Friday, February 15, 2008

Stop The Presses: I Got Some Sleep!

Status: WELL RESTED!!! Yee haw!!! Thing Four didn't wake up until 6:30. (at least I think so, horrible mother that I am, I forgot to turn the baby monitor up so if he woke up earlier I didn't hear him and he must have fallen back asleep...) Oh well. He's nine months old. He doesn't hold grudges yet.

I didn't get roses yesterday, because, well, I told Hubby not to get me any! I am still a little sore with him about Christmas. You see, we decided that going to Hawaii was our "present to each other" and we weren't going to spend any more money on other gifts. He made me PROMISE not to get him anything, the day before Christmas he even sent his mother to question me and make sure I hadn't gotten him anything, so he wouldn't feel stupid if I did. I knew he'd be mad at me, so I didn't get him a thing. Not one bloody thing.

And of course, Christmas morning, what do I have under the tree? An 8-Gig Itouch.
I wanted to kill him.

I didn't have ANYTHING for him! So, I told him to get me nothing for Valentine's day. But he did drive to Walmart on the way home from the airport last night (he detests going into Walmart so you get the whole significance of this) and he got me a great card that sings "Everlasting Love" when you open it, and one from the kids.

That's all I wanted, and it was perfect. And I gave him a card too. Nothing else!

Kids are off school today and Monday. We're not going anywhere, it's too dang cold and there's about seventeen feet of snow outside. So it's a hang out inside day. I'm excited, because Thing One can watch the baby so I can get lost in my friend's manuscript! Loving it!!!


Michelle Miles said...

Okay call me stupid but...what's an Itouch?

Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. It's supposed to be cold and rainy here. Yuck.

Lara said...

Go to and you shall's basically an Iphone without the "phone" part.

Lowa said...

Glad he listened this time. I am the opposite! Stud NEVER gets me anything.

We both don't like how suddenly ONE day people are expected to shower loved ones with things. He argues that you should show your loved ones that you love them all the time. He says chocolate, flowers, gifts etc should come out of the blue and just because. I agree.

Then I remind him how maybe he should actually DO that stuff sometimes? LOL I think this year he is finally going to do something! I am excited! He is gone to hockey playoffs with Jock and won't get back until Sunday night, but I expect something nice within the next few weeks.

Glad you got some sleep! I let Princess sleep with me last night and woke to her sneezing her head off at 1 this AM. *sigh* She has allergies and didn't bring her special pillow into our bed.

Seen Spidwerick yet?? Clown read all the books within a few days and was anxious to see the movie. It was too scary for he and Princess and that is why Princess slept with me!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I think it's kind of sweet that he gave you a Christmas gift after all the promises of not exchanging any.