Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Becoming a Beotch...

Status: Thing Three is home today with a head cold and a fever. I am spraying anything and everything with Lysol. Here we go again...

I went out and bought "Becoming Jane" yesterday having not seen it, just because I knew I'd love it and want to buy it anyway.
I hated, HATED Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Jane Austen!!! To the point of not enjoying portions of the movie! Sure, she had her moments, but mostly she made Jane seem...well...bitchy. I know she wasn't a saint, but was she a total beotch?
James McAvoy made the entire movie. I was completely mesmerized by him. HE made it worthwhile.


I actually cried at the end of the movie, when Jane was reading and he was staring at her. You could just imagine his thoughts. WAAHHHH!!!!!


So, my nearly nine-year old son has his first "girl friend." She's a girl in one of the other 3rd grade classes, and he told me sometimes, SOMETIMES she lets him sit next to her on the bus home. But mostly she sits next to "Henry" and Henry is his Arch Enemy. (Only because they're competing for the affections of the same girl, is that precious or what?)

I think it's adorable. But yesterday after school, Thing Two came home on Cloud Nine, and informed me that he asked the girl if she would "be his valentine" and she said she would, and kissed him on the cheek, and told him she liked him better than Henry.


It was cute, however, how twitterpated he was over it. Of course all the dumb kids are teasing them, saying they're "boyfriend and girlfriend" and they'll both get so embarrassed over it they won't ever speak to each other again after a few days. Elementary school kids can be so...LAME.

Time to play with Baby!


Lowa said...

Interesting. I enjoyed Hathaway's portrayal. I didn't think it was the greatest, but I enjoyed the movie all the way through. I loved James Cromwell and agree that McAvoy was awesome! I cried and cried and saw it twice in the Theatre. I bought it yesterday also and will make Stud watch it with me soon:)

CUTE about your little boy's crush. I remember when Cryptic was in grade two, he saved his money and bought a girl in his class some jewelry. He wanted her to have something more special than all the lame Valentines he was giving the class. He was too shy to give it to her in class, so we called the parents to ask if he could MAIL her a package when she lives about two blocks from us! LOL He was tickled beyond anything when he saw her wearing the jewelry a few days later. She would look at him shyly and they would both turn red and smile:) she wore the stuff almost every day for quite some time and even came over for a few play dates.

When he went to public school again last year, she was "dating" someone. He was so digusted with her surrending to peer pressure, that he had nothing to do with her! He thinks dating is silly at this age and loses respect for people who do it. I agree with him to a point, but I think he takes it a bit too far and is up on a high horse, as they say. He has kept in touch with his best friend from the same class who is female and they get mad when people tease them about dating. They are awesome friends and have a lot in common.

I am doing a fun game on my blog. You should play, you may win a prize!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Ha! Young love. You absolutely have the kids pegged -- the boyfriend/girlfriend label will send them scurrying to the sidelines.