Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

Status: Running!!!!!

So, Happy Valentine's Day to those who care, and for those who don't...well...Happy Thursday!


You know, this day doesn't have to be about Romantic love. That's where I think some people have it wrong. Today I tell the people I love in my life, that I appreciate them. Parents, siblings, kids, friends, pets...the possibilities are endless! Oh yeah, and my SPOUSE, who happens to be in Las Vegas on a business trip...I love him too. :-)

So tell the people you love (even in a non romantic way) how much you love 'em today. Makes sense to me!


Anonymous said...


I love you and happy Valentines Day

Uncle Rob

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike!

Michelle Miles said...

Happy Thursday! haha

No seriously, this is a lovely idea. What about friends? I love all my friends dearly and couldn't continue without them. ;)

Happy Valtentine's Day!

Lowa said...

I agree with you:)

Since we don't feel it is truly about "romantic" love, two of my kids went out with hubby last night and spent their hard earned cash on some goodies for your's truly! HOW SWEET are they?? Jock said maybe he should have waited until Mother's Day, but I told him I am not complaning!

Bet hubby will send you roses today?? Am I right?? Please post photos, I always enjoy when others get pretty flowers:)