Thursday, June 01, 2006

Insomnia and Mary Newman.

Couldn't turn my brain off last night either. I am a wreck. BUT, I will say that I had a resurgence of interest in one of my halfway-completed novels. I was just doodling around on the Net and found a Francis Drake website, and it made me think of Mary Newman.

Mary Newman Drake was Francis Drake's first wife, who died young (and very suddenly) shortly after he was knighted. Not much is known about her. In fact, other than dates of birth, marriage and death, no one seems to know anything of note about her, even the most stalwart of Francis Drake biographers. There are no portraits of Mary, and few anecdotes. Which actually gives me lots of leeway to invent stuff about her in my novel.

SO, that's what I thought about all night (including the Curve Ball, which lately has become a Corkscrew) and now I just want to fall face-forward into my cereal. But I can't. Moms are super-human, you know. They aren't allowed to be tired.

Time to go don the cape and the boots...


Lara said...

Yes, I did! In fact, we correspond regularly! It's sort of a quest now--to see if any of us can dig up info on Mary!

Anonymous said...

I have been asked to find a photogragh of Mary Newman. She was Sir France's Wife at the time that he was Mayor of Saltash so there should be at least one of them both somewhere. Where have you looked for one so far.?