Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Okay, I Get It, Wisconsin is COLD!!!

We have a heat wave going through...it's only minus three right now! Wow. Maybe I should get out my short sleeved shirts...heh heh. I have to laugh about it, to keep from crying.

Thing Four (my nine-month old) is hilarious. He has finally mastered the art of the "pincher grasp" and he's an expert at picking up cheerios, etc. But NOW, he seems obsessed by the tiniest things he finds. Whether on the floor or in the carpet, he finds the tiniest crumb, and tries to pick it up and eat it. If I drop any cereal or food on his tray while he's eating, out come those pincher fingers and he's trying to pick it up. I have to vacuum a LOT more, because he doesn't miss ANYTHING. He finds SPECKS, and tries to pick them up. I had to laugh because he got a hold of a pillow, and was trying to pick the snowmen pattern off it. OBSESSED.

Well, laundry calls! Time to get folding!


Michelle Miles said...

AWW!! They are so cute at that age!!

Anonymous said...

Picking up Cheerios from that little table attached to their high chairs is always THE cutest!

Why, oh why, do they have to grow up??

Lynn Sinclair said...

Maybe you can teach him to put it in a bag after he picks up the specks (instead of his mouth). Make it a game! I'd try it -- actually, I'd try anything rather than doing to the vacuuming.