Monday, February 11, 2008

Chaotic Morning.

Status: Ready to move to a warmer climate. Yesterday.

Had back-to-back dr. appointments this morning. One for me, one for Thing Four. He turned nine months yesterday! Thank heaven he only had to have the Polio vaccine. Last time he had four shots and ended up with a fever averaging 104 for four days. Niice.

He's sleeping soundly right now, and I'm just having breakfast. Hubby left for Vegas this morning and between that and getting the garbage out and the kids off to school and getting ready for the Dr it was UTTER CHAOS.

Now it's all quiet and I'm having a pot of postum.

I finished up my tweaks, now I've shipped the novel off to a couple of trusty readers and we'll see what they think. I always get "cold feet" when I get this close to querying. Last time it took me 27 tries to get an agent. This time, I might not even get one. It's so hard these days to find someone who believes in and loves your work, and is willing to fight for it. I have already started compiling my list of "dream agents" and will start querying in March. It's a month later than I planned, but this conversion from Third person to First person took a while. And frankly, I think it works better and was worth the work. We'll see!

Now I need to decide if I edit the sequel (already written, but REALLY rough) or start on something else altogether. Hmmmm...

Oh, and we're having a warm spell. It's only minus 20 today. The newspeople said one could potentially get frostbite in TEN minutes standing outside here. I told my kids that if the school tells them to go out to recess, to call me, so I can HAVE WORDS with them. But I highly doubt the school will have the kids go out in this weather. And yes, Lynn, it does freeze the eyeballs!



Anonymous said...

Sending the literary babies out in the world is hard, isn't it?

Michelle Miles said...

I'm sure you'll do just fine with that book. :)

and BRR. Yeah I would so freeze to death there. haha