Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't Believe the Critics...

Status: I feel strange. The baby slept through the night. As in, I put him down at 8pm, and at 6:30 when the rest of us got up, he was still asleep...

It was bizarre. That's the first time he's done that. Hubby ran up the stairs to make sure he was breathing. He brought him down all rosy-cheeked and happy. So I fed him. He's working on filling his diaper now. He's grunting right next to me. Niiiice.

Sent my first query off yesterday. I'm going to query one at a time. That's just my style. I tried something a little risky (not your typical dry query) but I felt I had to do SOMETHING to "stand out" a little to this agent. We'll see what happens. My expectations are low, hopes a little higher than low. Fingers crossed!

So when a new movie comes out, Hubby is one to always check the reviews. He lives by them. If a movie reviews poorly, we'll skip it. But I have decreed the "Bad Review Rule" should NOT apply to kids movies.
Take Spiderwick, for example. It got two stars, and dismal reviews. But when I took the kids to see it, they LOVED it. I even enjoyed it. (I haven't read the books.) It's a KID MOVIE for pete's sake. Just because some jaded cynical critic who hates himself and everyone around him gave the movie two stars, doesn't mean KIDS won't like it. Kids aren't so particular. Kids love monsters and goo and whimsy. I know my kids, and they're the ones I write for. And if it doesn't get past the editors, well, at least my kids have enjoyed my stories. (Yeah, I had to slip that in, didn't I?)

Time to change a diaper!


Michelle Miles said...

We're going to see that next weekend! :) I can't wait.

And I'm crossing my fingers for you on the query!

Lowa said...

I NEVER go by movie reviews. It is a matter of opinion. Just because someone likes something or doesn't, doesn't mean someone else will or won't...does that make sense?? LOL

There are SO many times that reviews are horrid and it ends up being one of my faves. Or that reviews rave about it and it stinks in my opinion.

Glad your kids loved it! My older two wouldn't go to it, so I just took my younger two. Have you seen The Water horse yet?? We LOVED that one!