Thursday, May 04, 2006


This is Thing One's first tied blanket. She finished it this morning, and is very proud of it. It's pretty simple--we bought a piece of fleece and fringed the ends and tied them. Voila! A Blanket! This one is going to a retirement home. Go Thing One!

Now, about my title...
I sat down and wrote last night. I ignored the kids, I ignored the Hubby, and typed out five pages on my story idea. Everyone seemed bewildered, and unsure of what to do with themselves. It was actually pretty humorous.

My herione is plucky and dorky. She has no idea what's in store for her, and frankly, neither do I. I guess that's the fun of it. I'm going to let the story write itself, for once. No outline. It's freaking me out a little, but I take no risks in my real life, why not in my writing? ;-)

I think I need to buy those facial dust masks for when I clean my house now. There is dust EVERYWHERE here! Maybe because there is zero humidity and the dust has nothing to stick to. I vacuum, I dust, I beat carpets outside, I vacuum some more, and two days later, everything is covered in dust again. UGH!! I'm doing away with the bagless vacuum, and switching to bag vacuums again. At least the dust goes into the bag, and not into some chamber I have to empty which ends up spewing half it's contents into the air when I empty it.

I have to run to Toys R Us today--Thing Two has a birthday party to attend and OF COURSE I haven't bought the present yet. Which is doubly embarrassing because I always run into other moms at the toy store who are buying for the same party. Don't laugh, it's happened to me twice now. And I have the sprinkler guy coming and I have to make ten cards for the card swap tonight and I have to unload all the flats of water that have been rattling around in my truck for the last two days because I've been working up the courage to unload them.

Off I go!


Devon Ellington said...

Good for you! YOu make the time to sit down and write every night. Your family will get used to it. You've got to train them. Your purpose in life is not to entertain them 24/7. They need to learn how to create their own interests.

Lowa said...

I am not a writer, so I know nothing about it, but I agree with Devon. They will survive! I am glad you found it humurous and it did not alarm you so that you are discouraged or anything.

Sounds like a typical day with all you have to do! Your character sounds neat!

My 13 year old has been working off and on for a few months on a story for his writing class. He recently wrote in a letter to my brother that he feels he has not learned anything. He said either you know how to write, or you don't.

I plan to post the story on my blog soon. Pop by and read it if you want. It is only 5 short chapters. I think he did a pretty good job besides the characters names. All he did was take names from a video game he likes and reverse them. So Felix is Xilef, etc. Still, it is good!

Lowa said...

Oh! I almost forgot!

How did Thing One make that blanket?? It is GORGEOUS!!!

Sorry about the dust. Same thing here and of course we chose Brazilian Cherry floors and dark wood tables, etc. Shows up very nice on everything!!!

Lara said...

Maybe THAT'S what it is. Everything in my house is dark wood. And yes, it shows dust horribly...

Lowa said...

Yes, dark wood is my preference, I think it is gorgeous. The dust REALLY shows up though.

Wow. I was out of it this morning. I just read how the blanket was made. Sheesh!

It wasn't that early, so I am not sure why I missed that part of your post.

That is a great idea! I should have MY kids do that! I have been meaning to look into me and a few of my kids going to the local retirement home and reading to some of the people there.

Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle Miles said...

I'm so glad to hear you wrote! :) See? The world didn't come to an end because you ignored everyone in your house to write. GO YOU!

Maybe you need a Dyson vacuum cleaner. They're bagless and I hear the suck pretty good. BAHAHA

Anonymous said...

The blanket is beautiful.

On the dust, I have but one word: DYSON!