Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Monday...

I've got that song in my head. A good thing too, because I'm so exhausted I can't do much else! The Curve Ball that has been thrown into my life has officially become a Corkscrew with a big bunch of spit on it, I'm afraid. I tossed and turned all night (as did Hubby) and for some reason my usually comfy pillow afforded me little comfort.

Okay, I've been reading too much Thackeray. Got to talk like I'm in the 21st century! I'm reading Vanity Fair, and it's too much fun.

We're driving to Utah this weekend for a "mini break" and I'm excited. It will be nice to see some family. Especially when they have cute chubby babies on hand so I can get my baby fix. I'm starting to think about babies a lot, but who knows. I love babies. It's just when they turn eight years old I'm done with them. (KIDDING!!!)

Saturday was tiring, but nice. We had swimming lessons then we did the yard (well, Hubby did the yard and I observed) and then we planted more flowers. Then we had Thing Two's birthday party at Brunswick Zone (sensory overload for kids, let me tell you) and after that we saw Over the Hedge, which was very cute. But I think the Bear was a little too menacing. I didn't like him at all. I think young children will find him a bit much.

I think by the end of this week the Curve Ball will have been addressed fully, and we'll know what is going on. Life is funny. That's all I can say about that. More when I can.

Now it's off to the grocery store while I have all three Things in school! It's scary how even grocery shopping is therapeutic for me.

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Lowa said...

Don't feel bad. Getting a root canal is therapeutic for me! So I hear you, trust me:)

Yeah, leave it to Nick Nolte to scare kids. He was the voice of the Bear. I loved Steve Carrel as Hammy! Wanda Sykes was awesome!

Wow. Babies have been on my mind too! So much so that I momentarily went out of my mind and asked hubby if he would consider reversing the Vasectomy he got done 4 years ago. I ADORE babies and LOVED having them and caring for them. But you are right, then they get older and get sassy. That is our hesitation:) It is just hard because our "Baby" is begging for a younger sibling. I feel bad for her.

Have a great week and I hope the curveball sorts itself out soon. I hope you sleep better!