Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh, Goody, it Snowed Again.

Status: Tired of Snow. Sick of snow. LOATHING snow. Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow.....

Well, I live in Wisconsin. Why am I even complaining? We got about three inches last night, not a ton, but enough to slow up things. UGH.

Tomorrow is the day! First day of my own March NaNo!!! Woo! I am researching famous battles of history, and then the bulk of my research will be complete! I made another MAJOR discovery yesterday, and was so tickled I had to email people. My research will be MUCH different from now on. I have a new weapon!

So it's Friday, and tomorrow will be a little crazy. A birthday party, shopping for jeans (my boys officially have worn holes in the knees of ALL their jeans) picking up Girl Scout Cookie orders, packing for NYC (Hubby always needs my "consultational help"--is that a word?) and dry cleaners. At least soccer hasn't started up yet. Then I would be INSANE.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm!


Lynn Sinclair said...

Agree completely about the snow. I'm dreaming of the warmer weather, sandals and shorts. Bliss.

Lowa said...

I guess you always want what you don't have. I WISH we had snow! I grew up in feet of snow six months our of the year and always loved it. Maybe I would feel the same as you if I had not lived the past eighteen years with virtually NONE.

Just wanted you to know I went to see the Other Boleyn Girl yesterday. Wasn't impressed. I know movies are quite different from the books, but this one was VERY different unless I am forgetting things from the book. Anyway...don't rush out to see it, IMHO.