Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quick Post

I have about ten minutes before I get to pick up Thing Three from school--I just watched a friend's kids for two hours and it was actually too cold to play outside. Weird. There was thick frost on the ground and it's only in the forties and sunny--it literally feels like a Fall day right now. I hope our poor little tree that we've been coaxing to bloom in the backyard won't stop now...I think the frost might have stunted its progression.

So instead of playing outside we made cupcakes and frosted them, played with playdough, built castles out of blocks, raced cars, and played Hide and Seek. It's 11am and I'm ready to go to bed already! ;-)

I am no longer stressed and freaked out, I'm mostly "over" things now. Life just throws curveballs now and then, and we have to deal. So I'm dealing. Whatever the outcome, I will deal.

I am mulling a short story in my head. Funny, I've never really written a short story. Mine are all novel length, or poems so bad I'd get overripe vegetables tossed at me if I ever let them see the light of day. But it might be fun to write. After I write my church talk for this Sunday. I am the sole speaker--20 minutes, and I'm supposed to speak on Motherhood.
Wait a minute--I'm a mother. I want to be sitting in my comfortable church pew and watch someone else sweat the pulpit on Mother's day of all days, thank you very much.

OK, done with the attitude. I'd better get working on it. I have four days...


mNg said...

I am sure you will pull through :) You are a strong woman.

Lowa said...

Wow, you could totally homeschool your kids. Sounds to me like you just did today with your friend's, what I do many days with mine. Throw in some field trips, math, board games, reading and make believe and you have a great homeschooling day! LOL

Sounds like you gave those kids a fun time! Wanna watch my kids for me?? ;-)

Lara said...


Ann said...

Good luck with whatever's going on - and with your speech. But you're right - they should pamper mothers on mother's day - not make them WORK. Ick.

Lowa said...


Glad you enjoyed my jesting:)

Yes, I know you will do awesome with your thing at church. I am considering not going. I know that sounds horrible. But like Ann said, it is a day for US, right?? One day a year where we get to not do ANYTHING. I think I will sleep in and do anything I want!

Well, one can dream, right?