Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Friday!

Status: Harried and Hurried. Yeah, you know...NORMAL stuff...

I just rescued my nine-month old and fished a tissue out of his throat. Now that my heart rate is back down, I have to say I don't miss moments like those. You know what I'm talking about: when your child chokes, or when they get water up their nose while swimming and panic, or you LOSE THEM in a crowded park---yeah, those heart-arresting moments that I'd rather not go through, thank you very much.
I'm still trying to figure out where in the heck he got the tissue from. Heaven knows I've used enough of them on him and myself and all the kids in the last week. Maybe one fell under a chair or something. STRESS.

So I still haven't figured out what kind of Super Bowl food to make. Taco dip is out. Pizza is out. Hubby vetoed KFC last night. We are trying to be healthy, but when do you eat healthy food for the SUPER BOWL???
I told him since he vetoed my best idea, HE gets to think of the food. So far, we've come up with nada. And I want to eat something simple, that isn't going to make my kitchen look like it was struck by a Level 5 Tornado when I'm done making it. Eh, thinking about it makes my head hurt.
So we're rooting for the Patriots. I've always thought Eli was a sort of a...well, I won't say it, but those of you who know what I'm talking about, know what I mean.

We got six inches of snow last night. OUT DAMNED SNOW!!! I am officially sick of it. It can go away now. So, maybe I'm cheap, but I paid $300 last month for snow-shoveling/plowing. Our driveway is just too big to shovel or snow blow. So we have to shell out every time it snows. I know, wah wah wah, but I really am tired of the snow!!!


I'm reading a REALLY fun book right now, called "An Assembly Such as This" by Pamela Aidan. I am LOVING IT. Since "Pride and Prejudice" is probably my favorite Jane Austen novel EVER, I thought I'd give it a try. She tells the story of Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's point of view. It's very clever. She uses the language of the day, and the insight she gives into Darcy's character (since we all know how it turns out) is delicious, and I am having fun watching him wrangle with his affections. Highly recommend.

Well, time to run around. Got to buy a birthday present (yes, the party is tonight, I suck) and run a few errands. Did I mention I HATE SNOW???????



Anonymous said...

I'm making deviled eggs, I have an assortment of cheeses with crackers, a couple of dips with vegetables, and I might make some Asian chicken dumplings -- I made them for a party about a year ago and they were fantastic. It's all very simple and tastes good. I'd like to to do the corn salad stuffed in cherry tomatoes, but that recipe is in storage!

I'd like to do some sort of smoked salmon mousee, but I don't think I'll have time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll do a black bean hummus -- takes about two minutes in the food processor!

Lara said...

My family LOVES deviled eggs. Ding ding ding! A winner! Thanks, Dev!

Michelle Miles said...

There's no snow here. ;) It's just windy and COLD.

I'm out of food ideas. heheh I'm probably going to cook chicken fried steak on Sunday.