Monday, February 04, 2008

Lame Monday.

Status: Taking a breath, I'm already having a bad day, dammit!

So, I drop the kids off at school this morning and run to the post office, to mail our taxes and a few other things. I get the baby, the handbag, the package and envelopes all piled in my arms, and make it inside only to realize that they don't open until 8:30. It is 7:59. Sssssssss.

So I decide to run home and feed the baby, and get ready to go again. I change his diaper, and get him in the car, and we run to the post office. Then I decide I need to run to Sam's Club (across town) because the baby is almost out of formula, and it's so cost effective to buy in bulk. So we make the long drive to Sam's, during which 98% of the time we are stuck behind a semi-truck (which is apparently ALSO driving to Sam's) and it nearly drove me nuts. Then, we get to Sam's and OF COURSE the baby has pooped his pants during the drive. To my chagrin, I discover I used the last diaper in the diaper bag yesterday at church, and I don't have any diapers. I grab the baby anyway and attempt to walk into Sam's and SPHINCTER LADY at the door informs me coolly that "Sam's isn't open yet, only to Key Club members." I look at her and ask her when the store opens and she says "not for an hour."

So, I had to load Poopie Boy (whew, I am NEVER letting Hubby feed him refried beans again!) back into the car and drive all the way home, singing songs at the top of my lungs just to keep him awake during the drive because after he's eaten and pooped, he's ready for his morning nap and if he falls asleep in the car-- he won't nap and my whole two hours of peace will be gone.

He's down now, and I'm over it. We'll go again later after lunch. I have to stock up on milk. Apparently we're getting NINE inches of snow tomorrow. Would anyone be offended if I cursed on the blog? I have a few choice words in mind...

I had something interesting happen to me this weekend. I'll have to blog about it tomorrow because, frankly, I want to go take a nap.



Anonymous said...

That is a typical Mercury Retrograde story.

Have a good nap, take a deep breath, and remember, until February 18, all travel will take 2-3 times as long as usual. And communication, etc. is screwy, too.

But I bet Sam's Club has great bargains!

Michelle Miles said...

Can I just snicker at this? It made me laugh and I so needed it this morning! Hope you have a better afternoon. :)

Lowa said...


Lynn Sinclair said...

Don't you just hate when that happens? But I have been noticing that more and more stores are opening earlier lately, or even staying open 24 hours.

We're supposed to get the snow today as well. Actually, I looked out the window and it's happening now.