inconvenient.

The Christmas I was nine, I begged to help wrap gifts. I was so excited!!! A few days after I had wrapped some we were all having some discussion and I blurted out to my Dad, "I wrapped your clock radio, Daddy!!!" I was immediately mortified and turned bright red. My mother tried to stop my brothers from killing me and my Dad just tried to give me an "It's ok, honey" look.


So yes, it totally depends on the kid!! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Devon Ellington said...

The blanket in the photo below is beautiful!

I have absolutely nothing helpful to say about the secrets.

Janie said...

I don't know what age is good for keeping secrets. My 15 yr old still spills the secrets occasionally. Keep on blogging. I was a soccer Mom, and now we're into baseball.