Thursday, May 18, 2006


I had a good birthday yesterday. Hubby sent flowers, which brightened everything, and my trip to Barnes & Noble was VERY fruitful. I have revisted a story idea set in Scotland, (Not a romance, more of a comedy) and so I loaded up on Traveler's pictorials, etc. Sure, I'm bouncing around with my writing but at least I'm WRITING, you know?

I'm also putting a shout out to my friend Devon. You're in my thoughts and prayers, sweetie!

We have a tech guy coming over in 1/2 an hour to unhook the sound system/tv/etc in the basement before they put the carpet in this afternoon. There are so many cords and machines I don't trust myself to unhook them. He's awesome. Then the carpet people are here, and I'm getting my 30 flats of dry food storage delivered. FUN. Hubby isn't here to help me with them, and I nearly killed myself yesterday and the day before moving two bedrooms and a workout room's worth of furniture out of the way in the basement. But hey, I got a workout!

Time to round up the kids. Lots to do today!

The carpet guy called, and he's behind on another job, so he won't be here until Monday! So I don't have to babysit him! Hooray!
I am going to get lost in my set-in-Scotland story, I think. My two heroes, the Boyd Brothers, look like Eric Bana (in Troy) and Gerard Butler in Timeline. *sigh* I love having an imagination! :-)


Lowa said...

Wow! Flowers! How sweet and thoughtful. I bet that just made your day, didn't it??

That was interesting, all the things that happened on your birth date in history! I love stuff like that:)

Hope you have a great weekend celebrating when Hubby comes back.

My baby boy will be 7 tomorrow. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I was actually talking to the kids yesterday about having a few more:) The 13 year old LOVES babies, but not kids his younger sibs ages. So he said to go ahead and have a few and he can enjoy them and by the time they get annoying, he will be moved out! teehee

Anonymous said...

You could call your Scottish Male lead Stephen, then I'd feel special.